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Several of you asked what am I inspired by recently? This is always a good and very general question to ask because there's actually no incorrect answer. I am definitely influenced by such vast genres. So, I thought that I'd take a moment to answer:

Most everyone has realised that I have an undeniable love for architecture as well as fashion. For me, both are closely related especially when viewing my tastes in designers from daily dress items resting stylishly in my closet ready to be showcased, and must-read magazines, to a "unique designing mentality," as Thomas, (the boy) says repeatedly to me when interrupting my sometimes abstract but very creative space. 

Well, all that I can say is...  It's just in my blood. Yes, I am a right, and left brain thinker (and ambidextrous), one who loves shoes, vintage, and dark clothing, (amongst loads of other things), yet I will also wear a killer loud pastel or three given the right day.  

I suppose what I'm really trying to convey to you is that I am constantly inspired by countless elements in life. It is not always "who" inspires me, nor only a "what" question. It is simply by living, breathing, and seeing.

Most of my daily inspiration is starting to come more from my surroundings, passing certain high-rise buildings, or even the natural colouring of leaves on trees aid as a strong influence. What are you inspired by?

Photo: Art by Thaddeus Ropak (Top, architecture by Herzog de Meuron DAILY ICON - ARCHIDIA ATELIER)

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  1. Nathi_sfp27 January

    so beautiful ... :)


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