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IFB Links à La Mode + Happy Friday!

I'm excited to be included in this week's IFB Links  à La Mode. Check out these blogs, and don't worry I'll have more DIY fun awaiting for you this holiday gifting season. 
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! 

Incite, Invigorate, Influence, Inspire
By Jessie Thorpe of Denimology

When selecting blogs to be featured in Links à La Mode, more often than not, I'm drawn in by an interesting image or a cleverly composed title. I'm a big fan of wit, whimsy and a little sarcasm. However, this week I handled things a bit different and made choices spurred on by inspiration, you know, that good ol' gut feeling!

Bloggers aplenty (this means you) emboldened me to do more than just write about style and fashion (denim in my case).  I wanted to bust out some serious sequin yardage. I pondered why everything looks better with glitter. I was impressed- no, I was in awe- with brilliant use of nail polish! I chose links that lured me far from my computer, taunting me to use my hands for anything but typing. Dear bloggers, you may have a small pedestal (you know.. your blog), but your voice can still be mighty... and inspirational! The future of fashion belongs to those of us willing to get our hands dirty!

After you've had a good read of this weeks links, step away from the computer and go stain up those hands. Make sure to document the process because, you know, your coming right back here to your computer anyway. You may as well be inspirational. Last thing, it's okay if all you do is make is a mess; at least you were inspired and that counts for something, right?



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If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

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