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Paradise Texted Me!

I love the beach although I am not quite there yet (a few days in counting) I wanted to share one of my favourite trips. I went to the Bahamas last season and had an amazing time with friends. We've already planned that it's going to be a yearly venture. It was incredibly hot of course, but there was something beautiful about the way the sun kissed everyone - giving her fabulous wink to us each day as we woke up to paradise.
 Here's the view from our hotel, which was basically our backyard.
For this beach season wearing my new swimsuits are definitely in order, however I thought I'd give you a few ways that I'll be donning my scarf - all done with simple knots and no sewing required friends! Whether casual, on-the-go, or just mere beach styling a scarf is a must-have in my suitcase, for any season! It's versatile qualities have never steered me wrong. I wanted to do a tutorial on ways to tie a scarf, but it was quite long, so I decided to show you these instead for the moment...
See you later lovelies! Enjoy the beach, sun, and all oceanic beauty this season.

*This post is apart of Kristy Elena's (Sunglass-Hut Full-time Fabulous) blog event. Check out more posts from this blogging community here!

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