Okay, despite the title of this entry, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pay a pretty penny for your shoes. But, I do think that you should be in love with the soles that you’re gazing at continuously, and consider all of your options before you lay down a good $300-600 or more for a pair of shoes. A recent purchase on a great pair of ballet flats, made of patent leather with a bow priced at a beautiful $210 on sale (w/ additional 40% off) lead me to my next mission of justification... the “Why did I purchase this?” mission on Overpriced Avenue.   

All of us within the fashion community live and breathe designers and labels, but is it really worth it sometimes?  I am definitely one to spend a few on a perfect pair of shoes, yet on this new project of mine inspired by my boyfriend (because, he doesn't understand why I’d pay a prettier penny for shoes than a blouse, or any apparel really, so-to-speak) it's the reason I decided to tap into my ability to be frugal.

I recently did some research on different companies (both apparel and shoe) to see whether or not quality and quantity (or distinct price in this case) matters when purchasing the shoe of choice.  Of course, at the beginning of this project I can already tell you that I’d prefer the higher-end designer shoe.  However, given the current economy and my practical lifestyle this simply doesn’t mean that I can’t purchase an equally well made shoe at a lower price point.  

In a few of my findings with the help of a manufacturing friend, I noticed that many places are using some of the same manufacturers.  In fact, some of the products do not differ as much as you’d like to think they should, i.e., fabrication, sole construction, stitching techniques. 

Nowadays, unless you have a limitless budget, I find it difficult to spend over $500 for a shoe, or even consider the notion especially when you can find varied chic styles in infinite hues more-so now than any year before.  During my shopping venture I did happen to find a very nice pair of wedges priced at $59.99 on sale, regularly priced at $149.99.

So, why did I spend the money for a patent leather ballet-flat? Because, to me it was more than just a flat shoe, it was a heel padded comfortable shoe with perfect piping around the edge of the top.  It screamed vintage to me but in a sophisticated way.  The bow was a contrast fabric made of ribbon that had been finished with patent leather, superbly tied.  It had the nostalgia of a classy lady who might have been a socialite, (or merely a regular Jane, yet very stylish) and this is what she would wear on her off days. It could go and would go, with almost any ensemble, creating whatever look you wanted, and completing it with the compliment of this shoe.  This wasn't just any ballet flat---this sole had soul, and it was special to me!  

My Papa always said that “If you take care of your feet, they will take care of you;”  Needless to say I knew that this purchase would be in my life for quite a while.
What did I learn? Well, I think the real lesson here is to simply buy what you love but, to be mindful of what you are purchasing.  Think about the life of the shoe; the function and if you’re going to wear them more than once or twice.   If designer is your style then buy designer.   

As for me, I think I will just keep all of my purchases and let my shoe closet be a melting pot of designers (Mr. Quality, Mrs. Comfort, and Ms. Colour) priced from low to mid range and high to investment range all of which will make a statement with every wear.

~The Ladyofashion


The venue is filled with only standing room. The lights are dim and a mystical tune fills the air. While the crowd glares at the stage, a slender silhouette appears in the background. As the light shines more brightly, the crowd is progressively enchanted by a sleek, dark-haired model with an unusual grin. Her movements are dramatic and...  READ MORE here...
Photo: Courtesy of Monica Palotnikov


P A C K I N G * L I T E

Although, I am the ultimate traveller who packs for more than the occasion I've learnt to keep my carry-on bag pretty lightweight. What's the secret? It's all in the versatility of your separates! Stirring the styling pot by mixing... and even more remixing with your garments.

*This below works for me: (It may be modified for you personally)

First, choose three to four separates (1-3 woven and at least 1 knit). Secondly, think about what you will be doing (whether, it's mostly meetings, lunching, lying on the beach, sightseeing, or outdoor activities) and simplify thinking of ways to utilise one piece, and make it interchangeable into two ensembles. 

Here are some essentials that I rely on when my week is filled with work jet-setting:
(1) knit dress that may be converted into casual or dressy (mine is a basic black sleeveless surplice, but any solid colour will do), 
(1) pencil skirt or A-line skirt, 
(1) comfortable pair of flats, 
(2) pairs of your favourite heels/sandals (note: you will be wearing one on the flight), 
(1) fun sweater or solid cardigan, 
(1) statement top (this is usually a printed top or patterned shirt that you can dress up or dress down to create a casual ensemble),
(1) pair of slacks (mine are grey), 
(1) pair of denim,
(1) Tee, 
(2) Tanks, 
(2) pairs of socks (I actually hardly wear socks, but I always take 2 pairs with me & end up using them at some point, 
(1-3) pairs of stockings/hosiery or fun leg wear (I generally wear coloured or patterned tights),
(1) blazer,
(1) Jacket, 
Regular daily lingerie/undergarments & whatever your PJ's are! 

Everything fits nicely rolled in my carry-all!! I've got it calculated pretty much.

Jewellery is also minimal, I love accessories, so I usually pack 4/5 different pairs + a printed scarf (which can easily turn an outfit into two). This is my normal go-to/starter carry-on bag for work travelling for approx. 10-12+/- days. (it varies depending on the season, yet the basics are pretty much the same.) For leisure travelling it is usually easier because I can wear anything! 

My Daily Work Bags: 
Lastly, don't forget-- Sometimes enormous or an extra grande styled bag is not the answer and can often look like a sleepover disaster instead of  a chic finish to your work look. I love large bags and carry them often, however for work I generally carry a mid-sized colourful bag (one that fits my small laptop & magazines).

For colour choices: If you're going career travelling you may always try basic/muted tones, however if want to incorporate hints of contemporary colours try deep tones like navy, plum/purple, or one my favourite colours, teal or others. The corporate look does not have to be interpreted as plain. Be bold and beautiful and let it show!

Try a mid-to-large sized bag in a textured fabric, and if you typically go for louder hues mix it up by trying a beige, or calmer colour with amazing hardware. Perhaps, go for a bag with special detailing, such as gathering, or utility outside pockets. This will add depth to your look and exude a more stylish, and put together mood - also getting you out of the rut that you might be heading toward. If you want to be taken seriously, and look like a pro this is one the way to do it!  

*Other related travelling tips for emergency things to carry:  click here!

Happy Travelling!


Wearing Subtle Bliss.

As I sip on my hot cup of coffee, I am immediately inspired. Not from the pages of magazine tear sheets or the stranger I pass on the street.  Instead, from my own mind, and fantasies that come from within. My mind's eye took a snapshot of what isn't in the box, proposing me to think outside of an unopened miniature. 
Those thoughts, ideas, and concepts are captivated from the details in the fabrics and in the stylelines of the seams.  Those seams have turned into a collection from Gestalt. 
 Be inspired with Gestalt's new preview for your wearing bliss.
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