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Colouring Happy


For most of us the summer days are ending. And the welcoming glossy pages, the look books of autumn fashions, and colours sanctions any must-have shopping trip, right?
Today is a glorious sun-filled day, but the wind is blowing mildly, and whatever deal the sky seems to be making with mother nature is quite alright with me. I can feel the mood of autumn trying to quietly seduce the atmosphere with dashes of wind, (though she only comes out at night momentarily), I am bursting with excitement to break out the leather goods, boots and chunky scarf collection!

Flowers are wonderful emotional enhancers, like delicate beings sensitive to any given circumstance, whether sad or full of contentment: They have abundant meanings in various cultures, and locations, which is also why I love them so much.
"Blumen und Kunst,"  Flowers and Art, Holland
This outfit is inspired by my passion for diverse types of flowers, their significance, and how its simple presence makes me feel... HAPPY!  I'm generally a happy person, but let me tell you sometimes life happens you know, when you might work a chaotic week, and things seem to not go anywhere close to what's planned, but that's okay! So, there is no need to pretend that everything is suppose to always go the way that you wanted it to go. However, for me lately I've been on an incredible journey enjoying the view from a totally different angle... seems to also be this year's theme for me!

Yes, sometimes we may miss our train per se, only to find another route to our success and satisfaction far beyond our wanted initial results!

Here's my present to you: a flower bouquet of happiness for your day, your week, or month... whatever you may be going through, I am wishing you a joyous morning, because joy should always come in, at some point every morning that you wake-up!

Floral fun and lively smiles...
Happy looming Autumn to you!

The goods: Printed dress- Forever21, Wedges-Seychelles , vintage necklace- seen here, Leather watch-Seiko 

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