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You can pretty much always guarantee that I will have some type of knit garment on, whether it be layered within my ensemble or a simple scarf in the compartments of my handbag. This particular crochet knit in (a two-toned hue of) blue presents a rippling effect by the fullness in the pattern, and I love it!

I acquired this lovely crochet-knit a couple weeks ago. Clearly handmade I immediately grabbed it, though it was on the rack in the coat section I had a premonition of how this outfit would play out; I wanted to wear it as a skirt and a capelet.

Knit Expressions:
I was twirling around in this skirt more than a few times before I actually headed out for the day, which had me reminiscent of fun clothes of my childhood. Knits can really be a true fashion friend, lending its beauty in versatility, less restrictive qualities than woven garments, and even give body outlining "hugs of love."

For example, haven't you ever slipped into a form fitting garment, or that so-called body-con dress, one that fits like a glove and hugs all the right places... Perhaps you may possess a cardigan or skirt that's roomy and comfortable, yet that knit of choice also gives you the feeling of a genuinely cozy hug.

The material of a soft hand, unique gauge, or dramatic detailing catches your eye, and when you find that special knit there's a stylish bond that occurs. It may very well be a transitory relationship or one that makes a repetitive cameo appearance in your lifestyle closet. Whatever impression a favourite knit gives you, I hope that it makes you feel as good as this one has made me.
Painting with my autumn style!

"No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love."
Edvard Munch

The goods: Crochet piece worn as skirt/capelet-vintage shop, Shoes-Chinese Laundry, Vegan handbag-gifted-Etsy, Tank tunic-Roxy, Top w/lace sleeves-H&M, Ombre necklace-F21, Belt-gifted, Tights-Miss Selfridge.

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