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My version of painting meet ensemble. "Man and Harmony" painting by Ladyofashion

I have been very excited to visit some of my favourite museums and upcoming exhibitions this summer.  Being inundated with work activities recently has had me extremely looking forward to spending quality time away awhile. I thought this would be the perfect moment to share with you some of the exhibits that I'm hoping to check out this summer (if my agenda remains set), or perhaps you might be able to get a chance to view some of these for yourself.

When I used to visit Canada often with my family one of the places that we had to visit was the Royal Ontario Museum. It's by far one my (many) favourite museums; mostly because of the diverse works they showcase. Sadly, I was unable to see their El Anatsui showing, so instead I'm planning on viewing the Riotous Colour, Daring Patterns: Fashions & Textiles 18th to 21st Centuries exhibit. 

This showcases excellent period pieces. There's really nothing to dislike, I mean with a costume background, and such a passion and love of textiles I feel this exhibit is a must-see! I enjoy viewing different techniques of how other artists have transferred print to fabric; from the thought process, concepts, inventions and execution, well it's all good. 

I'm looking forward to the Clothing on Canvas display as well as Fashion and Interiors. I don't know of anyone who's been to this particular showing, however, I'm certain that I'll get wonderfully lost in this one.
Woman’s dress and man’s T-shirt designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Textile based on painting Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels by Jean Fouquet. Designed in Paris, France; made in Italy 1994. Gift of Christopher Estridge (T-shirt). Gift of Karen Mulhallen (dress) (Source)

The Steins exhibit in San Francisco, Calif., is being shown this summer at the SFMOMA. Here's a chance to see many of the Steins' family possessions of the works of  Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Matisse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and more!

Of course if you're an art enthusiasts you probably remember learning history and being introduced to these artists in school. I must admit Picasso is not my favourite artist, however I do have an appreciation and love some of his works. I'll be most looking forward to this exhibit mainly because of Matisse and Renoir pieces, as well as being able to view various works from all of these artists and arriving from all parts of the world from Maryland to Denmark, etc., all exclusively for this exhibit.
Henri Matisse, Femme au chapeau (Woman with a Hat), 1905; oil on canvas; Collection SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Bequest of Elise S. Haas; © Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York (Source)

Seattle has a very interesting exhibition called, Beauty and Bounty that my friend Lars has been telling me about given the fact that we both appreciate the art of landscapes. This particular exhibit shares American artworks by artists like Sanford Gifford, Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran shown publicly together, all of which have been significantly influential by their interpretative way of capturing a unique perspective on {their}world surrounding beauty. But, I'm most interested in viewing more works and exclusive images from the photographer, Timothy O'Sullivan. I hope you get a chance to visit too!
Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast, Albert Bierstadt, 1870  (Source)

One of my all-time favourite museums in London has been showcasing a personally inspiring artist that I've been fond of for some time, Joan Miró. For me, Miró has been an influence by his range and versatility, an impression in his work.

Being initially introduced to Miró's work from a grammar school professor, there was something very intriguing about each piece of art that made me want to know more and (also push myself as an artistic person) unashamed of your roots or being able to express oneself in general. I have not caught a glimpse of this showcasing, but the handful of friends and family who have told me that I will thoroughly enjoy this exhibit.

Video still of  Miró's works narrated by his grandson: (Source)

Lastly, I leave you with a random selection of sketches, doodles and pieces of my fashion handwork. I'm a fan of computers drawing programmes, and all other techy art systems, however, I adore and appreciate handwork be it millinery, sketches, renderings, or even mood boards. The manual work by one's hands is a special gift. This is a big step for me so I'm sharing just a couple of minutes below with the possibility of more works to come... Enjoy!

*Note: bear with me, iPhone did not like the shaky one-handed shooting!

 The Goods: (Outfit at top) Shoes, Anthropologie, Cardigan, BCBG, Skirt, MNG- Mango, Tank, Express, Floral pin (from cardigan) worn as a hair adornment.


  1. I love art and it's great to see how artistically inclined you are. Those are some great pieces. I love the Man and harmony.

    Lauren Nicole
    Front Row Spectator

  2. sartorialsidelines24 May

    I'm heading into NYC tomorrow for the McQueen exhibition at the MET - so excited!

  3. Clothing on Canvas?! Omigosh!!! I hope you can take pictures and report back. I would looooove to see that. It sounds amazing!

    My favorite kind of historical references to fashion are actually in the jewelry. I looooooove seeing ancient Egyptian jewelry b/c I feel the aesthetic is actually pretty close to mine.

    And Miss Madison you stopped me dead in my reader with your outfit! It reminds me of @amateur_couture

  4. Ooh I love that skirt! :D and the JPG dress is so cool!

  5. Matisse and Miro - you've picked some great masters. Loved your renderings too- you have a talent for it

  6. I share your passion for museums and art.  Thank you for sharing this side of you!!!

  7. Thanks so much, I'm happy that you liked it. I was hesitant  at first, but wanted to share. -xo

  8. Thank you Jamillah! wow, I just checked out that link, interesting & cool! (hers features others wearing art w/ artwork= I love it!)
    I too love Egyptian culture & jewellery (bias of course)!
    *I'd LOVE to go see the McQueen exhibit, everyone is viewing maybe just maybe! -xxoo

  9. Hello there,
    You are so lucky! I hear it's magnificent (as expected)! Have fun fellow art lover. :)

  10. Thank you so much Lauren! I'm flattered!
    These are just a few doodles, I'm saving the good stuff possibly for another day! hehe! The Man and harmony painting I did for my father, since he too loves the Blues... 

  11. Madison! You are so talented! What beautiful illustrations you've made. I can totally see your love of fashion and attention to detail in your various sketches. I hope you'll be posting more.

    Do you follow Meg of Jersey Gem? I know both her and Kristy Elena (of Full Time Fabulous) are also great illustrators.

    I too am a big fan of Miro. I am in awe of how fresh the work still is- never feels stuffy, cliche or "establishment." Quite an inspirational artist.

    One show I want to see is in SF- at the De Young- it's an exhibition of Balenciaga. I don't know if I can go- but I cross my fingers and will try to make it happen!

  12. I love all your sketches - I wish I could draw (or sing)! I love museums too. I like to think about what the artist may have been experiencing when he created his masterpieces. 
    Very interesting post!

  13. How lucky are you!  I wish I could get to the museums more often.  Agreed, thanks for sharing.  That Gaultier piece is amazing.

  14. Oh I"m making the McQueen exhibit my next bff date situation!!! I'm soooo stoked to see it!

    Yeah I love that blog!! I'm actually constantly impressed by it!! I want to know her secret on how she does it...Art first? Clothes first?

  15. Ambu Sapra25 May

    Madison you are so talented and a great writer. I love the Jean Paul Gaultier clothing, it seems as if it is inspired by the Sistine chapel and in turn will inspire many others. I absolutely love Henri Matisse and in a class I took on fashion illustration he was my favorite master. We all obtain inspiration from somewhere and you have provided a wealth of information! You have echoed my state of mind!!!

  16. wow hun your super talented xxx

  17. I love your artistic-inspired outfit! 

  18. Thanks Alexis! Yes, art/museums are so inspiring me!

  19. Thank you very much Bella! I'm flattered & so happy that you liked them. 
    Glad that you enjoy Miro's inspiring work too! Yes, the DeYoung is amazing, there's so many great museums in SF, I saw the Vivian Westwood exhibit and still inspired since viewing.

  20. Aww, thanks, & I agree about the Gaultier dress.-xxoo

  21. Hi Yvonne, Thank you!! 
    I also think about these questions every time I view a piece of art; the beauty in the effects of it by interpretation or significance for the spectator is also fascinating to me. 
    * I wish I could sing (well) too! lol

  22. Hi Christine,
    I'm so happy to share this... thanks to my parents I think they are really the reason why I love the arts in general. Hopefully you can view any museum that is close to your part of the world soon. -xxoo

  23. aww, Faye, 
    I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you! xo :)

  24. Hi Leia,
    Thank you, I love to wear this emerald cardigan!

  25. Ambu,
    I'm so honoured, and I thank you so very much!  Yes, indeed & the Sistine chapel is truly inspiring just in a mere thought! 
    I'm so happy that you enjoyed this post & most excited that readers like you are impeccable art lovers (with great tastes of art masters with Matisse as no exception)   :) 

  26. I don't get to visit nearly enough art exhibits, so this sounds so fun :)

  27. Sweet Veloso25 May

    this is such a wonderful virtual post for your love for the arts...I totally love your outfit and the paintings as well...

    I miss your blog...


  28. What a beautiful sketches.. your cardigan is fabulous
    Lee x

  29. MosaMuse25 May

    nice post! the painting/ensemble is great!!

  30. I went to the Miro Foundation in Barcelona many years ago, I wasn't keen at first but over the years I've learnt to appreciate his unique approach. I do love Picasso.
    Your artist-inspired outfit is gorgeous, love those shoes. xxx

  31. Sasha25 May

     I'm jealous; I wish I could travel to so many different museums! I could spend my life in museums, I think. Your sketches are amazing. They make me wish I could draw.

  32. It's been far too long since I've been to a museum!

  33. that's a beautiful painting that you created. the background matches your skirt so well. it was so great to read more about your love of art--you are very talented dear!

  34. Yes, It will be, I hope that you get a chance to view a museum this year. :)

  35. Thanks babe, it's so good to hear, I wasn't sure how it would come out, but I'm glad that I stuck with my gut. Miss you! Come by when you get more time!  :)  -xxoo

  36. Thank you much Lee! -xo

  37. Hi,
     I appreciate you taking the time to view & comment. Thanks, have a great day! -xo

  38. That's amazing Vix that you were able to goto the Miro Foundation, I'd love to go there, I love Spain! Thanks so much! -xo

  39. Hi Sasha,
     I make it a point throughout the year to do a random visit or so... wherever I plan to be or even spontaneous locales. Thank you, glad that you liked my quick doodles.  :)

  40. :) Hopefully you will get a chance to view some pieces soon! Thanks!xx

  41. Thanks Cheryl for the beautiful comment, 
    I'm so happy that you were able to view this art inspired post. Enjoy the rest of your day! -xo

  42. You look gorgeous in that outfit- I love the hair piece. I am always so inspired by art - I love walking into galleries and seeing pieces that take my breathe away and make me wonder how the artist did it. This post was beautiful.And your sketches are great- you're very talented- ink was always the hardest medium for me to work with- I love pencil and pastel.

  43. ashleyforemergy26 May

    It's so ironic that we both wrote about fashion and art! Like you said great minds =)

    Love your post and your sketches and such! So much talent!

  44. Veronica26 May

    Love the sketches, you are so talented!

  45. You just reminded me that I should get out there and see some art when I come back from my honeymoon. I used to live a few blocks from SFMOMA and had an annual membership, it was the best idea ever. I would just pop in on the way home every now and then and just lose myself in an exhibit.
    Have fun checking out more art!
    :) f

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    The House in the Clouds

  46. Jelena30 May

    I love those beautiful paintings!!! And of course I love love your look, so pretty green upper part!:)

  47. Hi Jelena,
     Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. 
    Hope that you had an amazing weekend! xxoo

  48. Hi Fabienne,
     I'm glad that you were reminded of the SFMOMA, it's one of my fav museums in SF. ;)

  49. Thanks Elle!
    Yes, I used the floral from my cardigan and put it in my hair. Thanks so much , i'm happy that you enjoyed this post, it took a bit to put together!  -xxoo