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Vanity + Vintage Vol. #01


Here’s a first volume of Vanity+Vintage where I rummage through my closet, interesting finds on shopping ventures, or items geared toward vanity (a positive self-importance element that we all need from time to time). I will take these items and somehow make it look modern, whether in an outfit post or other visual showcasing.

This week I was on a mission to find a few vintage items for a work project throughout my weekend. We scored an item or three and missed a few, but there’s always next month. However, during this fun-filled excursion it also prompted me to get inspired from sifting through my own closet (basement, storage, and attic included).

From moving around a ton, one usually goes through a purging session; gathering the unnecessary to give away or in my case finding things I had forgotten I'd possessed at all! Here are a few treasures that I found  and really excited to keep!  Hhhmm, I also sense another DIY day looming. To be continued…
*(Above) I have not worn this necklace in years. I suppose it's time to find the perfect outfit for this lovely piece! (Top) This vintage leather bag is one of my favourites.

Also, a while ago on the way from vintage shopping we stopped by a wonderful fabric depot in Portland, Oregon. I found more amazing fabric to add to the raw material archives and wanted to immediately create. Printed and embossed impressions was on the searching mission. The piece that I ended up loving had a softer tone than I thought I wanted initially, however after 45 seconds of viewing the colour I had to have it! Here's a small bag that I made: project:1 from the 3 yards that I purchased. Mini fringe-like trim will be added to the bottom of the leather... well, maybe.
Do you have any recent favourite DIY projects or vintage finds? Do tell!
Material: buttery coloured & patch-work embossed faux-leather with gold-metallic luster!

Lastly, does this look familiar? It's been a long time coming. Have a view below at the wool and feathered-lace headpiece that I finally finished. I was inspired by costume design, Vegas shows, period film, in addition to my friend Jasmin, who I call a Princess of hat design.

This is a horsehair, feathers, lace, & wool creation! 
*Will need to concoct a stylish outfit to wear with this piece in the future.* more pics added/updated 14/04

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