Inside Fall Jewels: The Beauty Looks

Vera Wang, and Proenza Schouler shows chic high-end fashions with great accessories, but if you cannot afford these don't worry! You may get these looks for a fraction of the price.

To have items in your closet that look like you've spent hundreds of money on pull the curtain to enter your frugal findings of this season right here! These are just a few of my favourite items from places such as, Forever21, Archive Jewelry, H&M hosiery, & Urban Outfitters. The inexpensive looks are eye-catching and absolute must-haves!


The Pale of Night

Look of the Day! Grab Brandi's look! Start out your Fall wardrobe styling in the right direction.

Sources to try:  Twist and Tango, H&M, Anya Hindmarch, Graceland Shoes, Longchamp

The dressing and So Much More

John Galliano's collection is of course a theatrical explosion of ...  His Chaplin-esque models strutted down the runway and you felt the first cut deeply with the attitude of a modernised zoot suited character in Charlie Chaplin's head. One could even imagine Chaplin himself wearing those enormous pants walking down the street.  The exaggerated tweed-like textured shoes, and slipper styled satin (espadrilles) sandals with a ballerina inspired exterior gave you a pretty glimpse on foot, but, was it enough to pair those shiny soles with a believable ensemble that your man would wear, tomorrow? Well, if he's as fashion forward and dramatic as this collection. I think so... In true Galliano style, more guts and more!

Birthday Buy!

I just simply fell in love with these Rachel Comey shoes and going to make a deserving purchase today!
I call this the city heel, because this clog styled heel has attitude, and is entirely versatile. (It supports you while walking downtown, giving you the formal "Hello" height that you need and want for the office, with a perfect "Farewell" to your hardworking day; allowing you to blend into the after work happenings of the night. Cocktails anyone?


♥ Designer of The Moment ♥

It's no surprise that Jan-Jan Van Essche, a young designer from Antwerp, Belgium, would start a well put together and much anticipated men's wear line.  After winning the Dries Van Noten award and receiving other accolades in the field; one can simply take a glimpse at his new ready-to-wear men's collection and easily see the talent (with intricate detailing like weaving techniques and styling) shining through his clothing. He used inspiration from Japan to West Africa to carefully execute and exude the message that he wanted received in many of the pieces presented in the line.  So what's the message? Well, the clothing has cultural aspects which is an elevated influence of the line, thanks to a past trip that he took to Mali.  The collection is comfortable, with a mere, "chilling out" mode of chicness and a bit of freedom formed all rolled into one ensemble.  Hence, Van Essche has named his first line 'Yukkuri', a Japanese word for taking it easy or slowly. Of course, being born and raised in Belgium (which is the land that has bred many great Flemish apparel designing wonders i.e. "The Antwerp Six") isn't too shabby either, and has aided quite well in his daily inspiration, in addition, to people in general and the view of city streets. This is definitely a line worth checking out.  


Summer Savings and Summer Solutions

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asos, express, forever21 straw hat.Photo: Tasha M.                       
Here's what to pick up for your quick Summer savings bag of goodies:
From printed dresses, flirty swim suits and  striped skirts to fabulous finds in the least expected places... 
Can't afford the Chloé bag that you love? Well, fret not my little angels of fashion, because there are several places where you can grab the same look for an affordable price. 
See the slide show to catch a glimpse of other findings and let the savings begin! 



Clouds of Acid and Paint Spatters in the City Streets

Dries Van Noten's 2011 Spring line added a feeling of a decade change that may have you in doubts, yet he is always able to give you just a hint of modernness to make you believe. This time he provided the viewer with a light brochure of several city streets covering what might be your first stops from Paris, New York, and London. Next Stop: The small present of paint spatters, which had you thinking of a museum of modern art.

The Line: Acid denim jackets and jeans, checkered pants, and pale to white panels with fabric and stitching details that are simply essential to have a complete the look. My favourite pieces that he produced were the myriad ensembles of mustard and buttery yellows. Here are a few snapshots from backstage and off the runway.



La Vie BOW + HIM

 Mr. Tie and the knot in Men's Fashion:  
Look out ladies! You aren't the only ones who can pull off hotpink hues while blinking your alluring baby blues.  Let the man in your life shine this season from the wonderful twists of new ties.  We know that you're already a savvy dressed woman but, it takes two to be a power couple and here's a way to add vibrancy to his closet. Why? Because he deserves to look just as fashionable. Broaden your tastes to wear blooming colours of the season and striking patterns, even with a simple white shirt.
Guy's here are a few favourites that you can add to your wardrobe. Take charge in your daily dress from head-to-toe and rearrange your work style from drab to fab!     

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The Boyish Marc and his Sleek Persuasion

Marc Jacobs 2011:

This collection showcased young men in a casual, yet polished way. Fresh faced consumers could immediately see themselves in pieces from this Marc Jacobs collection, which evoked adolescent shapes, and the feeling of a boyish glow that was essentially posh impressions of a teenager's reality.  Imagine, a recent grad, (an eighteen year old or so) with the hopes of finding himself a new job downtown.  Perhaps, this is what he would wear going on his job interview, or walking down the fashionable city streets.  
The slacks: Tapered, skinny, and chic. But, the lines look quite comfortable and clean.  Either way, your son, or boyfriend will look quite refined in any of these ensembles.



Greige Goods and Skin Fabulous

Don't feel like wearing vibrant hues on a Friday? Well, that's quite alright! 
In this style board that I made for you to try on here's a muted grey ensemble worn by Zoh. It says all of the right things without being overstated colour-wise.  Use Hosiery and accessories to draw your look together effortlessly.  I love her edgy yet comfortable look.

The second outfit worn by Elle is filled with skin-based tones with an enticing shoe to give you the confidence you need throughout the day! This H&M necklace is perfect to finish this polished ensemble. Enjoy! 


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