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Charity Garb

There's a good handful of places that I frequent when it comes to charity shopping and vintage. Nonetheless, eventually I find myself scouring specific places regularly when I know exactly what I'm seeking. My personal shopping list included wanting a purple dress or something navy and red. With that being said I decided to stay in the Pimlico district to have a quick coffee and continue on the shopping journey. 

One major reason that I completely support charity shops is their simple mission: to aid others. I'm constantly drawn to places that are passionate in helping people, especially when it also involves children. This time I went to FARA's Retromania, which for the most part is a boutique-styled aggregate of retro clothing, vintage, and a generous hodgepodge of other hi-fashion items. FARA aids disadvantaged children, and funds special needs educational programmes for children of Romania.

I've been to several of their locations, and from my experience the environment is always quite friendly. Generally, I love a great deal, and of course there are tons of other places that you may check out when it comes to thrifting. However, it's safe to say that if you're not in a rush, and have time to kill, Fara is definitely always worth the reward of quality merchandise. 

During my secondhand haul I found several pieces, one in particular (that I've already worn twice) is this lovely V-neck oversize sweater. 

This sweater is so versatile, despite its bold stated colour in the overall aesthetic. I've worn it shorter (above), and slightly billowed, but it also has the ability to be worn much longer if preferred as a tunic. One of my favourite parts of this sweater is the ribbing colours (which are the banding elements on the sleeve hem, and bottom hem of the garment.) 

Red, White, Blue: These colours emit an intense significance to so many people, in different cultures, and in different countries. Additionally, they also sort of herald a patriotism and daring expression (fashionably) that just goes so well together. I'm forever sold on the red, white and blue hues, and even emerald if you look closely, as I've managed to slip in a print that carries the colour of green leaves into this ensemble!  

Fashion should be fun! As a whole perhaps we are all encompassed by world affairs, pressures of family, work, or even times of feeling helpless. Isn't it a great feeling when you can score an article of clothing that you immediately cherish; knowing that a mere purchase not only brings a smile to your face, but to a child or anyone who might be in need. Spread fashion love in your way!  

For more information on Fara charity shops click here!

The Goods: Grazia 60s Mod Sweater-Fara charity shop, Vintage YSL knit skirt, Handbag-Dorothy Perkins, Heeled loafers-BCBG, Cherry printed dress worn as skirt-Urban Outfitters, assorted chain necklaces-Ladyofashion, teardrop necklace-Nordstroms.

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