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The Peoples Runway: Where the Streets Have a Name

If you're already fond of the addicting online shop, ASOS then you likely browse the abundance of products listed, checkout and head off to your next virtual shopping destination. However, if you have not stuck around a little bit longer to experience what they're doing beyond the ASOS shop, then you're in for a treat.

Last year when I'd heard that there were talks about ASOS creating an online space for fashion lovers to personally share and buy clothing, I must admit pure excitement was going through my veins!

I was even more delighted when asked to briefly shed a little light on the project that ASOS has been doing quite well and in a short period, called Marketplace. ASOS Marketplace isn't categorised as a retailer, even though linked to the wonderful company; it's merely a connecting community for fashionistas to buy or sell apparel, as well as accessories, meanwhile being spread to a specifically based group: a fashion network of talent, bloggers, potential boutique owners, and basically anyone who is an ASOS customer... well almost.
Asos Marketplace feature

The beauty:  It's a fun way to find new and exciting styles.You don't necessarily need to be a designer, or store owner just simply someone who loves fashion. It's that simple!

ASOS Marketplace essentially has an Etsy, DaWanda, or even a SenseofFashion sort of concept providing you with the ability to customise your very own online boutique of personal items, yet this is rather a one-stop-shop to see what your favourite blogger, stylish acquaintance, or local individual is selling and wearing. Listing is free and there's no fee or percentage taken until an item (listed) actually sells. Everything from initial registering to actual shop set-up is pretty fast, and easily linked to your PayPal account. Of course if you're a savvy online seller then you will already have a Paypal account.

The Marketplace objective is geared toward bringing together fashion enthusiasts and giving them a platform where the individual can basically sell their style and equally next to professional boutique styles. Instead of keeping an item in the closet or designing a great pair of whatevers, one can use Marketplace as a helpful tool to bring attention to a great find or an independent designer's creation that not anyone may have heard of.

I personally love the fact that all photos uploaded are required to be are taken street-styled, similar to your popular photo sites, yet it's much more than that! It gives you exposure as an individual, and a whole new customer audience (if seeking to sell like a pro than solely to your friends).  If you like it, buy it!

I also love how ASOS is more interested in what we the people are wearing on the street than what's currently trending, of course there's nothing wrong with trends, but here's how they succinctly put it, "bringing style back to where it began, the people's runway"  (You may view the Peoples Runway and shop their style here).

If you're a fellow FASHION TALES reader then you know that I am one to fancy wearing dated clothing, making it modern, and support new designers. So what's the catch in this ASOS Markeplace concept? Nothing! The only drawback for a few of my dear friends will be that currently to sell on ASOS Marketplace it's strictly open to UK residents. I know, I know, but hopefully for those with an interest from other parts of the world an option to sell will be available in the near future, as ASOS is still working on this global possibility.

The Benefits:
It's a great way to find one-of-a-kind pieces, vintage, cool threads, and support some emerging talent, as well as ethical fashion! I also find it as a source of inspiration at times by just browsing. It's nice to see how others style a garment so differently than you may have thought to wear. As an individual seller you may recycle your clothing, and don't even have to worry about subscription fees!

Honestly, the other benefits that I see is if you have a good quantity of quality items that you want to sell, then you should sell it as a boutique. Although there's a monthly subscription fee, if you own very stylish items at a higher quantity than say... within the 15 or so range, you will more than likely sell them (at the chosen price), especially if you're one of those diverse styling and outfit posting kind of folks! I'm sure at one point all of us have seen something that another person was wearing and wanted to covet, pondering, "if you're only going rock that fabulous clutch once ...  ahem, can I buy that," or something to that effect, no?

If you want to make the most of your own style and are indeed eligible, just try it out!

Additionally, the marketplace seems to have tailored the right kind of buzz with a progressive flow of fashion influence, and right at your fingertips.

*This is a sponsored post. In affiliation with searchlaboratories 

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