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Emerging Talent, LFW: It's Only Just Begun

The Roundup!
Just like New York fashion week I'm sure that you've seen an abundant amount of pictures from London Fashion Week shows and styles from your favourite designers. I do have many to share, but I thought I would give you a much different dose of my fun during my fashion week here in London.

There's still more events to attend and through it all I am actually impressed that amidst trotting off to a few shows, taxi-hopping, and meeting inspiring people literally within arms reach, I've managed to get quite a bit of work done as well. I am usually here and there for work with no time to spare other than sleep and eat, so this was a special treat!

Upon my arrival I eagerly tried to catch the IFB Crystals and Crumpets Swarovski event, but sadly my flight felt it necessary to become severely delayed. Everything worked out best following afterward though, and here's a little roundup with a handful snapshots.

London per usual is always a nice welcome back when I come here; for this particular visit I was fortunate to have a couple of days free without having to dress up or give any presentation of any kind. This casual and relaxing journey would also include spotting Theory's Oliver Theyskens right behind me, meeting the lovely Faye of, All These Pretty Things, Susie of, Style Bubble, in addition to loads of others within the fashion and entertainment industry. Perhaps, I may need to swap out memory cards at this point.
Faye is everything that you'd expect her to be and more, though I must admit I did not expect this stylish woman to be so tall! What an absolute beauty! At first sight you can see why photographers would stop her on the street because of her unique style.... (Ahem, I suggest more style photos, please!) We spent the day chatting about blogging, fashion, and sharing our passions amongst other issues that were close to our hearts. If it weren't for us having watches we could have easily kept on chatting away. Thanks Faye and hope to see you again in the future.
london Fashion
Toward the ending of our meet, we had the pleasure to take a glimpse of the window at Debenhams Oxford Street to watch Rory Andrew, (a student from Scotland whose making waves in the industry, and also participating on the Team UK World Skills competition) work in action. This young man was live sketching as a crowd of people zoomed in closely through the glass.

With bright flashes being clicked every millisecond, and boisterous sounds of the city he seem uninhibited by the multiple stares from the crowd. He was entirely in his artistic element. I invite you to take a brief look at the photos and complimentary video footage. I added a tune to drown out our voices, since I am not a fan of listening to my own voice! :) My apologies for the shaky action, I never stated that I was a videographer.

Rory Andrew

Emeli Sande Ladyofashion dazed confused London party
Emeli, the songstress!

Last but not least, one of the few low-key events that I attended and actually remembered to bring my camera to was the Dazed and Confused/Club Monaco dinner party. I met one of my favourite fashion writers and style bloggers, laid back magazine fashionistas, and a wonderful singer, Emeli Sandé who was soulful and just as fashionable! Above all most people there and even at the parties we went to afterward were great fun to speak to. And, yes, there was also heavy amounts of champagne that basically followed you as you mingled around by the second.

I'm usually quite tired after a whole day of fashion movement, especially without the proper walking shoes, however I enjoyed the casual and intimate ambiance of several particular parties on this night. Sleep deprived, yes, but rest will come soon and then I suppose it's back to reality and jetting off again in a week or so. But, I am more likely to wear my Toms shoes for that airport venture.
Dazed's 20th Anniversary Issue: with special art direction from Riccardo Tisci.
  A peek of the fall collaboration with Club Monaco & Dazed & Confused, which also features musicians, bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts in the lookbook.
A relaxed snapshot with Susie!
Taking a dinner break!
London Fashion Week Emeli Sande Club Monaco Party 2011
 London Fashion Bloggers
 Thanks to Susie's boyfriend Steve (above) of Style Salvage for quickly snapping great pics of us! 
I will have more for you in the next few days or so if I can, but first I think I'll catch my breath and head out for a dose of vintage shopping. Most certainly, all in the name of work of course!

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