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Game Art

Joyful. Constitution.Thankful.Confidence.Peace

Life may often feel like a game of chess when we try to devise strategies in hopes that we obtain a content future. However, the essential ruling pieces of life are sometimes much less complicated than we tend to make them. Many people play the game of social status or a restrictive way of thinkingthat you have to look this way to be successful, or to look stylish you must spend thousands ... Not so! There may be various boards to choose from, but if we learn to keep our own game boards long enough, we just might find solutions to our concerns embedded within the pieces that lay before us.

As swift as the seasons come and the winds blow, one may wonder whether the board game of life has been played truthfully? In situations good or bad, and changes in home or work life, we usually strive for a positive outcome; a kinging or queening moment where one is considerably satisfied. And why not? You work hard and believe that it's deserving, right? Yet, in times of doubt, you forget about your strategy, dismissing your instincts or perhaps you've forgotten how to play your own game! 

The checkers here represent a life style-board, an enchanting undertaking of not allowing others to tell you the "how to" in your (personal) rules of style, or in anything that you firmly believe. Though, we may lose a few of our game pieces from time-to-time, when we get back into it confidently, and in our own way, there's always a win! I believe that after taking a closer look, whether your game is advice, shoes, jewellery, or graceful poise, you've got some fabulous pieces to show! Stop comparing yourself to others, and get your game back!
Three White Squares, 1940,  Pereira (source)

I was influenced by the multi-talented artist, Irene Rice Pereira. Many of her works involves lyrical and geometric abstractions that I simply love. 
Minimal Effects:  Versatile accessory- the clutch. And look! No bracelets or necklace! This was tough, since I have fun new accessories that could go with this particular outfit. 
The goods: Clutch-Express, Shirt-Thrifted, Black headband-Layofashion,Shoes-Charles David, Belt-F21 seen here.

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