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The Closet Cried, Proud Mary

Sometimes I peruse through my closet finding items that reminds me of the beginning stages, schooling, craft time in the workshop and historical art influences. This jacket is one of them! This was probably the second jacket in design school that I ever made. Of course, viewing it now I see things that I would alter, and perhaps different panels or button options that I'd suggest to myself.

But, the funny thing about going through your past work as an artist is that it evokes a certain period in one's life. When I analysed specific areas of the jacket I could see what my initial strengths were as well as my weaknesses as a pupil. I even remember what I was going through in the midst of the assignment.
The amusing chortle that came from my room as I discovered this jacket deeply set the following mood ... one filled with contentment and thankfulness of collegiate completion. Fortunately, life has a wonderful way of revealing to us our humble beginnings, therefore we should not be ashamed nor shy of how things initially start out. Whether it be life choices or like this, a design project; it is the finishing, the striving, and the active doing that makes all of the difference.

So, I decided to wear this jacket out with pride, because it fits and it's finished! Proud Mary, I called this jacket, as it's brought nothing but confident smiles to my face today.

Do you have a piece of art, or anything that you've made in the past that's brought you joy?

The goods: Black cut out belt-Ladyofashion, Satin embroidered jacket-Ladyofashion, Shoes-BCBG, Belt-Ladyofashion (made from guitar strap), Handbag-vintage, Denim jeans-Cheap Monday.

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