The Big Chill Pick-me-up!

Fashion Trajectory 3.0:  In An Upgraded Seat
From coast to coast as we saw sunshine, rainfall, and snow slowly transpire. The seasonal memories that's uplifting to me are those of family and loved ones. Spring was a beautiful breeze for me, summer was a record breaking transition, autumn set the mood for cooler climate, and winter has caused (most of) us to shield ourselves from the cold and light the fireplace.

This was the first Christmas year for my new nephew, and mine as an Aunt. Watching the rapid growth of him (who's just a mere shy of 6 months) also reminds me of my growth and experiences faced this year, both personal and professional.

It hasn't been an easy year for me, but it has immensely been a busy one. With the love and support from family, close friends, and loved ones I was able to take a giant step forward in an entirely altered realm of my fashionable occupation.

As I reflect on the things that I have done in my life just this past year, (and of course still having loads of goals I have set to complete) I found that the small picture frames of the future that was once in my mind, is now being replaced with enormous panels. Those panels that would consume my mind if I were to know the proper measurements of each side.

With that being said, imagine that you've bought a ticket to Hawaii, but when you received your confirmation it says Fiji. The irony is that both places can be quite nice at different times depending on the season... I'm pretty much on the right flight at the moment, and it's a good thing! I'm finally on an unequivocal path without the high-beamed lights blinding my vision. My goals are packed, organised, and I'm ready to go!

What I have learned this year is a great deal, a multitude of lessons really ... through heartaches and heartbreak, through the sadness of the lost of a dear friend, and the challenge of moving to another unfamiliar place). In addition to finding happiness through it all: most importantly I'm admonished to always have hope, and to know that despite the innumerable talents in the world there's always room for more. Hope and positive thinking can steer one toward a brighter road.

If you're in the stages of figuring out what your style or niche might be, don't worry I've been there, and you will find it! Or, better yet, it might just find you!

Be steadfast, and keep those personal goals ahead. Sooner, or later you will take a deeper look inside yourself, and realise how many wonderful capabilities you actually possess! Sometimes, we receive inspired reminders of these special gifts even from strangers.

Remember, an artist is his/her worst critic, yet often times this is the best thing because it keeps the artist humble.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Rutherfurd's Red Haute Accessories

Alison Rutherfurd designs and develops organic jewellery from her home studio, creating one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces for all women to love. This buzz worthy line has been existing for quite some time since 2001, yet with the amount of events Rutherfurd has been involved with she's still able to maintain a small boutique setting and gain a huge following for her Red Haute collection. In case you missed it, have a look at the root of what inspires her to design.  READ MORE HERE... or click any picture to see full story.

Photos: Courtesy of

The Holiday Continues

Don't be sad.  So, you've been anticipating the holiday season to approach. And now, it has come upon us! Are you still worried about spreading the cheer? Perhaps, you're wondering how to stay satisfied in dressed clothes, if it's not your normal attire?
When your holiday is almost over, or even at the beginning stages there are actually many ways to be both comfortable and stylish.  I've put together this style board as an inspiration collage with the hope that you may implement an easy-style, (especially, if excessively travelling) into your wardrobe.

Capturing the holiday spirit is one thing, but holding onto a relaxed environment is another...
Have fun with the season by incorporating a theme, perhaps in your daily dress. For example, if you've just recently come back from a hiking, or camping trip you may want to bring out the plaids, or those rugged boots that are trending right now.  Occasionally when one transitions from an extended holiday it's difficult to get back into the reality of an immediate work mode. It is perfectly fine to have fun with your independent style, as well as pondering over ways to keep yourself in a positively dashing spirit after the holidays.

If getting back to reality has gotten you in a gloomy state, attempt to change your mood a bit. For starters try dressing up your pet, which might surely put a smile on your face.  Secondly, embrace your holiday garb, and add a cute floral, chain, or pin-trim to an indulgent handbag that you've been carrying; this will provide refreshing looks to your ensembles.

Quite often we have such a routine of wearing certain pieces only in one way... missing the opportunity to create, or change-up our wardrobe, by a simple addition of a mere item. Whether it's a ribbon, scarf, button, or possibly fashionable boot bands you may always add a personal touch to your style during the holidays.

So, relax, and spread the 'after holiday cheer!'

Greetings, my fashionable friends

photo: Boston Museum of Fiine Art

FASHION TALES sends you Season's greetings! ~With love!
This is a holiday greeting card that I wanted to share to all of my readers.  Here's a card especially for you, wishing everyone a happy holiday and very prosperous New Year throughout this season and beyond.
Let's make this coming year one that's filled with love, positive thinking, and even more goal oriented.
Make certain to tell those (whom we have not told enough) that we love them!  Life is simply too precious to keep those emotions hidden inside!  Again, to you, family and friends, Happy Holidays!

~Cheers & love,
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Get wardrobe revived in Pai's design

Paichideya Demoyo

Are you in the market for a powerful wardrobe that's also stylish in every seam? Meet Paidemoyo Chideya, also known as "Pai," the notable emerging designer behind the clothing brand, DeMOYO.

The DeMoyo collection, mostly produced in Canada with hopes of also adding Zimbabwe to the list, consists of bold hued silhouettes that play on the art of draping. For example, the Bustier/Cowel dress, or the Princess Seamed/Cowel skirt, which comes in Regal colours with unique style lines. There's also garments like the Princess dress, that offers a contemporary and edgy take on the LBD, a must-have staple item in every woman's wardrobe.
Demoyo Fashion collection
For her Spring 2011 collection Chideya attributes her inspiration to her mother, Mazano (referencing her middle name). "She taught me to be limitless, and thus, my ode to Majestic Mazano," says the designer. Chideya's creations has already captured the eyes of many and for good reason. When a woman wears her garments she immediately exudes confidence, and daring style.

The unequivocal influence of Chideya's travels and eclectic background is one resounding element that attracts women to her clothing, with having lived in places like London, and Sweden. Yet, it's the sophisticated qualities she acquired living in New York that adds depth and eloquence to her designs.

Holding past apprenticeships with fashion gurus like Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, and all American celebratory designer, Ralph Lauren it's clear that Chideya has started off in a dashing path with outstanding mentors. "New York is a melting pot of unlimited possibilities and people," says Chideya. It's her eagerness to learn, proper timing, and tenacity that has immensely helped her in her career thus far.
Paidemoyo Chideya InterviewCanadian Fashion Designers

What does this emerging designer live by? It's this simple motto, Remember thee, remember thee. "We are all created to be magnificent reflections of God. I strive to live by this everyday. We all have great purpose on this planet, its just that most of us have forgotten," says Chideya.

The DeMoyo collection uses silks, chiffons, and satins, but also provides eco-friendly fabric choices with natural dyes, using broadcloths and sheen cottons, amongst other materials for an added casual elegance. She manages to arrest the essence of a stylish woman, one who wants to make her presence known in a fashionable way. Your closet will surely be revived and freed from boring apparel!

Chideya is an inspiring designer who has high aspirations, and will stop at nothing until it is fulfilled. She hopes to expand her brand in the next few years to specialty boutiques located in Europe, and North and South America, in addition to creating a Flagship store in Africa.

What's next? Well, look out for the DeMoyo collection in South Africa Fashion Week next year.

For more information on Paidemoyo Chideya  or  to  order  visit:
Photos: Courtesy of Paidemoyo Chideya

Dark Homme: Industrial worker-chic, or Warrior masterpiece

I grew up around wonderfully artistic people who dressed daily in what they either had tucked in their closet, created themselves, or found at local vintage shoppes; modifying everything to their individual style, which was often in printed form. Needless to say, being encompassed by this at an early age also affected my fashion choices.  However, when it came to my love for men's design I always tend to gravitate to organic silhouettes with tailored details, or dark, very abstractive, and often extremely unique pieces of art.

During my travels with a friend, I was completely enamoured by a young man's outfit that we'd seen in-passing on the street. After making haste to introduce myself and chat about the pieces that he wore, he mentioned that it had been purchased from one of his favourite boutiques, DarkLands. Oh, yes! How could I have forgotten ... it's an ultra-special place! This boutique exemplifies my highest adorations of "outside of the box design," as well as contemporary worn art. 

DarkLands is a Berlin-based men's fashion store that carries some of the most innovative, dark, edgy, and raw designer clothing and accessories. You'll find pieces from designers like Damir Doma, Rick Owens, and Obscur, hanging alongside other avant-garde peers such as Boris Bidjan Saberi, Yohan Serfaty, or MA+, to name a few. Campbell McDougall, a Canadian native and owner behind this vanguard of dark garb, initially started selling similar-styled clothing in his (then) Vancouver residence at the Komakino  guerilla store. But, when he made the move to the art inspiring streets of Berlin, he also carried a roster of high-end designers to add to his new clothing racks. 

This multi-locale, changing store has a diverse and international clientele as well as stylish locals that welcome DarkLands' clever, board game-like move of say, every 6 months to a year or so, which allows them to take advantage of spaces in many areas to set-up shop with a skillful imagination.

The store much like the clothing has an esoteric quality that makes it intriguing. After viewing these selections, I am inspired once again to go back to my roots of designing men's wear, which for me was the passion that started it all. I'm sold on this place, and there's also an on-line store for those of us who don't reside in Berlin. If you're like me and absolutely love cutting edge men's wear or possibly know a male who's worthy of these threads head over to the DarkLands. Have a look at these forward creations. 
I call it: "Tale of a Nomad: Battle-shield, goth, and roll!"  

Aitor Throup


Boris Bidjan Saberi
For more information on Darklands or Komakino shop visit:
Top photos: Yohan Serfaty

Inspiration X: Simple charm

This is a simple day shot that I took a few months ago during a holiday.  It's to remind me of the natural beauty of our surroundings. Sometimes, we can get so blinded or preoccupied with seeking for inspiration when in actuality it's all around us. Today I am not inspired by my go-to tear sheets, but rather by the clear enchantment, and flowing beauty in the purest elements. I love the softness of the the light hitting the water as the sun touches the rocks and welcomes the shades of  the trees.  B e   i n s p i r e d!

Print Sharing

The season of cultural-printed inspiration streams farther than any millennium. With more designers carrying styles evocative of ancestral, and tribe motifs that scream comfort, warmth, and now very fashionable, (again) it's hard not to jump on this trend wearing a print or two. 

For many of us some of these trends stem from our heritage, or would be in some forms of the blanket or knit styles passed on from grandparents. And others are just mere modernised classics.

However, today there are a few twists in varied silhouettes, fun colours, and less scratchy fabrications that you may certainly enjoy. For example, look at Opening Ceremony’s vibrant scarves with ethnic origins in the prints of their accessories, or Odd Molly’s fashionable version of the jacket cardigan, adding fringe and furry-like aesthetics to the silhouette from yarns of the sweater. 

Another favourite is Ted Baker’s take on the full-length cardigan. He adds woven floral fabric as a femininely savvy addition to the knit.  Here's a few of my top picks that are donned on the runway, by models, and from your favourite boutiques! Be inspired with lovely retrospective pieces that are gift worthy for this holiday season!

Scarves-Opening Ceremony

   Norway disco sweater-Dawanda 
     Caftan dress- Tory Burch (Neimans)
                            Fairisle sweater-Selfridges

Tribal cardigan-Urban Outfitters
80's vintage Jacket-Dawanda
Letter print sweater
Letter Sweater- Selfridges
*Added bonus, I just love this one! Dancing ladies floral cardigan-Ted Baker via Selfridges

Nordic cardigan            Vintage Navy Navajo Print Poncho S M LNordic Cardigan-Malene Birger         Etsy- Navajo Poncho by: Mointagebycr

Tutu Blu- Pixie Market
                                   Stolen Girlfriends Club Vest (Right) 
Etro Spring/Summer 2011
 ASOS- Fair Isle Sweater 
 Norse Project- Kopingsvig Sweater

Odd Molly- Cardgan, Sweater

Other photos:, 

A Roofer's Inspired style with flashy Impressions


Remember those "monkey boots" that were popular in the 70s and 80's? Y e s, t h o s e!
Well, they're back, and in high-fashionable style! The season of boots during that era may have been created for a necessary function, or had limitations on the colour choices, yet, like any style it receives a modern spin on it at some point in time.

Actually, most of us ladies have been sporting these quite often with day dresses, and other vintage looks. But, not like this!

Wait until you catch sight of these rugged, nostalgically trendy styles from J.W. Anderson's AW/10 collection. They're a couple of soles gleaming with Swarovski encrusted savvy tongues, toe caps, and such! These shoes take the term "Kick A!#"  boots to a whole other shade.

Converged Ambition: Mariel's way

"L.A. is defiantly a place for shakers, movers and artists..."

Mariel Gomsrud width=
Ladyofashion takes a moment to interview Mariel Gomsrud, the cool, stylishly ardent model, and actress hailing from Norway to L.A.'s, California dreaming streets.

Gomsrud, a natural at being in the forefront of a lens, has undeniable  passion when it comes to hard work and her charming aspirations. With a full glass of tenacity and the right dosage of confidence, she has already manifested some of those goals.

Gomsrud left her homeland of heavenly Fjords for the gritty fashion streets of New York city to have a go at acting school. This prepared her for the next big transition in her life--the move to Los Angeles, California. At the New York Film Academy she earnestly learnt the fundamentals that was needed, and set forth to transfer at the school's California extension.

Gomsrud wanted to pursue her film career, yet, also maintain an updated modelling portfolio, and L.A. gave her a diverse platform to showcase the visions that once were, (which has now been made) into a reality. "It's a beautiful mix of people from all over the world, but with one unifying thing, everybody is here to go after their dreams whatever it may be," says Gomsrud. One thing is certain, she's fallen in love with this city, and she's only at the beginning of a bright future.

The Nordic eyeful has only been a professional model for 2 years, but she seems to be taking emerging talent to a different level, and has a twin sister, Marita (also, a model/starlet) who'd likely concur.
"L.A. has a lot more to it than the superficial bulls#!t.-Mariel

Gomsrud has a casual elegance and energetic heart when conversing with her, and exudes a down-to-earth appeal. With spreads in Vogue (China), Norwegian magazine, ALFA, and film credits under her belt, Gomsrud may very well be the next big star heading to the silver screen, and even in your favourite fashion magazines. 

Check her out in the upcoming independent film BSR, scheduled to be released to Sundance next year, as well as Armynel.  If you're in the area you may also see her at the premier of Exteriors in
 Norway. Either way, we can be sure to see more from this perpetual beauty.
Get intimate with Mariel:
Hometown: Sætre, Norway
Current residence: Los Angeles
Agency: Otto Models

LadyOFashion (LOF):  Who's currently on your playlist?  
Mariel Gomsrud (MG):  I don’t really have a specific genre, if I like a song I just like it, but mostly listen to rock, folk rock, hip-hop, or dub step. I’m in love with Florence and the Machine, Elvis Perkins, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Best Coast, the XXX’s, and Lykke Li. I am constantly discovering new artists. 

LOF:  Bad habit?
MG:  I am a bad habit, (laughs, jokingly) I never wear underwear, even though I love shopping for lingerie. It has gotten me into some awkward situations, but you live and learn.

LOF:  What's your favourite film?
MG:  A Danish film called, The Celebration, I also, recently saw The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo... it's incredible!

LOF:  Do you have any hobbies, or other guilty pleasures that you enjoy?
MG:   I love slam poetry. I'm a freak for music lyrics... and can waste the whole day reading quotes, and lyrics. I also enjoy thrift stores, going to flea markets, dancing and horseback riding.

LOF:  Beauty secrets?
MG:  Moisturize, drink lots of water, and use natural/organic products. Laugh, live, be free, and love...  The more love out there, the better. My friend Chris said,  “I’ve earned my wrinkles, I'm keeping them,” I love that!

LOF:  On fashion and her sartorial style...
MG:   I like Leather, lace, studs, and feathers, as well as over-sized T-shirts, faux fur, and sheer fabrics; anything bold, and edgy, in addition to unique vintage pieces.  My look is Nordic... I'm a Viking!

Mariel Gomsrud Modeling
Mariel Gomsrud Interview
For more information on Mariel Gomsrud visit:
Photos: courtesy of Mariel Gomsrud
other credits:
Third photo: F & G photograph
black and white photo: Angie Abana
Vogue China(last photo): richeille

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