DIY-Accessories: Miss Violet + Mr. Zip


Remember this vibrant and alluring fabric? Unfortunately, most uses of the gifted fabrics received have been for non-personal projects, but since I love making things for friends it did not go to waste. However, over the past week I found myself having several extra hours available to spend in the craft studio, (a.k.a. my friends small art studio that we occasionally share.) 

The bold colour of this print is not only striking to me, but instantly makes me want to find violet/fuchsia shoes. Don't worry, that did not happen. Instead, after ruminating over sketches and diverse concepts I created a clutch that I love! And there's still remnants for a future project.
The Mission: A functional, expanding clutch + to find a 3rd use of old zipper sliders that I didn't have, (one that wasn't earrings, on a handbag, or ornate shoe piece.)

Materials Needed:
Fabric that you love!
Sewing machine
Marking pen or tailor's chalk
Trim(s)- for center piece, and/or front
Needle/thread-for hand-tacking beading (optional)
Magnets (2pcs.=1 set)
Metal/fabric glue
*Patience & a power playlist: 1.5 hour

Miss Violet:
I started out with a square shape that I wanted. If you're ever unsure simply use a mat board or measurements from your favourite bag. For this style, I decided to create side panels that could be flattened or if necessary expanded to hold thicker items inside. Additionally, I wanted two inside pockets that could hold various items. My lining is made with the self fabric, but you may use any contrasting fabric.

Finishes & Trimmings: My closure is a metal filigree piece that I already had, and I added a magnet underneath (adhere with metal glue), then I created a self covered magnet. To do this it's simple, and it's just like making a self-covered button. But, to save time you may use a button kit that may be purchased at your local craft or fabric store. I used beading for trimming, and hand-stitched the edges, because of the delicacy of the trim. For the sake of saving you from even more inundated text, I've condensed this DIY, so here are the results.

Materials Needed:

Zipper slider w/pull
Loose rhinestones or other trim
Fabric paint
Metal chain
Preferred closures for necklace-(1 lobster claw + 2 jump rings)
Fabric glue, or strip bonding adhesive
*An easy breezy 35-40 min., including 25 min. drying time. Seriously!

Mr. Zip: He's easy as 1, 2, 3!

I used my chain of preference and joined a lobster claw, and two jump rings (one on each end) to begin. Afterward, cut rhinestones to the length of pull/tab, and use metal/fabric glue to adhere them on one side. Next, take the zipper slider and paint both sides. After drying, slide the zipper+pull piece onto the chain and you're finished!

I've been working on a few more DIY's my friends, and very excited to share the next ones with you soon. Enjoy!

Instagram fun and my new Madison Collection labels! 


  1. what a cute purple purse. Love it.

  2. pretty clutch! love the purple.

  3. lovely! thanks for sharing this!

  4. A. Chanel H. Craig01 November

    I would never be able to do that but I will gladly buy it ;) Incredible work! Well Done! I just realized that you have Google Connect. Lets follow eachother :)

    Please don't forget to vote on this week's Fashion Says . . .!
    Thank you and Stay FABulous!!!

  5. Absolutely genius! great work, I love it! x

  6. SACRAMENTO Amate01 November

    Absolutely brilliant,I must try inmediately.

  7. GlamChameleon01 November

    Fantastic, magnificent work hun, love it so much!!! Plus I adore this glam color combination!!! kisses
    Jelena (

  8. You did an stupendous job with this clutch! 
    I love the fabric and its on with the ethnic trends and also have a bit of Bollywood on it!

  9. The zipper is very cool!  You are one talented lady!

    xoxo,Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. That is soo cool! I have to try it!

  11. The bag looks great.... and look at you with your label!!!! 

  12. I adore that clutch - absolutely fab x

  13. the clutch is pretty!! love it :D

  14. Cocovalentina01 November

    beautiful accessories...kiss

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  16. GlamKitten8802 November

    These are gorgeous!  I love how creative this is.  If I had any talent, I would replicate it. @GlamKitten88 

  17. Hi there Ofelia,
    I love this fabric, thanks so much.
     & thank you always for your ongoing support.

  18. aww, thanks very much doll, I really appreciate it. :)

  19. Thanks girl! this was a fun one. 

  20. Oh you are so good with DIY projects. I don't know where to start 

  21. i love this clutch for so many reasons, the fabric, the colors, the shape, it is just perfect and i love love the ethnical vibe of the print 

  22. You are just ridiculously talented and creative. I would've NEVER thought of making this. They look amazing!!!

  23. I wish I could create beautiful things like that clutch. Way to go!

  24. This fabric is beautiful and just so happens to be my favorite color. As for those shoes, I feel like this would look great just covering a heel. Do I hear a DIY coming on?

  25. Oh, and just to clarify, I mean only the heel part, not an entire shoe!

  26. Perhaps I will need to find a pair of shoes just for the sake of experimentation. Thanks Marissa. 
    *if I ever do I will definitely need to name it "The Marissa sole."  geez, now you have me thinking in DIY mode. :)

  27. Oh thank you Kirstin. I really loved that way this one turned out. -xx

  28. Well, let me know if you ever do one, or have any questions dear. -xx

  29. Do try it, thanks so much doll.   :)

  30. Thanks dear Sacramento. I really appreciate the comment.
    Have a wonderful day. xx

  31. Haha - I have plenty of I ideas. They just never seem to come together in my own projects!

  32. I know what you mean... There's several DIY's I haven't posted because I wait too long... then someone had already posted similar. But, I always keep my sketchbook by my side though, for unexpected inspiring moments, LOL. Have a great day Marissa!

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    Nice post!
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  34. Thestylishconfessions02 November

    Love this DIY!



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    Stylish Confessions! **

  35. jezebel53802 November

    AW congrats love! Im so pleased for ya! I was the same way the first time (and 2nd) time I got a mention! :)

  36. Oh wow, fantastic DIY! It turned out so well :)

  37. I'm very happy with the turn out. Thanks so glad you liked it as well. 

  38. Hi,
     Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm a huge fan of accessories.

  39. Ummmmm, I want to take that clutch!!! Seriously! That fabric looks so special.