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Universal Fashion Statements:FTF Blog Event 4/6

Above Left: Small token of art that my Papa gave me from Ghana, which is shipped to every place I move. Egyptian earring- family (Right) Dream-catcher ring my mum made for me, also a handmade bracelet from memories of my grandmother from Germany. 

I have a few different cultures in my family and grew up travelling to numerous places. From Germany, London, Seattle, and California, to Ghana and Egypt, each place is significant to me for many different reasons. My blog embodies the elements of diversity, which is what comes naturally for me ... living and studying internationally since my childhood has been a vast influence in my personal style and outlook on life. When I started my blog I felt that my diverse background allowed me to showcase other artists and talent from a different perspective than the norm. My current locations now are San Francisco and Seattle mostly, but sometimes Los Angeles, and London.
Reflecting on my childhood I remember that it was not cool to be from so many different places or having such a multifaceted background than the rest. However, when I became older I learned so much about my heritage and began to really appreciate my unique upbringing, cultures and family.

This is a symbol of small bits of my style, but also the significance of some of my heritage. I view each area that I enter not as a foreign land, rather a land of opportunity to enlighten others about who I am and what it means to me.

When I moved around a lot I'd always think of ways to take a small part of my location with me so I loved to draw and create clothes. I look forward to continuing to share with you my (sometimes random, but) artistic journey as seen through my progressive fashion lens.

Here’s to beautiful differences and my lifestyle: full of changing environments, travelling, meeting new people, and enjoying every second of every glorious day.
Often miss my London residence, but still keep some pieces of it inside of me & visits are nice!
With as much freedom as we have in the USA I'm always shocked by people I meet who have no gratitude. I am immensely grateful for my surroundings. .

I bid you farewell with these words... Be yourself!  It's all about creative expression, personal growth, respect, the power of community, and spreading the love! 
*This post is apart of the Full-time Fabulous Blog Event series 

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