Hue satisfied

Get effortless ensembles, and enjoy being feminine in stylish hues like Ciara and Karen!
There's nothing wrong with dressing like a girl, and these are two very fashionable beauties. 
For a casual elegance try a chiffon ombre inspired dress, add a leather jacket to play your look down a bit (this will give you the edgy aesthetic that you need)! 
Remember, just because your'e wearing a dress doesn't mean that it must look formal. We have added playful boots to finish off the ensemble. 
Nothing says lady-like as much as bows, and we have loads of feminine lace with bows in 
  Karen's look. To start: Try a peasant styled frock, a tiered dance influenced style, or a laced-bodice dress.  Nudes are wonderful this season, and quite easy to accessorise.  We chose brassy golds as well as pale silvers for these outfits, which provided just a hint of sparkle. Here's some inspiration that may help you in preparing for your new look! Have fun with it, and shop wisely!

Helpful places to shop:


Clutch me!

Are you looking for the right clutch for a night on the town? Or quite possibly your'e searching for a new bag that's playful, casual, and stylish? Here are some favourite styles that I'm loving from the land of the clutch bag. 

My peers know me as one who carries either a grand functional bag (which I fill with my daily necessities), or a clutch bag (preferably one with multi-pockets, or zippers inside). These styles below are my fashion potpourri of sorts with leather texture mixing, some acute detailing, femme prints, and vintage inspiration.

Act fast, because there's just too many great styles to sift through for the perfect clutch this season!
With a little antique finish, small bits of freshness, and a hint of unique hardware you will be headed on the proper path to finding an amazing bag. 

Happy perusing on your holiday inquest, and remember stay chic by viewing one clutch at a time!
River Island-Heart clutch £59.99 
Minimarket clutch £227 .21/ approx. $321USD

Free People-Feathers Chain clutch- $208
TopShop-Classic box bag-£35.00

Miss Selfridge £16.00 Diamond clutch, Floral chain envelope-£18.00 
Rokit Vintage-Dover clutch bag, approx. £25.00 

River Island- Faux fur clutch- £16.00
Macy's- Ribbon clutch-$35.99
Paul Smith-Playing Cards clutch - $225


Autumn items to love by guest bloggers

Check out these Autumn/Winter items that some of your favourite bloggers love, including "moi!" (#6)
Toni, of Ssssht blog, gave selected bloggers a one question interview, which is a part of her "blogloving Friday" posts. She asked fellow bloggers, what their favourite item was for this season.
Thank you Toni, we salute you for bringing such an eclectic group of bloggers together.


The look, The feel of eco-driven vintage-luxe

Courtney Leonard, an accessories designer gives the world a wide preview of her new collection and label Midge.  Read more here....

Heel Condoms, A safe shoe pleasure!

Have you ever had to meet friends for cocktails after work or needed to make a rapid style transformation after a long day? Perhaps, you've even made a quick stop at home to change your shoes before heading out for the night.  Well, if your'e dying to know what the latest buzz is in the (versatile) shoe community then, you should try "Heel Condoms."

Here's a great product for the jet-setting diva, or the savvy city sophisticate.  Ladies look no further, a packable dress solution has arrived.... and it's for your shoes!
Heel Condoms, the new women's trend, not only provides a fashionable outfit for your shoes but also makes the average passersby audibly jealous by the view of your sexy feet. Although easy to slip onto your heeled sole, they provide complete protection for those worn or even new heels.
Sandrysabel Ortiz, the creator of this brilliant invention, has given women worldwide another reason to love the statement shoe. “I want women to experience that in times of economical stress they can still feel empowered by each step they take,” Ortiz said.

The eye-catching Heel Condoms at first glance are enough to build your trust. They come in a variety of ornate styles such as black suede with gold stud-like buttons, tiered lace with sheered fabric, and animal-print leather spotted bows, amongst others. With the large amount of people already sporting a few of these looks, it's hard to believe how affordable they are (ranging from $20-$30). Don't just observe this trend, get on-board!

Are you ready to double your shoe wardrobe with unique designs by simply pulling on a new garment, condom-style, then the Heel Condoms would be a good investment!

For more information or to acquire your very own Heel Condoms visit: Heel Condoms
Photos: Courtesy of Heel Condoms  
*pricing has changed to $20-$30 since article was published.


Holiday gifts, and A giveaway to wear

We are so proud of Adriana-Marie! The growth of her first line has evolved so quickly. The company continues to disperse new styles in several cities. Perhaps, in your neighborhood. After receiving popularity with her T-shirt line Adriana-Marie has taken her collection to the next level. The collection may be acquired in exclusive boutiques in New York, L.A., and Fort Lauderdale!  You may also shop these trendy and inspiring Tees on-line.  
The time for holiday shopping and inspirational gifts has arrived. This designer wants you to have fun during your shopping experience and has started a new giveaway to get you in the holiday spirit of giving. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about YOU! Get a FREE T-shirt now by entering this contest below. You may enter for this prize very simply and in several ways!  
#1 Like this blog via Facebook and get 3 people to buy 1 shirt/ea. from the collection!  OR
#2 Like  Adriana-Marie Facebook page suggest it to 5 friends & tell her why you deserve to win on her blog! 
If you do one of these, you will receive a customized tee for FREE from the Adriana-Marie collection!

10 Beauty products your skin will love for the holiday

CCB-Paris-by Agnes B.-"Of Course" tinted Lip Balm-13
If your'e one of those people who believes that skin care and beauty products are only for women, think again! Today, many cosmetic companies are catering more to the male market, especially since the new generation of men, (who are a lot more conscious about their appearance) become a heavier influence to youth through mass media. Fashion has affected most all markets, and successfully continues to infect the world with the latest trends, and new products of what's hot and what's not! 

Of course, there's countless amounts of great gifts for any season, whether you're buying for the male or female.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share a few items that you quite possibly haven't thought about this time around. I think skin care and beauty is an important element in daily life, and guess what? You actually don't have to spend too much money to acquire these quality items! Here's what Fashion Tales is looking at for the gift-giving moment.
, , large
Kiehl's- Affordable gift items, you can grab a entire gift set for him & her under $30
Ultra facial cleanser $18, Men's refueling set $29.50
Collin beauty products are immensely sought after in the UK it's great for any skin type for men & women! 
Yves Rocher-Glitter mascara- Only $5

Arbonne- Exfoliating Body Scrub-$30 bucks 
This company also carries vegan-friendly products, and does not use harmful chemicals or tests on animals to produce their personal care items.
      Yves Rocher-Oriental velvet exfoliating scrub-$14 

CCB-Paris- Agnes b.- (Lip Care)Hydrating Baum Gloss €13.90

Last, but not least, this is such a cute rhinestone-lipstick ring! From one of my favourite Swiss beauty sites. Indeed, I had to include this for you as a bonus view! :)
Arbonne- Lipstick ring- $30

Dated Inspiration: The culture Issue

 As I prepare for a long awaited and much needed holiday, I am remembering old glam magazines, tear sheets, and ad campaigns that I once possessed; vivid memories of the pages that have been turned, or rapidly cut away from some of my favourite high-fashioned gloss sheets. I have been seeking inspiration for an upcoming project, and stumbled upon this wonderful piece that I'd forgotten.
This is my inspiration aggregated into a few snapshot frames.  I was simply drawn by the undeniable beauty in the colours, as well as the complete styling in general. The lovely Alek Wek poses confidently in this amazing Financial Times spread. These inspiring photos make me smile, I want to know her story... or even create my own.
Alek Wek-Andrew-Yee-in Financial Times issue, styled by Damien Foxe

Got vintage? Handmade thoughts with a personal touch

Along with the holiday season comes birthdays and other forthcoming occasions.  Quite often it may be tricky to find the right personalised, special gifts for a friend, or loved one. I stumbled upon several unique items that are fashionable enough even for the ultra-stylish person, amongst other addictive novelties that may be customised completely. For the gift receiver whom you might think has everything look once more, I'm certain that you will find something that suits their fancy. Here are a few lovable treasures that I've found to purchase.
Image of I'm Late, I'm Late brooch (as seen in BLISS & LONDON LITE!)

Candysays: Vintage floral purse & Vintage 1980's Deco-choker/necklace
Sparkle Candy: Paris Earrings

Sterling Sea Turtle Swarovski Crystal Necklace Three tiny heart rings
Etsy: by Anechkas Jewellery & Scape & CreationsbyJuliann (box necklace)
Vintage Brass Treasure Trunk - NecklaceSanzaru three wise monkey ring brass adjustable
                                  Etsy: Mylavaliere- Monkey brass ring


Stylish keys

Take a gander at Alicia Keys in the Italian Vogue November issue, and you will see her graceful, yet diva-chic persona intensified.  With very diverse looks in every shot,  she is simply beautiful.  This songstress, shows the world that she's not only a woman who can sing, write, and dance however, models exquisitely with an urban haute couture elegance that's her own.  Mother-to-be has never looked so fresh and inspiring!  If you haven't purchased this issue yet, go out and get it, because it's definitely one to check out!


Earthy, muddy-chic

Earthy muddy chic
Autumn welcomes the natural beauty of colours from mother nature. Fall's doors have been opened with rustic qualities that the outdoors possess.  And here's an inspirational style board for you to try-on!
What's your favourite item to wear at the moment? Whether it's a chunky sweater, or ankle boots, you will love what's in stores this year!
Choose from hues of cocoa brown, sand, and oatmeal, to soft caramels and leaves of gold.
This season let fashion take you on a stylish urban journey, one that will have you donned in fabulous threads and ready for the daily encounters with others alike. Be inspired!


Seasons of giving and receiving

Grensen-Men's Shoe Splurge-SALE! $299

This is the time of the year where your'e suppose to look for gifts and treasures for others, right?  Now, where did that come from?
For me, during the Christmas season it's a time where I am thinking of big meals, family gatherings and preparing to get on the slopes (hopefully)!

My family and I usually give gifts throughout the year, so for us Christmas is not solely about buying presents for others. It's merely focused on a week or weekend planned where you've saved your money for such the occasion. A time to see the enjoyment of everyone having an immense shopping experience, one that's often filled with gourmet restaurant dinners, and being encompassed by good company.  Additionally, it's an exceptional time of the season to find very smart buys for the fashionable consumer.

Do you have traditions that your'e getting ready for, or are you perplexed about what item to acquire for a loved one?  Here's a list of giftables for you to relish, and be inspired by for this holiday season. Don't worry, there's plenty of specialty gifts (for them as well), if your'e in the mood to purchase a few extra items for others.

Gee WaWa- $129 SALE! (Loris Shoes) 
Tyler Florence Family Meal: Bringing People Together Never Tasted Better, Autographed
Sur La Table- $35
In God We Trust- Lighter $79 
 APART-dress SALE! $128 
Vintage Edition Scrabble®
Restoration Hardware-Vintage Games: Scrabble $199  
Urban Outfitters-Holga Wide Pinhole Camera-Approx. $110
Cupcake Christmas Ornaments- Urban Outfitters UK
Mini-Sewing machine- Under $40-Urban Outfitters      

Browns-Dries Van Noten- Wool Scarf- SALE! Approx. $82            

Browns- Raf Simmons Men's Shirt-SALE!  £99.00/Approx. $136 
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