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Inspiration and a Feature

Here are some elements of inspiration this week that I wanted to share with you, from great causes and intense colours with beautiful environments to a mere message of love...

Aquamarine: Beautiful alluring blues and greens: Grass, water, sky, plants... all of these have incredible textures and patterns, which gave me influence.
I loved this drawing: Inspire others, be free embracing who you are, and just live life! My creative expression shows who I am, and there's nothing like being able to confidently exude your (personal) vibrancy to the world. Are you free? And do you show the real you through your style?

Lastly, here's a glimpse of the beads that Ashley sent me: I've been in the sun for a few weeks, but will be back to normal and in a regular work mode in a few... I hope that your summer is going amazing. Thanks lovelies for baring with me & the blog!

In case you've not yet seen the post, you should pop over to Ashley's blog of Ashley4Emergy. I'm featured there along with Kristy Elena making a cameo. We are donning buttery yellow in our own style— supporting and wearing handmade accessories by selected artists for Emergy. Show some love and read more about the Wear It Your Way series.

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