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Everything Illuminated: YELLOW!


Let's face it yellow is an interesting colour carrying positive symbolism of happiness and forcing one to become at ease in spirits, yet its conflicting significance may also be interpreted as caution, optimism, lack of courage, and even perilous at times, in addition to the bountiful amounts of other meanings depending on culture, creed, or context.

In fact, yellow is also an attribute for encouraging memory (for me, childhood flashcards come to mind or highlighting an important part of text.) But, this somewhat invigorating colour is one of several that I've always loved and continue to enjoy wearing for the season.
I have been searching for the prefect yellow skirt. Although, I've yet to find the one of my dreams my decision for settling for an older piece (gauze dress) turned my dismal environment into a brighter one. This dress was simply hanging in my closet patiently waiting to be worn on a sunny day. It's very interesting how a mere hue can put you in a happier mood... or a needed jolt of exuberance at the seams. Leave it to a chakra colour like yellow to enable me to have a contently strengthened and productive day.

Either way instead of dressing in the boring tank top/duo that I was going to wear, I must say the after effects of wearing such a resplendent colour has left a smile on my face. Mission accomplished.

Is there one colour that you're truly loving at the moment?
The Goods: Retro gauze crochet dress-Antique/Thrift shoppe, Vintage Black handbag- consignment(SF), Lucite and beaded necklace- gifted, Shoes-Love culture, peacock feathered Belt- DIY-Ladyofashion
Styleboard: Ladyofashion

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