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Animal Fashion-ology


My love for nature is evident, my obsession with owls have grown, and my love for dolphins will always remain (especially, since I volunteered at an indoor pool where I could swim with them during my adolescent summers). But, what's more interesting is the amount of impressions that animal jewellery have made recently within the fashion industry.

You're probably thinking, "This is not new!" Certainly, you're right, however I just wanted to bring a few references on animal-inspired adornment, specifically bird-like accessories.

I think what sparked my interest about this post was the fact that in the past few years I have seen more animal-inspired and charm-styled accessories than ever. 

So it's one of the latest fashion trending elements, but there really is more to it than what meets the eye.

The fashion charm necklace made an impacting comeback in 2008 fashion trends. Yet, I don't think many have the knowledge that it all started centuries earlier. In many cultures birds, for example, were thought to be of immortality or messengers of sorts between us earthlings.

In many Native American tribes, like that of my great grandmother, birds were believed to have spirit qualities, authority, or dominant power, or thought to be soul keepers. Why are some people drawn to owls? And, why are birds a popular adornment for the body?

During Greek and Roman periods the eagle was of high importance. The eagle, a powerful bird was thought as the King of birds or in Germany, the god Odin. 

Growing up in my family there were several cultures and traditions to be aware of, as well as research for your own enlightenment. One of which was knowing that the bird, falcon, and owl rather protected youkept out those supposed evil spirits. The oh-so-wise owl, as you may call it was a pretty typical story to hear told when a few key family members were around, but then again so was the falcon-headed god, and Iron Henry! The owl in particular is often said to have wisdom, powerful eyes, and resounding intellect.

Since animal symbolism in jewellery have been quite prevalent throughout past seasons, what type of inspiration have you seen lately? I've seen elephant rings and earrings, owl and dove necklaces, beetles, bugs, and bird cage variations, and more! Have you ever wondered why?


These little trinkets and treasures have been the purchases and talk of the town, just as the "grandpa" and "boyfriend" cardigans, or beloved fair isle sweaters. Are people subconsciously wanting to go back to ancestral rooted styles or even adopting many others that aren't their own? This may be delayed effects from the economy, causing one to think about what your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents adored with their material dressing.

This may be fashion's way of showing love: paying respect to certain cultures with influence or maybe it's really absolutely nothing! It's just a great way of creating a product that people will buy, therefore profit attained.

Yes, it could quite possibly stem from nothing and just be a fad, like infinite amounts of others that soon dissipate, and then pickup again on another sweet stylish day.

What animal inspired items or accessories have you bought in the past?

Further literature: 
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Photo credit: (top) squidoo, collage by Ladyofashion, Bird accessories: lulubug, lightlywound,LisaMichele,Seachange,glazeblackcherry & mrd74 on Etsy,unique inheritancevintage costume jewels, Urban Outfitterslove bird vintage, fossil. 

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