Princess Proenza + Her Prince

For me this 2010 season, the Proenza Shouler collection reminds me of what I would have worn during my formative years of training. Strolling down the cobble streets on my way to school, dressing like this ...  unknowingly how stylish and hip it must have been.

Having fashion in your blood does help this process. But, don't worry! This season's designers are aiding you every step of the way. I have been quite surprised by the PS (Proenza Shouler) Fall collection, and this doesn't happen often. Their use of intermixing colours this time around sort of gives you a gift of disillusion from what you might have thought to expect prior to viewing the lines in the past.

The Feeling:  Your mind and eyes have been freed from the cloudy bubble of a previous mindset.
Tactility and bold hues were key to the PS Fall collection. It's as if earth and water had just met and needed a blanket to stay warm. Here are some of my pick's from this wanted and cleverly textured collection.

Die Zeit ist für die Berliner Modewoche gekommen!
Ich bin sehr aufgeregt und habe einen lieben Freund, der diesem Ereignis für mich beiwohnte. Passen Sie auf die Sammlung von "Chaya auf Karl Lagerfeld, und Allude"

Ausschweifende Kunst zeigt, dass das Ihre Meinung mit der wirtschaftlichen und architektonischen Inspiration blies. Oh Ja, welche schöne Zeit ist das..



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