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Fellow blogger, DIY-quilting guru, and mother, Kaysie (KZ) Schreiner, sits down to chat about her love for quilting. Showing the world that quilting is not just for a certain seasoned age, she shares inspirations that have carried her through a triumphant fashion journey.

Sometimes your career path is not only served on a covered platter that must be lifted when set before you, but also cannot be touched unless you're willing to fully accept the gifts that could in fact change your life completely! Fortunately, Schreiner wholeheartedly accepted. In doing so she was able find her true passion of creating hand crafted designs.

  Blogger, quilt designer: KZ

After graduating design school in San Francisco, Calif., she moved back to her native roots of Idaho, where she'd blog a post here and there, make garments for herself to sport around town, and design marketed baby apparel, which started with her then, newborn son, Xavier.

She's a busy mom, who (even with a packed schedule) proves that you can make time for anything that you really want and through very pressing times. As an avid scrapbooker, and fashion lover, it was natural for Schreiner to start her blog KZjostudio, which has developed into so much more than just a blog. With a new pattern line launching, she carries everything from DIY projects, to quilting tips with videos on her blog, and fashion sketched backgrounds that cleverly changes with the seasons.

Her objective has set the tone for unconventional fashionistas and a new generation of youthful quilters within the fashion community. There's straightforward learning provided by thorough tutorials via creative images and videos. There's also classes that she teaches during the year for any crafty type willing to take on a new perspective on the art of quilting, and exploring related fashion avenues.

Even as a non-quilting lady myself, I love her blog because she gives complete instructions. It's always inspiring for me to see new projects that others are working on; and also a nice break from the usual  mainstreamed fashion nuggets of the world. It's quite easy to get lost in the colours of her printed designs, whether its from her latest handbag series, or popular customed bookmarks (which may be downloaded via pdf)

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KZjo Studio: The Intimate Sessions:

On daily style:
Right now a lot of my day-to-day clothes are black, (leggings with tunics) paired with flats in the morning. In the afternoons, I try to wear loads of colour for variety & heels a few times a week. I'm actually in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe, which will be on my new blog series.
On her changes in her fashion as a mother:
Being a mother has changed a lot of my design aesthetic. I look at ease now (in making and wearing), the time (producing awesome things in shorter periods of time), wear-ability (how well pieces transition, in the long-term, & comfort all while trying to keep interesting details in the designs. 
On Inspiration:
Just about anything inspires me! It could be from fashion shows, nature, blogs, or just colours in a magazine article. My son is also a huge inspiration for most of my children's wear designs. I keep tons of magazine clippings for inspiration and constantly update my inspiration board. 
My work space and design process consists of...
very spacious room... allowing me to have stations set-up for all the different areas of my design, such as illustrating, sewing, quilting... also, for my other creative hobbies (scrapbooking and card making).
I do tend to thrive in clutter, but I've really been trying to use what I have, getting rid of what I'm not using, & attempting to keep everything a little more tidy. 
My main goal in two years is...
To get some of the patterns offered in print (not just pdf downloads) & into "brick and mortar" stores all around the globe.
My soon to be released pattern line will hopefully inspire people to learn new skills, try new things, & not be intimated by sewing along... ending up with a project they will love & be proud of!

photos: Courtesy of KZjostudio, modified by Ladyofashion


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