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Sitting Still: October Style

Who says you can't be a little stylish in very casual dress or even sitting down. It's windy, the sun is shining, and after work I thoroughly enjoy transforming my career blouse and heels outfit into a more relaxed ensemble. It's quite simple, yet adding a few key personal elements such as my favourite earrings and hat makes the overall look mine!

Departing from work slightly earlier than usual I was enraptured by the amount of tasks one could finish with just being granted an extra hour off a work day. I dashed out and was able to finally complete a few projects that I've been working on for (what seems to feel like months) a few weeks.
Being at ease is a wonderful feeling. I took this moment to reflect on my day, inhaling the last few summer-like aromas of my neighbour's barbecue, and also thinking about Halloween outfits. In addition, to fall online favouritesthough not exactly top priorities, random things occasionally go through an artist's mind. 
Doesn't it seem like we were just talking about summer colours and transitional wears? Now that October has come upon us we can prepare to focus on holiday pieces from fashionable cuisine to actual attire because it's most certainly right around the corner. Admittedly, I am in no rush!

Happy October lovelies!
The goods: Shoes: Vest-Express, Tee-F21, Shoes-BDG, Feather earrings-DIY-ladyofashion, Silver tassel necklace- H&M, Black braided necklace-Ladyofashion/Gestalt Collection, Lurex denim-charity shop, Hat-Urban Outfitters-seen here!

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