Madonna's Material Girl for Macy's

Yes, that's right! The 'material girl' herself can add fashion designer once again to her scroll of a resume.  The iconic entrepreneur has turned back time from the 80s into a few polished looks for the fresh faced girl. 

The line looks fun, affordable, and very young but, I'm sure a few women of a certain age will be willing to wear a piece or two for a night on the town with the girls! Here's a sneak preview of what's in Madonna's new line, which will be sold at Macy's department stores.  Enjoy!    

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In retrospect, men haven't had an abundance of versatile or striking everyday fashion options; (that was not haute couture) those which, did not cost an obscene dollar amount) at least, not for the average, budget conscious, or work driven male.  
Yet, time has changed over the decades and a great deal of designers offer sophisticated and very chic looks for the male with the lost stylish-soul per se.  

They (designers) have even awoken from the notion that everyday people dress in 'haute couture'  in the workplace.  Perhaps, one glorious day we will all be donned in one-of-a-kind garb from head to toe. But, until that day actually comes one will have to accept the ready-to-wear apparel that has trickled down to the other, fashionably worthy wearer(a.k.a. the working middle class male).
Here are a few lovely selections for the savvy male to wear during this Autumn season.  Step out in radiance for the casual male. Handsome hues are waiting to be worn by YOU!
Your favourite fashionista,

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This line is very roomy, and has you feeling like luxury wearing these movable fabrics.  The gold placement in small areas that are worn on the body is the perfect accessory, and will have you glimmering throughout any venture.  The holiday has just begun.

Bewegliche Kleidung, die Sie anregt zu denken, als ob Sie Luxus sind.

Die Linie von Celine gibt Ihnen viel Zimmer, mit Gold funkelt, um Ihre Laune zu erhellen.


R.I.P. Tom

Our Condolences go out to Tom Nicon's Family during this grieving moment.

(22 March 1988 – 18 June 2010)

Thursday's Child

I used today's inspiration from Chris Ofili, an amazing print that I saw from the Tate Mordern.  This Vivienne Tam ensemble reminds me merely of expressive personalities worn. Why do these butterflies look familiar? Because they are the same ones that's on your new HP laptop.  Here, the content butterflies have a calming aesthetic yet, pairs lovely with explosive tights and a strong countenance.  
This is a youthful college grabbing look, though, to change this ensemble into a more sophisticated one, try using a darker skirt. (Ruffles remaining, and add a long open sweater with a pendant necklace to finish).  You'll be transcending the class in this statement piece.

Fashionably Yours,




Here's two looks that I made for you to try on:
Skylah, a sophisticate flower is your ultimate tour guide for luxury travelling. She's a connoisseur of french cuisine, wine and art history. She'll take you on an enlightening journey in the right direction, and have you thinking whilst looking savvy. Bloom like her in these fabulous items!  

Samantha is going on holiday, but a photographer stopped her right before she hopped into her taxi-cab. To get this look she's confident and works her daily items effortlessly in her wardrobe. It s worth it, so she WORKS IT!  Shop this similar look.


Here's a pair of shoes that I've been drooling over for quite some time now. The question is do I buy the less expensive ones within my budget OR the exact pair that I've been wanting and will need to forget about my daily run to the coffee shop for about a month? 

Well, all jokes aside! Thanks to my dear friend, Melissa, (whose staying with me for a few more days from Sweden) I was introduced to this lovely new fashion blog /shopping site called Carolines Mode.  I don't often write about other blogging sites. However, this one is a bit different, and has so much more than you'd think when you ponder the word "blog" (Beauty, fashion, updates from behind the scenes, etc.)  It's a fashionista's hub online while in-flight to your next destination.  

It caught my eye one day while Melissa was shopping online.  I imagine it's because of the diversity of designers that's uploaded on her site, product info, or maybe the interactive pictures that makes it all the more enticing to click on the next button of must-haves.  

This is a Swedish based site that's "Caroline's" (and/or) her cohort's perspective on fashion, and Stockholm street-style which, I must admit isn't too shabby for the rest of the world to view. 

*This goes on my favourite list, although there's much more photos than content but, it still works very well.
The setting:  A bit like being served (with photos from The Sartorialist, who meets edgy and new style 
with everyday products and global fashion) on a delicious plate from specific locales with an avant-garde flair as your drink, and great style-bookmarks for utensils!  Instead of using a paper napkin, you're presented several options from various price points and qualities. You may choose one or click them all! 
Either way, for this month? Let's just say that my closet is full of happiness. Thanks Caroline!  :)

~The Ladyofashion



From ruffles and tulips to minis and pedals; skirts this season say "something special," even with the companion of a basic t-shirt.  Choose from an abundance of colors and styles, to completely ready-to-wear privileges with extended recessionista prices.  
  *Here are a few places to start:  DownEastBasic, ModCloth, TopShop, H&M, Stylebop, UrbanOutfitters

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