Special Treats For the ✈T-r-a-v-e-l-l-i-n-g✈ Soul


Here are a few travelling treats that I'm fain to share with fellow travel lovers of present. When I travel some of the items that I really don't want to pack are general toiletries, this is merely because often one can get carried away with packing far too many! *wink*

However, through years of experience I've learnt countless ways to decrease this over-packing habit. Additionally, being a travel enthusiast, I am not exactly fond of checking baggage unless absolutely necessary. By "necessary" I'm referring to staying at a destination longer than 1 month! Yes, it can be done (if you prefer folding nicely and utilising all space provided)!

Growing up with a military infused family, filled with relatives packing was the ultimate task to learn, and do very well.  Thus, having the notion of packing light for me, well, lets just say it meant more than words.

Of course, regardless male, or female today everyone has their favourite products that they cannot live without per se.  But, try to take small amounts with you instead of travelling with the whole bottle of shampoo. Purchase small empty bottles that you may reuse for other excursions. Head out to a dollar store, Sephora, or even a drugstore to attain empty, travel-size containers.

I recently went to a wholesale container store, and grabbed what they were selling as *cooking spice bottles, (which were simply small sized bottles with removable lids, some in the form of a moisturiser or lotion plastic bottle) entirely reusable and above all very packable.

I filled my favourite cleanser, lotion, shampoo, etc. in various bottles. Lastly, I packed the bottles/ containers in a large clear bag and I was ready to go! They also came with labels attached, so this was perfect for me, since I love being orderly! 

I know, I know everyone cannot be, and is not a "TYPE: L" (light) traveller, but if you're on the go like me it is extremely helpful to have minimal luggage, and weight.  You may even save all of those samples that you used to throw away from VIP parties, beauty gatherings, online shopping, etc.

Those sample packs and kits (filled with sanitizers, cleansers, glosses, perfumes, etc.) may come in handy for short travelling, road-trips, and more! There's plenty of other things that you can do to save time, and money for travelling...

Here's a few items to view to aid you in your next journey making it a bit lighter than usual. There's also a few bonus items that are helpful to take with you for travelling. Think about it!

Beauty jars: If you prefer smaller glass jars for creams, make-up, etc. these are great to use.
Adapter:  Despite my destination, I always carry an adapter, (unless you are within same country limits where yours may work), it's very simple and takes almost no space.  Perhaps, you might find yourself in an environment where the plug happens to NOT WORK!  Imagine that! Or, you may also want to take a small spontaneous trip during your already planned holiday... So, you will need a proper working plug.

Steamer: This ultra time saving steamer works like a charm, there's loads of different versions out there. This one works with dual voltage/ plug-in/ battery, with additional bristle, and lint brush included. Packs wonderfully!

Travel mini shaver: For the guy on the go to work (even perfect to use in the car) or jet-setting!

Door-alarm:  I have one of these it's excellent, especially if you're travelling alone ladies! This is good for anyone really; just hook it to your hotel door, hostel door, or wherever you are, and set the alarm! Makes you aware of the uninvited entering your room.  

Wine glass: Brilliant! For the savvy wine lover who has little time!

Lint Free: Hopefully, you already own a lint brush! In case you don't, or possibly have forgotten, go get one! It's inexpensive, and will make most ensembles look the way it should... (and minus Sparky's dog hair)!

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