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Vanity + Vintage Vol. #03

Welcome all to the third installment of Vanity+Vintage! It has already been a pretty wonderful, yet busy week so far. Sifting through a few boxes and storage containers inside of my closet I found a few more stylish items that (have three colours) I'm very much loving at the moment grey, red, and navy.
I completely forgot about these beautiful Italian shoes that were a gift from my parents many years ago. I adore the tiny tassels. Red, navy, and white seem to compliment any outfit in a classic way, and this ensemble makes me feel content --- as if I'm absolutely ready for a nice holiday & soon please!!
This jacket is a recent purchase that was made on the weekend. Of course I had to show my appreciation for stripes! I was charmed by the scale of this tassel, especially paired with the loafers. I actually acquired it 7 years ago at a local jumble sale, so I added it as an adornment on my handbag.
Old glam for daytime!
Guess what? I found an outfit to wear with my hat and vintage clutch! 

The goods: Vintage YSL skirt, Massimo Italian loafers, DIY feather/lace hat, DIY handmade belt, Grey leather clutch-vintage Brandahl Sweden. Navy/white striped jacket-Consignment shop, White travel watch-gifted from Japan, red coral necklace/earrings=Maylee's jewellery, Denim-CheapMonday, Urban Outfitters straw hat

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