Heel Condoms, A safe shoe pleasure!


Have you ever had to meet friends for cocktails after work or needed to make a rapid style transformation after a long day? Perhaps, you've even made a quick stop at home to change your shoes before heading out for the night.  Well, if your'e dying to know what the latest buzz is in the (versatile) shoe community then, you should try "Heel Condoms."

Here's a great product for the jet-setting diva, or the savvy city sophisticate.  Ladies look no further, a packable dress solution has arrived.... and it's for your shoes!
Heel Condoms, the new women's trend, not only provides a fashionable outfit for your shoes but also makes the average passersby audibly jealous by the view of your sexy feet. Although easy to slip onto your heeled sole, they provide complete protection for those worn or even new heels.
Sandrysabel Ortiz, the creator of this brilliant invention, has given women worldwide another reason to love the statement shoe. “I want women to experience that in times of economical stress they can still feel empowered by each step they take,” Ortiz said.

The eye-catching Heel Condoms at first glance are enough to build your trust. They come in a variety of ornate styles such as black suede with gold stud-like buttons, tiered lace with sheered fabric, and animal-print leather spotted bows, amongst others. With the large amount of people already sporting a few of these looks, it's hard to believe how affordable they are (ranging from $20-$30). Don't just observe this trend, get on-board!

Are you ready to double your shoe wardrobe with unique designs by simply pulling on a new garment, condom-style, then the Heel Condoms would be a good investment!

For more information or to acquire your very own Heel Condoms visit: Heel Condoms
Photos: Courtesy of Heel Condoms  
*pricing has changed to $20-$30 since article was published.


  1. Actually, on these pricing has changed since article was published. Official pricing on site was via the designer ranged from $20-$40, now even more affordable ranging from $20-$30.
    Thank You.

  2. Many a times I had to hop in for parties right from office. I
    carry party wear overcoats and my make up kit but footwear is always a problem.
    I leave my footwear
    in the car and change when I reach the venue. But it is always done in a hurry.
    I liked this concept introduced by heelcondoms. I liked the panty style more
    than the condom style. It looks so stylish and unique that it is difficult not
    to make a purchase. I would definitely try my hands on one of these. Thank you
    so much for introducing this concept.