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With the effects of the recession, I think a few things that were almost forgotten surfaced from such an internationally impactful time. One of which was the fact that more people seemed to be showing their interest in handmade goods.

Handmade treasures and giftables from the heart, to me, are always something to look forward to whether receiving or creating. Especially if it's a versatile garment or an item that may be transformed into three, four, or even five varied looks.

For the past couple of years, we have seen the rise of Eco-chic apparel, independent avant-garde designers, and the awareness of budget fashion with a rapidly infused comeback into diverse closets all around the world (and NOT just for the budget fashionista).

So, you can understand my passion and appreciation for this video when I came across it some time ago. Dara Frydman, the Canadian designer and owner behind Dara Dot Designsa sweet understated brand creates unique accessories from materials that include bamboo, organic cotton, and leather (amongst others). She also has how-to photos for the consumer in case a personal styling instruction is needed. 

Sometimes you just cannot have enough scarves, (especially if you wear them as much as I do) therefore one needs an array of styles to wear with daily outfits. If you are in the area, you may catch Dara at the one-of-a-kind Spring show in Toronto!  Stay tuned for upcoming additions to the new Spring & Summer accessories line at:  

*Take a look at these particular styles, the ruffled one is a personal favourite!

Footage and photos: Courtesty of Dara Dot Designs
video: Black Suits and Broken Hearts 


  1. Tabatha05 March

    Thank you for sharing, this video is awesome, I couldn't even say which one is my favourite. I also love all the stylingtips - very helpful!

  2. You're welcome Tabatha! Yes, I thought so as well, I loved the way the video was shot, and the ending! :)

    Twitter: @ladyofashion

  3. this video is so much fun!! love all the different styles.

    cute and little

  4. Linton from London06 March

    Thanks for sharing this video!
    Some great ideas!!

    Great blog!
    Thanks for visiting ours.

    Saludos and have a great week

    linton from London

  5. Oh thank you!
    & you're welcome, I love sharing new designers, and especially handmade things! -xxoo
    Enjoy the rest of the week! ;)

  6. Hi Kileen,
    I agree, I really loved the way this video was done to showcase the product.
    Thanks for coming by my blog!


  7. Oh to Be Muse07 March

    i'm actually wearing some handmade jewelry in my latest post. it's so great to see what people can create, isn't it? :)

  8. Yes, it is, I'm a huge fan of DIY/handmade as previous stated... heading back over to your blog now! :)

  9. Love the variety of your style.. Fabulous video
    lee x

  10. Thanks Lee! Yes, my style is pretty eclectic, I just loved her designs especially since I'm a fan of supporting independent design.

    Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. :)


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