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Spring is here, or Fall for some, but that's not the fabulous news? This season's array of hues in the wrist watch world have caught the eagle eye of fashionable trends. I adore the efforts that some companies are taking; providing more inventive detailing in creating unique wrist watches (especially in body design), although there are some styles that may be a tad bit... let's say--- "more artistic" than others there's additionally a few technologically advanced products that have made a trending presence.

There's simple ceramic or rubber styles --- From the traditional leather banded brown and black to the modern version of bracelet formed watches even the anti-wrist watch wearer may find a lovable time-providing accessory to grab.

If you're more of a function over fashion type of person look no further, there's loads of other styles to choose as well, if you aren't feeling the vibrancy in seasonal tones or "Hey! look at me now" styles.

Take a glance at these wonderful items. And boys you are not forgotten! Below are a few great watch trends, not least of which showcases chunky-banded, yet lifestyle conscious watches, and some of bright colour palettes.

G-Shock has been on the rise once more for producing their high-tech chronographs including Eco-friendly items and special models such as, the GDF100, which has a built-in pressure and temperature sensor geared toward the outdoor adventure enthusiast, and the G-Shock Bluetooth watch that can even be synced to your phone.

Are you a wrist watch wearer? What do you care about most when shopping for watches? (i.e. style or design aesthetic, cost, material, technology, etc.)

G-shock Eco-friendly Solar Atomic Green watch 

G-Shock- Casio GDF 100  

 G-Shock- Casio Bluetooth (men's)
Vestal watches are always a favourite for trendy looks! (male & female)

Crow- inexpensive wide-ranging watch colours (Above) (male & female styles)

Ted Baker (women's)

Kenneth Cole- Metal Gold women's watch

Maximo- LTD- Watch comes in an abundance of beautiful hues (male & female)
Bench Watches Womens White Stainless Steel Watch BC0273WHSL
Bench - Bracelet style & mod-digital ((male & female)

ZIIIRO- Gravity swirl watch (male & female)


  1. I have a toy watch they come in loads of different colours. I got a white one because I couldn't afford the chanel one ha ha

  2. Melliott93030 March

    i haven't tried to have a watch in years, since i always lose them - but this spring is too inspiring! i gotta get another one :) i have my eye on the ziiiro one, both colors are fabulous!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  3. I'm kinda in love with the aqua one from the first set!

  4. OO, I like the Ziiiro watches. I'm not a wrist watch wearer, but I do admire them from afar.

  5. haha! I couldn't afford that one either. :( but my sis has that one.. One day I will save.. For now, I have a Crow watch that I am very happy with. Thanks for commenting Arash & Congrats on Hull Fashion week! Whoo! -xxoo

  6. Hey there Kirsten,
    ZIIIRO has amazing colours actually that's the attraction of their design. glad that you liked it. -xxoo

  7. I know, I love aqua and anything resembling seafoam (obviously, hehe! ) That one is by Nixon. Thanks for always visiting ladies.. -xxoo

  8. ZiRRO is awesome. i'm thinking of the hot pink one. I can easily collect watches. :) Thanks Marie! -xxoo

  9. oooo i'm loving the gold zipper watch it would go with soo many of my clothes :)

  10. wOWWWWWWWWWWWW, some choice hee. I love the red one, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhTentations.

  11. Ah, such great eyecandy my dahling! I grew up with a mum that is bonkers about watches, and it rubbed off on me ;D I have a grey plastic watch by ICE that I love because it makes me feel sporty! I have a sporty attitude, but that is about it when it comes to sports for me. lol

    Happy friday to you my friend.

  12. I am itching to get my hands on one of these bright colored ones. Haven't yet found the 'right' one ... You've got me itching again :P Hehe

    ♡ from ©

  13. i like theh leather band watch. big fan of watches that don't really look like watches.

  14. Passport Glamour01 April

    i love the colored watches !!

    stop by sometime<3

  15. How lovely! I don't wear watch though haha

  16. wow!! i have never seen the majority of these watches. i really love the last two male and female versions of the zero gravity and that all read maximo! wowsa!!

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

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  17. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are so many colours this season that pop for wrist watches. :)

  18. thought that you might like that one! It's pretty amazing & love that it's so different. Thanks!

  19. Hello "The lovely Sacramento," so happy you stopped by, I adore the red one as well, but like so many others. I think this is another addiction, as is shoes, watches, bags, & so much more! -xxoo ;)

  20. Thank you Anika! A sporty attitude is great! Although I do love sports, I tend to really gravitate toward the girly looking styles however, I've recently purchased a couple of chunky pastel coloured watches already this year! lol! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. & love the high tech ones as well. Cheers!-xxoo

  21. Hi Cheryl.
    I entirely understand being a fan of watches that don't look that way. That's why I wanted to show some of these, especially the bracelet versions.. Glad that you liked the leather one! -xxoo

  22. Thanks Tanvi my dear! It's hard not to have the itch when there are so many exceptional choices, no matter what lifestyle! -Hope that you find the right one soon! -xxoo

  23. meanzypeanzy02 April

    I'm not much of a watch person, or necessarily and accessories person, but I love some of these designs! Especially the ZIIIRO Gravity swirl watches! I love the bright pops of color. I think f I were to go for a watch, I'd want it to be fashionable as well as functional. I love the Maximo LTD watch too! That's awesome they come in different colors and I love the simple, yet very functional design! It also reminds me of classic watches.

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  24. Hey there! Yes, the ZIIRO gravity styles are a favourite amongst many who are not quite the wrist watch "aficianado," they have clever intention to grab the attention of many as an accessory instead of looking like an actual watch! Thanks & hopefully you will find the right style to wear! -xxoo

  25. Hi Kristy,
    Yes, Maximo has such a wide selection. the Zero gravity styles are some of my favourites too, because they are more abstract than the traditional watches. Thanks & so happy that you loved these versions. -xxoo

  26. I have a slight watch obsession that you may have just contributed to ;)
    Have a lovely day!

  27. hehe! Thanks Ellie or shall I say, You're welcome! Enjoy your day dear! thanks so much for commenting! -xxoo

  28. Oooooooo!!!! This post is fun!! I always think to get another watch, but I feel like I might be a watch monogamist, lol. But I love the combo of the orange, blue and nude watch. Hmmmmm, you have me thinking again.

  29. Thanks Jamillah, I love your enthusiasm in your comments. Yes, the orange and nude are great colours. i also love the blue one.. keep thinking about them! -xo


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