Here's a style board that I made for you to try on:  Why not change your weekly ensemble by wearing various items together that you normally would not combine.  For instance, grab your leather tote and wear it with a business blouse and casual slacks.  Who says that you can't reinvent, from your very own closet?

Do you have a number of cute clutches that are merely collecting dust --I have the solution!  Take your favourite clutch today, and add it to your Monday ensemble! This will aid you well in the necessary transformation, giving your confidence a boost, and therefore encouraging even more creative style as the week progresses.
Don't be shy.  You'll have plenty of time to incorporate those precious gems that are only worn on special occasions. Dress like there's no tomorrow!

Time is ticking-away! So, come on out of the comfort zone, and invite your accessories, apparel and all other items (hibernating in your closet) to trade spaces with one another.  Sometimes, it's the simplest of changes in our daily dress routines that will make us smile.

~The Ladyofashion

Window Panes and The Emerald City

Although, Jarvis Garvida's Fall 2010 collection exuded feelings of a post-war wardrobe, however it did lighten up in hues toward the end of the show. Some of his pieces were reminiscent of a stained glass effect or fashion plates of the 1940's. 

Garvida's 2009 Metropolis collection was inspired from the 1920's, which was very futuristic and art deco-esque. Therefore, after viewing his latest collection it was quite interesting for one to digest his perspective on the present day woman. Garvida's line was showered in dark hues of green with grey accents, and completed with ecru as an added bonus; which was the gifted guiding light to what was to come next.

My favourite parts of his collection were the bolero-styled men's inspired shirt with a tie, in addition to the back detailing in many of the knit and woven pieces he presented. There were also a couple of other memorable details that were eye-catching, for example the fabric selection, and garment tailoring of the dresses showcased.  

This was definitely a line that I felt looked best up-close (if only just to realise the amount of work that went into each piece alone). For the most part this collection was colour blocked window panes and statues of jade city lights, glimmering through a strong structured looking glass. Bottom line: I loved it!

Inspiration along the way...

I've been in flight for the past 2 weeks mostly because of visiting friends, but also for work-related fashion ventures.  Along the way I was absolutely inspired by, yet another small boutique in San Francisco.

Alas, despite the typical unwanted wind and blistering cold rain, I stumbled upon a quaint little shop where an older woman from Japan sells her hand knitted items.

From children's wear to women's accessories, this shop had just about all items in knitted form.  I actually fell into this lovely place during my escape of the dreary climate seeking immediate warmth. I was very happy once I took a moment to glance around the boutique finding wonderful gifts.

This was the perfect place to buy a scarf in an unusual color or even a custom knit hat with a bit of pizazz.  So, I made a purchase of printed baby (boy) knitted socks for my little nephew, which made me feel less guilty for buying those fantastic cashmere fingerless gloves.
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