Small NYC Brand, Rapid Evolution

Adriana Marie, of the eponymously named New York based women’s T-Shirt brand, takes a break from her busy schedule to sit and chat with me a fellow fashionista, to share the story of her young brand, ready to take on high volumes of mass production, multiple store openings and even Ralph Lauren?  Well, maybe not entirely in that order, but the Adriana Marie brand plays hard when it comes to getting the word out and guess what? So far, it’s working! 

Marie, wearing her favourite go-to item, (a flowing blouse with a boho-chic appeal), seems quite calm given her already penciled-in appointments for the next few months.  We exchange greetings and she starts by telling me about her new collection.
She has already worked with clients within the music industry and several ladies from America’s Next Top Model, who only need to be introduced by their first name. (Remember the infamous Jade, Camille, Nik, and Bre)? 

Marie is the head designer, PR manager, and key distributor for her apparel line, which caters to the independent city woman that craves comfort in her clothing.  
The customer "is confident, and ambitious... she knows where she wants to go and who she wants to be," says Marie.  

The brand designs T-shirts with emphasis on happiness and creative content that touches women from diverse backgrounds. The collection is a line of Tees that you could easily see in your favourite Urban Outfitters catalogue, yet it could also be placed on the racks in the likes of a Target, Macy’s, or Nordstrom’s store.

What’s attractive about this brand is the fact that millions of women who routinely wear corporate attire generally change their clothes into a staple ensemble after work.  Needless to say, this ensemble would be the key item T-shirt and a favourite pair of jeans.  Who doesn’t like wearing a T-shirt? After all, mere comfort alone is the best quality to look for when purchasing a garment.  

The Adriana Marie collection is versatile for any wardrobe and screens positively uplifting messages such as, “A dream without action is an illusion.” Marie prides herself in keeping the brand local. “I would like to keep my production domestically based,” said the designer, which is why she stays true to making her garments in the USA.  Fit, feel, and aesthetic are key elements to Marie’s customer, hence the use of soft cotton and cotton-blended materials with modern techniques to achieve the highest quality in producing a great Tee.

Marie also supports Dresses for Haiti, a non-profit organisation, which aids women who have been subjected to domestic violence, poverty, laissez faire, and financial encumbrances induced by natural disasters.  This cause produces a fashion show where they sell 30 dresses and then donate all of the proceeds to KOFAVIV in Haiti.   

So, what’s the next appointment on Marie’s agenda? She is currently producing her Winter collection and also envisions the Adriana Marie brand to compete with Ralph Lauren one day.  This confident young woman may be an owner of a small brand but, one thing is certain, she is definitely going places and will stop at nothing until she gets to her destination.

Marie plans to expand her company by adding accessories and handbags to her collections. Don’t fret fashion students! There will be slots to fill for employment soon.  However, at the moment, this “Jane of all trades” wears infinite (and very fashionable) hats in her daily responsibilities. At the rate that Marie is going, the hopes of her brand becoming a household known diffusion line may be just right around the corner.

For more information or if you are interested in ordering your very own custom fashion Tee, visit:  AdrianaMarie

*Check out Adriana Marie at the upcoming 2010 MAGIC show in Las Vegas this month. 

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  1. nice write-up. i like supporting small companies.

  2. Your on your way sis!!! I couldn't be more proud

  3. Thlondonthistle11 August, 2010

    cool! :)

  4. interesting & nice!!!

  5. good interview, how about us boys? haha

  6. I love you Adriana and I support anything and everything you have planned for yourself!!! I think you are taking off right now and I am so proud of you and proud to say I'm good friends with you. But seriously, you need to start hookin up the guys too ;) You know I'd rock it fsure xxxo

  7. Thethistle14 August, 2010

    sweet to have a tshirt line instead of a regular one. we need more women tshirt lines

  8. Adriana Marie is everything that this article says she is and more. With her charisma, work ethic, fashions sense, and integrity she will be a household name in no time. I have no doubt that she will accomplish more than she can EVEN imagine. I will continue to support her not just because of her spirit and personality but because she is a fashion and business genius.

  9. You are 'da man. :) so to speak. I felt my heart welling with pride as I read the article. I am haveing so much fun watching you move through the advancing stages of your career. anyone who becomes involved with you is gong to benefit on so many levels. I love you.


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