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Admit it! What type of teen were you? Did you rebel against mother, or perhaps you pumped up the volume a bit louder when asked to turn it down. Oh no, that wasn't you, right? You might have been an angel or a teen who was not into music at all though, I can not relate to an absolute music-free zone. Whichever the case may have been it certainly does not matter! We were all probably in a mood, or in the process of reciting the likes of a Benatar lyric.  
This post is merely about child's play: remixing styles of youth, and memories of being a teenager. Teens today really ponder about completely different things than one would have, say 8, 10, or 15 years ago. *Disclaimer: Yes, the room and concept was created for simple entertainment, yet at some point I found myself really getting immersed into this shoot. 
My dear friend Inga and I had a girl's spa day, which later included comical stories leading to banter about our teenage years. We spoke of the impetuous decisions that were made, what we wore, and even what was mounted on our walls, if anything. 

So, what's a fashionista to do in such occurrences other than make the most of "a moment!"  Our decision to run with a youthful idea worked in nicely with the proper amount of prolonged nostalgia, but you needn't worry ... it was only for a few seconds, because we do love being adults!

Truth be told in my actual teenage room (looong ago), I had an insignificant line drawing of an unglamorous shoe on my wall for some reason. Yes, it was quite an eclectic space, however fashion still spoke to me.
Did you have any favourite posters of musicians, bands, artists, or other inspiring beings on your wall when you were younger? Do share, my friends.
(Above) You can wear a plaid skirt without looking like a pupil! I decided to semi-polish this look with a belt and neatly tucked-in blouse in a way as if I'd wear it differently or professionally. With an easy swap of the shoes with heels, and adding accessories you could be ready for world or a lecture if you preferred. 

The goods: Shoes- vintage seen here, Skirt-a chopped uniform, cardigan-H&M, Blouse-MarksandSpencer, Watch-Skagen,Crest-patch-local fabric store, Eyewear-Prada, Belt-borrowed from bf, Pinwheel candy-worn in hair.

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