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Inspiration Flashback: Halston

Easy Style: Disco, Glam, and The Suit ...
This makes me think of no one other than the 1970s fashion icon himself, Halston! Since then, the influencing decade has risen again from the attics of dusty-dance steps filled with trends and history. I decided to show my current inspiration and appreciation.

Roy Halston Frowick, the American-born designer of Norwegian descent was an influence to me for various reasons, one of which is for his beginnings. He clearly had innate gifts that was bound to lead him to lucid success. We know him best as a fashion designer, however he initially started out creating customised hats and even had his own shop by the age of 25. 

Halston completely transformed the look and mood of the apparel industry by Studio54 glamour, in addition to his popularity with celebrities and high profile socialites. The unrestricted comfort in his clothing, the minimalistic designing, that free feeling and natural spirit was the attraction of his luxury garments. 
Here are some of my favourite pictures, especially the hooded dress with Liza Minnelli (there's also another version of a hooded silhouette from the collection, similar to some previously), yet maintaining the emphasis on his 70s art and classic forms of the the start of the "sexy drape" of that time.

The flashback impressions of present: 
Right now floppy hats, wide-legged pants (inspired by its sister: the bell-bottoms) are popular as well as shift dresses,  maxis, and more! Everything is being revived from the admiration of all generations. History is doing what it does best ...  repeating itself from classic times to present. Here's a glimpse of Haltson and his work below.


(Above Left) from Fall 2011 collection,           Photo: Andy Warhol, Liza-Minnelli - circa 1977
Photo: Duane Michaels for WWD
Halston changed the look of flight attendants, uniforms, and suiting for women.      

Photos: Phaidon,, artknowledgenews,(Above) Braniffpages

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