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Why we love Rodebjer?
Well, it's simple really--There's much more to this brand than meets the avant-garde eye!  It's a classic, yet fresh outlook on functional fashion, at it's best.  The unique quality behind designer, Carin Rodebjer's collection is that you may wear these pieces without trepidation or wondering, what trend to slip onto your body next?  The stylish customers of Rodebjer know a long-lasting, worthy wearing brand when they see one.  Rodebjer's fruitful seed has been sewn with the attitude of an entirely savvy collection that's also, quite city-chic!  The marriage of contemporary, and classic art for the body has never looked so polished and fun!


High-price tastes for Inexpensive budgets

O M G!  
Have you seen the latest YSL bag, and that sexy Prada Heel, or what about the Proenza Schouler dress that is simply," T o  d i e   f o r?" 

Perhaps, you're thinking along these lines normally when it comes to acquiring a few haute couture items for your ready-to-wear wardrobe. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating when wanting those mouthwatering and ever indulging treasures. Especially, on an average budget during these volatile (economic) times.  

Instead of breaking the bank here's several must-have items to purchase this season that will give you the ability to still keep your high-priced sense of style.
Boots (knee-high or Thigh-high) Everybody needs a good staple boot in either Black, or Brown.
Brown Western-inspired boots: ($27 bucks) via Love Culture

A Charm ring to add a small personal touch to your ensemble & mini pouch/purse for a condensed addition to complete your look. 
Owl ring ( under $2, bag: under $23) via Forever21 

Killer royal-vintage-esque belt: (under $23) via Need Supply

A bag that you can integrate in multiple wardrobes, and an ankle boot with a vibrant, or eye-catching hue. Luxe Bag w/hardware, and statement shoes in electric Blue from:  Love Culture (under $35 bucks)

The Camel Cool
via Need Supply
(bag: under $70, RGB under $15)
Gaudy Goodness!
Crown ring by: Love Culture
(under $8 bucks)!

Fur Fun! Boots:  (under $33) via

Shop NOW!  Look Great for a fraction of the price!

I wore my song, I styled my tune

Yana Galbshtein of San Francisco, Calif., knows how to cut, sew, and bring out your best sense of style with her fresh label, Social Rebel Clothing.  Social Rebel Clothing is a unique brand of men's wear (and a few selected women's garments) that allows you to be stylish through the rebellious eyes of undictated fashion trends. An alumna of the Academy of Art University in San Fr... Read More here!
photos: courtesy of: Social Rebel Clothing

A Toast to needful things

Here's to keeping it fun and youthful  for this season's Fall 2010 looks from the Alice and Olivia collection. The entire collection is quite party gal-inspired with some sophisticated ensembles that were thrown into the mix, yet, it also has a few statement pieces to help complete each look.
These Alice & Olivia sweet obsessions are for the trendy girl who dashed out of class into a cocktail party or off to her new career in fashion.  Either way, it's a love-want relationship that just dares you to try it on!



Schoolhouse-rock, all grown up

There are many reasons to love J.W. Anderson's men's wear collection.  It's a fresh and playful line with inspiring styled sections in every ensemble that exude new perspectives of a London-pixie.

He uses strong graphics and not-so-typical embellishments, amongst other interesting details on men's garments without fear of any spectator's critique.  For example, crochet-lace, and the overall colour palette chosen or mere fabric mixing used as accented slaps your face, so to speak, reminding you to always have fun with fashion. Anderson's collection is unique and wearable, evincing a romanticised version of a modern-punk. Here are a few favourite snapshots below. Enjoy!

Photos: J.W.

New 'kicks', shiny details, and then some...

Check out these not-so typically adorned Chuck Taylors. These very couture 'Chucks' come with all of the bells and whistles you could imagine, and a cross for good fashionable-measure. Studded goodness and fringe that will make anyone go... Hhhmm, and will have you walking the streets in haute-style!  I'd love to see these worn in Black!
To shop this special creation click here!

The Climate is Blurry

Today feels like a Friday, even though it's obviously not--- Perhaps, this is my current mood infused with a bit of, the need to hold on to Summer or whatever that faded season was that we encountered.  I feel relaxed and ready to take yet, another holiday, and just finished an incredible Brunch.  Recently, I flew back from Toronto to Seattle & all I can say is "cold, cold , cold."  May I get away from the cold, please?  Today isn't quite as bone-chilling as yesterday (when we actually turned on our fireplace). 
  This image is mere inspiration for myself, aiding me in the beginning stages of a sewing project that I absolutely must complete in the next few days...  Here's what a fashionista does on the way to "Procrastination St."  .... take pictures!  Uploads will soon follow upon project completion.
I hope it's mostly sunny where you're located.  Happy Sunday! 

Wunderkind of Wonder

You must give kudos to Wolfgang Joop's imagination, I mean, a bowl full of cherries to me never looked so animated. I absolutely love it! His stunning palette of the addicting hues used in his collection were just enough, and in some ensembles, a bit too much.
Of course, your'e probably thinking..."Who could really pull any of these looks off, whilst walking down the street to grab a routine latte before work?" Contrary to a few fashion spectator's belief you just might be able to work these looks into a wardrobe. (Perhaps, by a casual addition & an obvious subtraction).
Let's face it forthrightly speaking, if you love Joop's style, you aren't just an average person, indeed you are most likely an eclectic, stylish, and pattern mixing, visionary yourself... or want to be!   I guess if you didn't fancy this line as much, you could simply go back to executing the, "Less is more" dress phrase.

Here are my Top Picks from Wunderkind's Spring 2011 collection. Enjoy!



via youtube, oliver Zahm, and

Despite the reviews, I'm still a huge Margiela fan. Forever.


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