Dark Homme: Industrial worker-chic, or Warrior masterpiece


I grew up around wonderfully artistic people who dressed daily in what they either had tucked in their closet, created themselves, or found at local vintage shoppes; modifying everything to their individual style, which was often in printed form. Needless to say, being encompassed by this at an early age also affected my fashion choices.  However, when it came to my love for men's design I always tend to gravitate to organic silhouettes with tailored details, or dark, very abstractive, and often extremely unique pieces of art.

During my travels with a friend, I was completely enamoured by a young man's outfit that we'd seen in-passing on the street. After making haste to introduce myself and chat about the pieces that he wore, he mentioned that it had been purchased from one of his favourite boutiques, DarkLands. Oh, yes! How could I have forgotten ... it's an ultra-special place! This boutique exemplifies my highest adorations of "outside of the box design," as well as contemporary worn art. 

DarkLands is a Berlin-based men's fashion store that carries some of the most innovative, dark, edgy, and raw designer clothing and accessories. You'll find pieces from designers like Damir Doma, Rick Owens, and Obscur, hanging alongside other avant-garde peers such as Boris Bidjan Saberi, Yohan Serfaty, or MA+, to name a few. Campbell McDougall, a Canadian native and owner behind this vanguard of dark garb, initially started selling similar-styled clothing in his (then) Vancouver residence at the Komakino  guerilla store. But, when he made the move to the art inspiring streets of Berlin, he also carried a roster of high-end designers to add to his new clothing racks. 

This multi-locale, changing store has a diverse and international clientele as well as stylish locals that welcome DarkLands' clever, board game-like move of say, every 6 months to a year or so, which allows them to take advantage of spaces in many areas to set-up shop with a skillful imagination.

The store much like the clothing has an esoteric quality that makes it intriguing. After viewing these selections, I am inspired once again to go back to my roots of designing men's wear, which for me was the passion that started it all. I'm sold on this place, and there's also an on-line store for those of us who don't reside in Berlin. If you're like me and absolutely love cutting edge men's wear or possibly know a male who's worthy of these threads head over to the DarkLands. Have a look at these forward creations. 
I call it: "Tale of a Nomad: Battle-shield, goth, and roll!"  

Aitor Throup


Boris Bidjan Saberi
For more information on Darklands or Komakino shop visit: darklandsberlin.com
Top photos: Yohan Serfaty
Photos: darklands.com, komakinoshop.com

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