Electrifying Springs

Hey Fashionista!
Spring cleaning doesn't have to mean cleaning your dirty floors! Instead, clean out your closet, making room for new trendy looks from this season's finest.   From Inspiration tribals, florals and oceanic prints to breathable fabrics and hues sparkling of underwater corals and buttery yellows.  It's the time of the season for change. The slow transition from Autumn Oranges and sandy Browns have ended.  Try a vivid hue that will electrify your spectators during your daily stroll or just on your way to work.  
Blue is back + Khakis and Golds; which we are very happy about. Here are a few looks to try on while you rearrange your closet for the Spring time.
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photos: www.elle.com,  www.stylebop.com, www.tigerofsweden.com


FRONT to BACK with Ann.Sofie.BACK

Part and Whole the Comfort Zone:
Ann Sofie Back (ASB) really has done a brilliant job; creative director of Cheap Monday, affiliated with TopShop, etc. the list goes on, but what's more important is how she's manages to turnout an affordable ready-to-wear line for everyone.  Your body will be wrapped in the Hole truth and nothing but the Holey truth from her 2010 TopShop collection. From London to Södermalm, the RTW line is so popular with it's following, chances are, it will even have your daughters, sons and their hip, and oh-so fashionable (punk-styled) friends talking AND wearing. ASB provides a look that's bound to give you guaranteed double-takes from birds, and blokes passing in the street on a daily basis. Shop. much?

photos: www.topshop.com & modified by Ladyofashion

Simply Seattle: Rise and Fall Fashions

Above are looks from The House of Issac Andrews, backstage models prepare for the show...designers showcased Spring/Summer, and Fall/Winter garments inspired from tourists and regatta racing to films and peacocks among other things.  There was a  semi-crowed audience with the proper applause yet, it didn't seem loud enough to catch the eyes of fashion's elite spectators... maybe it will one day. READ THE ARTICLE HERE!

Photos courtesy of Eric Lynch,  Designer: Natasha Sample 

Yes, it's clear the Emerald city will never be a Paris or New York.  However, Seattle gave a few attendees a glimpse of something this week.  Here are a couple of designers on the move in the right direction.  READ MORE HERE...  


Spring 2010 Must Haves!

From Jimmy Choo to ALAÏA and CHLOÉ ,there's something to meet everyone's fashionable need this season. Spring into a new height for your transitional needs.  Don't worry guys we have something for you as well.  Out with the Winter and in with Spring..  Below are a few favourites that I've chosen for you.  Jeffrey Campbell, leather wedge, MackDaddy, Jimmy Choo's braided strappy sandal, WhyRed brown leather dress shoe, and Chloe leather canvas sandal.

Top photo: http://definitivetouch.com/
Bottom photo: ladyofashion & net-a-porter.com

Inspiration: Destination

As I prepare for a fashion show tomorrow night, I remember that it's not only what you wear, but how you wear it. Realizing that everyone cannot pull off just any old item found in the fashion dungeon.  For me, this photo is merely an inspiration of mood.  I simply love how the model looks almost a bit surprised at the photographer taking this photo, as if this is what she'd normally wear on a typical Wednesday. Little did we know she was actually grabbing her Dior lipgloss right before the shot was taken...  okay, not really...
As the viewer gazes at her avant-garde garb,  she's almost saying to us, "What? what's wrong and what are you looking at?"  Thanks to Adrienne Landau's 2010 Fall-RTW collection;  I now know what I'm wearing tomorrow night! *Not this ensemble entirely, but...  Hhmmm.  :)

photo: www.elle.com

MoNDaYs will come Rain Or Shine

Part sneaker, partly rain-guarded. Patent leather love + with a small patch of metallic goodness that you could almost workout in.  

Yes, these are my Monday blues shoes... 
This casual rhythm concoction has a built-in wedge, to give you the height, and the comfort of a tennis shoe. 

You see? Comfort and fashion does exist, even on a gloomy Monday!
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