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DIY: A Gift From India


couple of years ago I was given an intricately printed dress-fabric from my then flat mate's sister. She had worn it as a dress and later had no use for it, as it also had areas that needed repair. She said, "well if anyone can do something with this I think you will..."—  I've forgotten that I had this amazing piece, hopefully I've done this dress justice.

Initially when I tried it on the immediate task on the agenda was to take it off, given the incredibly ultra-slim fit! I'm not certain how one was suppose to move in this woven concoction. After I caught my breath I decided to hang this beautiful Indian printed dress on my wall within eyes-sight, so that every time in-passing I'd think of an idea to create or merely stare at it, grabbing inspiration with each look.
RE-design: the task at hand:
For this piece I needed to take out the hem of the sleeves for my arms, in addition to removing the invisible zipper for any wearing chance that this fabric had for my body and style. Creating a cropped jacket was the absolute concept that continued to enter my mind... the next part was actually executing that vision. 

When travelling anywhere I often try to visit local shops to find unique trims that can be used for future projects. I adored these crest enameled buttons, and thought they were perfect for the style combination that I wanted. I hope that you enjoy my jacket version of this lovely fabric! I will definitely think of another project for the excess fabric, however in the meantime here's what I've done. I'm also filled with anticipation to share a few (semi-completed) projects that I have up my sleeve, well... in due time! Let me know if you have any DIY questions.
These last two shots were actually an accident, as I wasn't "ready" (notice the big eye stare), but I thought I'd throw them into the mix... What can I say except that I am human. haha! Sometimes being partially unprepared makes the best candid photos, especially in route to work! Have you ever been pressed for time to take pictures and ended up with something that you liked... that may have been a mistake?  

I hope that all of you lovelies are having an amazing day, and welcome home if you are safely back from "The Big Apple" and its fashion festivities.
The goods: Gold trimmed tiered dress- Ladyofashion for Gestalt Collection, Jacket-DIY- Ladyofashion, Ribbon belt-Ladyofashion, Shoes-seen here.

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