Affordable Attire, From Paris to New York

Let’s face it, there comes a time when a designer thinks about the ordinary people of the world. "Ordinary," meaning the (higher average) population of the world that works a nine to five, some percentage of which you may even call fashionable at times. I am talking about those who would spend an extra 300 on a shirt, but choose not to because they simply don’t have the excess of funds lying around their home. Whether you are guilty or not--good news awaits for you right here!

America is proud to present Mr. Haute Couture himself, Jean-Paul Gaultier who has created an affordable savvy line for Target? Yes indeed, this hot new collection offers a spin on chic fashion. Oh, to be today’s youth where everything is literally at your fingertips in fashion. Well, isn't it just bloody brilliant?  

I already see several looks that have caught my eye. You really can save loads of money, and look like thousands or even millions! Gaultier’s special Target collection stays true to his stylistic impressions of the avant-garde, yet he tames it by bits with a smoother needle with bold and playful prints.

Gaultier’s line is such a great choice. We do hope that it lasts, and is not a small dosage that dissipates within a brief moment or two, just as some of his predecessors’ lines that have been offered in the budget or moderate realm of the fashion spectrum. Ladies, indulge! -With a few quid left to buy coffee afterward.



Style Notes Vol. 1

Here is a designer to look out for, she's rising to the top & her designs embodies vintage fashion rock-esque!  Read More...

Dieser Entwerfer ist beachtenswert und wird bald ein leuchtender Stern in der Modewelt sein. Genießen Sie den Artikel.

Photo: Courtesy of  Antonia Marguerite

Biker Chic

If "It girl," Alexa Chung can raise the eyebrows of fashion's Elite, then we follow.
Although, it is her first collection, I'd say that she's done quite good already.  Chung's boyishly femme inspired collection resembles her in every way. In this mood board I've picked a few items from Top Shop that will have you saving a little extra inside your wallet.

The boy chic, biker beauty:
For the budget conscious fashionistas, here's how you can get the similar look. A printed romper or day dress paired with rugged ankle boots does the trick! Next, add a leather vest or jacket and you're finished. I loved this particular vest because of the intricate shoulder detailing. As for the shoe laces acquire a package of vibrant hues, and this will add colour and character to your already trendy garb.

This is quite a more simplified way to look put together, without trying too hard. Grabbing a coquetry in this ensemble wouldn't be that difficult.

Lastly, I love this quick clutch. It's Beaded with leather and lovable because of it's oversized feature. Perfect for carrying the necessities of a fashion goddess; your mobile, favourite gloss, ink pen, small notepad, and digital camera.
Madewell Studded Flapper Clutch

Losing Alexander, the Great...

With the tragic death of one of the fashion industry's most brilliant designers Alexander McQueen, one can only ponder about the question: why? And true reasoning behind it all.  Instead, I'd like to celebrate his superb insight on fashion itself.

McQueen was by far one of my favourite fashion designers and true inspiration.  Like any fashion devotee, I am deeply saddened by his death.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure to be in the presence of Alexander McQueen as he graced the stage at the Academy of Art college in San Francisco, California. As I took a seat next to a friend and co-worker, McQueen stood quietly as he prepared to give his speech.

As many aspiring designers, prospective students and savvy professionals, (that were amongst the crowd) silently waited, the fully packed room listened. There was a slight chill in the air as McQueen finally started his inspiring words of congratulation to award winners as well as future advice to ambitious designers. He was quite reserved, and a bit nervous as he had mentioned himself in the beginning delivery of his words of wisdom. It was a special evening to be cherished.

McQueen was not only ahead of fashion, but to me he had such a unique and innate gift, yet always remained humble. One never truly knows entirely what an artist is going through. Nevertheless, the undeniably talented works of this artist is a remarkable keepsake and fashion journal for us all.

His designs and fashion shows were theatrical and breathtaking. The clothing made you feel like you belonged in the private Haute Couture closet provided by McQueen himself, it gave you a small glimpse of what was going on in that magnificent mind.

Alexander McQueen will always be remembered and a massive artistic influence to me.

"Everyone has to walk and if everyday was a fashion show this is what I'd wear on my feet."
Let's not forget the highly infamous frog clogs any superhero could be chic in! Here are some of my favourite footwear pieces by McQueen.


R.I.P.  Lee Alexander McQueen


Homme: Catwalking in the Dark

In Rick Owens' Spring 2010 collection he gives us exactly what we expect in his usual avant-garde goodness. He exemplifies the everyday clothing for the fashion maven from say, a different world? No, not at all. Owens serves up the main course of his line by taking you for a walk.

It's setting: for the man who walks and thinks fashion whilst on holiday. Observe, the casual transformation of simple garments that were strutted on the runway.

For me, as a spectator of Owens' collections I usually need do a double take ... at that moment saying to myself, "I appreciate this collection." I loved his long jackets and pants with an almost added special feature to them like your favourite dvd.

The surpise was not in the colour or tone, but rather in the styling and placement of lines chosen.

At the end you ponder about what you'd seen wondering if you had been awarded dessert yet. And then, you realise that you're being quite over analytical at that point. You were served dessert, it was dramatic with dusky hues, but it was served nicely.

Take a look at my top picks from Rick Owens' collection.

photos from

2010's The "gone and back again"

 Moodboard by: Ladyofashion 

Although history does repeats itself, there are a few trends this season that will have you going back to your school yearbook picture with a bit of a head nod. We're talking cuffed jeans and denim jackets ... Sweater vests for him that are slightly condensed (if you will) over-sized vests for her, and blazers creating a sharp shoulder silhouette taking you to a more costumed day look.  It's mere back to school ensembles in retrospect with new vivid hues.  Let's not forget adornments on tops that are larger than life. The word on the street? Bigger is better, and it comes in every shade and pattern.  Now, go to the attic and grab those dusty boxes; pull out that outfit you haven't worn in years... I mean decades.  Because chances are, you will be fine as long as you pair it with an updated something or other.  Haha!

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