Dated Inspiration: The culture Issue

 As I prepare for a long awaited and much needed holiday, I am remembering old glam magazines, tear sheets, and ad campaigns that I once possessed; vivid memories of the pages that have been turned, or rapidly cut away from some of my favourite high-fashioned gloss sheets. I have been seeking inspiration for an upcoming project, and stumbled upon this wonderful piece that I'd forgotten.
This is my inspiration aggregated into a few snapshot frames.  I was simply drawn by the undeniable beauty in the colours, as well as the complete styling in general. The lovely Alek Wek poses confidently in this amazing Financial Times spread. These inspiring photos make me smile, I want to know her story... or even create my own.
Alek Wek-Andrew-Yee-in Financial Times issue, styled by Damien Foxe


  1. Oh, I love the orange on her.

  2. Hotesses Lyon23 November, 2010

    Nice frame. Beautiful color controlling, as well as the complete styling in general.
    Hotesses Lyon

  3. Really nice pieces here.
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