Ainslee Bowers: The Burgeoning Grace


Ainslee Bowers, the ardent designer and entrepreneur behind her eponymous brand has taken her life resources and passion to make more than lemonade. The former hospital lab worker with fashion designing roots, (thanks to her great aunts and grandmother) decided to follow her heart and take a giant step toward furthering her career. 

The Oklahoma native packed her bags headed for a faster pace and new lifestyle in New York. With her new zip code she was able to work under the mentorship of couture master Victor de Souza, in addition to interning at Araks. Living in a culturally eclectic city as New York how could one not be inspired? She credits the big apple as a city of significant influence for her designs. “I can walk through almost anywhere and instantly feel renewed. Inspiring fashion is only a subway, or cab ride away,” Bower said.
"the sense of style in this city is never-ending"

For the first time Bowers was able to produce a collection that embodies her vision of a modern woman. The buzz has already hit the New York streets for her use of fine silks, wool, and mink cashmere. With her clothing she targets a mid-20’s to late 40’s market, one that she feels not only speaks to a female who loves staple pieces in her wardrobe, but offers fashion forward separates that can be easily styled. “My customer cares exclusively about quality… however, she doesn't have hours to spend in the morning fussing over styling her outfit. She cares about fashion, but is unwilling to compromise her sanity and comfort,” Bowers said.

Her Fall 2011 collection focuses on calmly sophisticated apparel with polished and elegant tones --- all very wearable. “My inspiration was the steel grey skies of NYC, we saw so much of that this winter,” Bowers said.

Haven’t we all felt like we didn’t have much time to get ready at one point or another? The beauty in this luxe collection is in the versatility. It’s not an entire line of ultra-formal or extendedly casual wear; merely an assortment of pieces that may be worn with jeans, Tees, your favourite leather jacket, or vintage jewels.  
Bowers hopes to revamp the LBD (Little Black Dress) for the working woman by her Mara dress, coloured in wicked blue

So, how does she want women to feel in her clothing? It’s simple. I want my clothes to be that "go-to" favourite. The one that you put on every time because you're going to feel confident and look amazing,” Bowers said. Be sure to look out for her future collections, as she explores new avenues with her easy-style within the industry.

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I invite you to please also join her in supporting the Japan relief efforts and charities. 20% of every purchase from the Ainslee Bowers Fall 2011 Collection is being donated to the American Red Cross.

Photos: Courtesy of Ainslee Bowers
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A Closer Look!
The woman behind the brand
My daily style is more…I am definitely a jeans & T-shirt kind of woman, however that's mostly because it commonly takes so much effort to get yourself put together in a sophisticated manner. That's what I loved so much about this collection; these are pieces you can wear effortlessly.
Words of wisdom for aspiring designers: Remain steadfast & confident in yourself no matter what --- Keep going, never stop!
On music: I’m currently listening to… Lots of music! I think I created the entire Fall 2011 collection to P!nk, the "Greatest Hits So Far" on repeat… also the remix of Erica Vanlee's "Sunset Street."
On family inspiration: My mother was a teen model, & always a fashion plate. She was known throughout all our family and friends for wearing heels with everything at all times. I remember dressing up in her clothes as a little girl and wanting to look as beautiful as she did. She also created my insatiable & irrational love for heels!
Upcoming projects and collaborations: You can check out my collection on My Wardrobe for their "Celebrity  Closet" series, being worn on an upcoming TV show, "Crazy on the Couch." The main character, Dr. L. Oko will be showcasing my designs. 


  1. Oh to Be a Muse27 March

    oh what a great story, and i really like that first outfit.

  2. I love how simple her line is too. nice piece. =)

  3. I hadn't heard of Ainslee Bowers, so thank you. I love that deep teal she's using in this collection! Beautiful color.

  4. You're welcome Marissa! I try to bring emerging designers to all, so probably most people have not heard too much of or have just seen few things from... but definitely flourishing making a mark in the industry.. Thanks for checking it out! ;)

  5. I agree. I love colour & prints,yet it's also nice to see nice solids as ones in her tops.

  6. Thanks Cheryl! I appreciate the feedback.
    I loved the blues. -xxoo :)

  7. I hadn't heard of her either, but a lovely story you put together. She really thinks about who she is designing for

    I like the printed dress, a cute little piece!

  8. Sweet Veloso28 March

    i haven't heard about the brand but I love the prints and the dress they have cute and really nice designs...

    thanks for the post and introducing me to a new talent in the making....


  9. I love it when designers give thought to making things effortless for us!

  10. so gorgeous! I love that silk satin blue dress!

    Come and see my blog :)

  11. Thank you so much for spreading your love in the blogosphere, and leting to know more of Ainslee Bowers.
    Thank you so much for your help with the outfit choice. You are an angel.

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  14. As do I ladies, so glad that you liked her stuff. Normally there's just so much dramatic and chic designs out there, I felt we needed to see simplistic stylish clothing as well.
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  15. Good, I'm happy that you have never heard of her.. my job is complete. hehe! It was great to come across her designs and she's so passionate about it. Thanks hon for your comment it really means alot. -xxoo

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    So glad that I was able to introduce you to a new designer. She does pretty amazing tailoring in a way that it looks so simple.
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  17. Thank you Madison for writing such a great piece about me and my line! Thank you ladies below for all your kind comments :)

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  18. Who would have ever thought gray skies would be so inspiring! Nicely written!

  19. Thanks so much, so happy that you liked it! -xo

  20. Ainslee, you are very welcome! Thank you for having a great collection! Look forward to seeing you & your line in the future! -xxoo
    Will forward the info about the code. Thanks!

  21. OMG, Madison. Thanks for this post. This is my first time hearing of Ainslee and she's got some great pieces. And she's totally right - living in NYC is so inspiring. Feeling rejuvenated is only a hop, skip and a jump away!

  22. I love NYC! One day I will live there! Did you used to live there? SO happy that I was able to introduce you to a new designer. Thank you so much for commenting Mattie! -xxoo