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Paintbrushes, Portraits, and Artist Inspirations

My version of painting meet ensemble. "Man and Harmony" painting by: Ladyofashion

I have been very excited to visit some of my favourite museums and upcoming exhibitions this summer.  Being inundated with work activities recently has had me extremely looking forward to spending quality time away for a while. I thought this would be the perfect moment to share with you some of the exhibits that I'm hoping to check out this summer (if my agenda remains set), or perhaps you might be able to get a chance to view some of these for yourself.

When I used to visit Canada often with my family one of the places that we had to visit was the Royal Ontario Museum. It's by far one my (many) favourite museums; mostly because of the diverse works they showcase. Sadly, I was unable to see their El Anatsui showing, so instead I'm planning on viewing the Riotous Colour, Daring Patterns: Fashions & Textiles 18th to 21st Centuries exhibit. 

This showcases excellent period pieces. There's really nothing to dislike, I mean with a costume background, and such a passion and love of textiles I feel this exhibit is a must-see! I enjoy viewing different techniques of how other artists have transferred print to fabric; from the thought process, concepts, inventions and execution, well it's all good. 

I'm looking forward to the Clothing on Canvas display as well as Fashion and Interiors. I don't know of anyone who's been to this particular showing, however I'm certain that I'll get wonderfully lost in this one.
Woman’s dress and man’s T-shirt designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Textile based on painting Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels by Jean Fouquet. Designed in Paris, France; made in Italy 1994. Gift of Christopher Estridge (T-shirt). Gift of Karen Mulhallen (dress) (Source)

The Steins exhibit in San Francisco, Calif., is being shown this summer at the SFMOMA. Here's a chance to see many of the Steins' family possessions of the works of  Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Matisse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and more!

Of course if you're an art enthusiasts you probably remember learning history and being introduced to these artists in school. I must admit Picasso is not my favourite artist, however I do have an appreciation and love some of his works. I'll be most looking forward to this exhibit mainly because of Matisse and Renoir pieces, as well as being able to view various works from all of these artists and arriving from all parts of the world from Maryland to Denmark, etc., all exclusively for this exhibit.
Henri Matisse, Femme au chapeau (Woman with a Hat), 1905; oil on canvas; Collection SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Bequest of Elise S. Haas; © Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York (Source)

Seattle has a very interesting exhibition called, Beauty and Bounty that my friend Lars has been telling me about given the fact that we both appreciate the art of landscapes. This particular exhibit shares American artworks by artists like Sanford Gifford, Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran shown publicly together, all of which have been significantly influential by their interpretative way of capturing a unique perspective on {their}world surrounding beauty. But, I'm most interested about viewing more works and exclusive images from photographer, Timothy O'Sullivan. I hope you get a chance to visit too!
Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast, Albert Bierstadt, 1870  (Source)

One of my all time favourite museums in London has been showcasing a personally inspiring artist that I've been fond of for some time, Joan Miró. For me, Miró has been an influence by his range and versatility, and impression in his work.

Being initially introduced to Miró's work from a grammar school professor, there was something very intriguing about each piece of art that made me want to know more and (also push myself as a artistic person) unashamed of your roots or being able to express oneself in general. I have not caught a glimpse of this showcasing, but the handful of friends and family who have tell me that I will thoroughly enjoy this exhibit. 
Video still of  Miró's works narrated by his grandson: (Source)

Lastly, I leave you with a random selection of sketches, doodles and pieces of my fashion handwork. I'm a fan of computers drawing programmes, and all other techy art systems, however I adore and appreciate handwork be it millinery, sketches, renderings, or even mood boards. The manual work by one's hands is a special gift. This is a big step for me so I'm sharing just a couple of minutes below with the possibility of more works to come... Enjoy!
*Note: bear with me, iphone did not like the shaky one handed shooting!

 The Goods: (Outfit at top) Shoes, Anthropologie, Cardigan, BCBG, Skirt, MNG- Mango, Tank, Express, Floral pin (from cardigan) worn as hair adornment.

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