Vanity + Vintage Vol. #01

Here’s a first volume of Vanity+Vintage where I rummage through my closet, interesting finds on shopping ventures, or items geared toward vanity (a positive self-importance element that we all need from time to time). I will take these items and somehow make it look modern, whether in an outfit post or other visual showcasing.

This week I was on a mission to find a few vintage items for a work project throughout my weekend. We scored an item or three and missed a few, but there’s always next month. However, during this fun-filled excursion it also prompted me to get inspired from sifting through my own closet (basement, storage, and attic included).

From moving around a ton, one usually goes through a purging session; gathering the unnecessary to give away or in my case finding things I had forgotten I'd possessed at all! Here are a few treasures that I found  and really excited to keep!  Hhhmm, I also sense another DIY day looming. To be continued…
*(Above) I have not worn this necklace in years. I suppose it's time to find the perfect outfit for this lovely piece! (Top) This vintage leather bag is one of my favourites.

Also, a while ago on the way from vintage shopping we stopped by a wonderful fabric depot in Portland, Oregon. I found more amazing fabric to add to the raw material archives and wanted to immediately create. Printed and embossed impressions was on the searching mission. The piece that I ended up loving had a softer tone than I thought I wanted initially, however after 45 seconds of viewing the colour I had to have it! Here's a small bag that I made: project:1 from the 3 yards that I purchased. Mini fringe-like trim will be added to the bottom of the leather... well, maybe.
Do you have any recent favourite DIY projects or vintage finds? Do tell!
Material: buttery coloured & patch-work embossed faux-leather with gold-metallic luster!

Lastly, does this look familiar? It's been a long time coming. Have a view below at the wool and feathered-lace headpiece that I finally finished. I was inspired by costume design, Vegas shows, period film, in addition to my friend Jasmin, who I call a Princess of hat design.

This is a horsehair, feathers, lace, & wool creation! 
*Will need to concoct a stylish outfit to wear with this piece in the future.* more pics added/updated 14/04


  1. I like those bags. really cool. :)

  2. Sweet Veloso12 April, 2011

    I love the headpiece and yes I remembered this one in your previous post....I can relate with the things that you are willing to give away or forget some stuff because you move at different places and right now I am in that many things to consider bringing with me :D


  3. I love brown bags like this, so pretty! I have been looking for one forever!

  4. Good Sweet, so happy you remembered.. Yes, sometimes you have to give aways a few things, but I try to also keep an "absolutely save area," With each move it gets better & always seem to find wonderful treasures along the way... well, in my closet too! Thanks for your comment. ;)

  5. Thanks Kirsten! Sometimes I get stuck into my own routine bags that I forget to use the ones that I have.. Needless to say I'm dusting off a few more good items.. (for a later post, I think you'll also like) stay tuned!! -xo

  6. The bag is fabulous.. I really loved the texture on it
    Ps. I am so sorry if I haven't been able to read your blog lately.. I was on holiday.. but I am back now!
    Lee x

  7. Hi sweetheart, such a lovely series! I love this idea. And I LOVE the first bag! You know, I am always reworking everything in my closet, actually any scrap of fabric around me is at risk (dying to take down my curtains and make a dress from them lol), and it is such fun to rediscover old pieces. What else is in your closet? :D Sending you warm hugs my friend. xx

  8. Hello there Lee,
    No worries, glad that you're back!Thanks for stopping by... Hope you had a wonderful holiday. can't wait to see more fabulous photos! -
    xxoo Madison :)

  9. Oh my dear Anika! Thanks for your lovely comment & msg. I'd love to visit you also!
    haha!! I must say, go forth with those curtains, why not? I'm sure they would be sheer perfection on you. Stay tuned for more finds from "the closet" & other places along the way! -xxoo

  10. I LOOOOOOOOVE the bag you made! I'm also loving that hat! I hope we see it in outfits.

    I have to do a purge session now that the season is changing hopefully some good diy's come from it :)

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Fashion_Confessions_of_a_Mommy13 April, 2011

    I love that red bead necklace. Hope you find a cool outfit to wear it with.
    Cool purse on top as well.

  12. Oh Thank you Jamillah! I'm so happy you liked it. I'm still thinking of adding trim... You're so welcome, I am always happy to share. Can't wait to see your DIY's!! -xxoo

  13. Thanks so much! I'm still looking in the luggage & closet for the right outfit, but i'm sure I will come to a decision soon! :)

  14. That tooled leather bag looks so cool, but cooler yet is your hat that you made. I want to see bigger pics of it? How long did it take you to create it? It is amazing!

  15. You did an incredible job with that bag!

  16. There is nothing more exciting tha finding treasure in your closet, that necklace is beautiful! I have been having a huge clear out getting ready to move and have found some wonderful forgotten finds, Ive tweeted a few but can wait to get some sunshine to do some outfit posts of my old favourites - I will be sobbing if they dont fit any more LOL x

  17. Thank you lovely Bella! The hat really only took me about 10 hours from concept to finishing.. I'm sure it would have taken less if i weren't procrastinating or working haha! Will definitely upload more pics soon. :)

  18. Thanks! yes, the necklace is such a great piece. (quite heavy also!) I do hope the sunshine comes soon for you.. Dig out the things that you keep! Wear it & post them... I'd love to see more vintage finds from what others have in their closet! -xxoo

  19. That headpiece is sooooo beautiful!

  20. Awwh! Thanks so much! Glad that you liked it. more pics on the post soon! -xxoo

  21. Fabulous bag!!! Love all the details.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. :)


  22. Thanks Melrod, really appreciate the feedback! -xxoo

  23. I love this idea.  How can we be a part of this?  Debbie

  24.  Hi Debbie, I will be selecting a theme for an upcoming Vanity and Vintage post and I will mail you a a few others who seem interested. It will be you guys emailing me a photo that showcases a vintage item that I select. I can't wait. i'm excited. -xxoo


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