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For The Other Friends


Let's face it, if you're like me and have a very diverse group of friends then chances are all of them aren't into everything that sparkles, a highbrow combination of colours, or smack you in the face prints! WHAT? I know, take a deep breath it's okay ... we do forgive them and still love them!  

Here's a different list of items to think about for the semi-fashionista, techie, and gent, amongst other personalities to buy for this magical season. 

Oh, and yes there will likely be a tad more to view in these next few weeks. However, if you are in the beginning stages of holiday shopping there's still hope and extended deals awaiting. So, look on ... and ponder away! And when all else fails, you can always revert to buying something for yourself! 
*Click on images for source. 

Touch-screen gloves: Why? Because you may still need to tweet when it's cold outside! There's even a pair for the eco-conscious customer.

(Above left) *Lonely Planet's incredible travel guide to photography. A fully loaded book with gear you'll need, and tips by Richard I'Anson.  See preview of book here!

*Robot Salt and pepper movers and shakers: breaks the ice at any dinner table.
 Fizz Control: When your carbonated water or soda isn't quite right. Solution: buy your very own soda stream. My-oh-my, that's a sleek look for a custom sparkling beverage! 

*(Above left) Mankind's top men's skin care: Gentle facial cleanser by Aesop
*Park and Bond's Exclusive Gift box by C.O. Bigelow (shaving cream, toothpaste, body lotion, etc.)
Anti-tension: For those times when you have cupcake urges, get a (stress) reliever from ... A CUPCAKE!
Queen Classy: jewellery storing options!
Peruvian wool kit to make your very own chunky knit.
 Bottle Belts
Clever bottle belts via Walnut Studio on Etsy
Who doesn't love personalised items? Design your own iPad. You'd have to love it, because you made it!


The Contour: Oh yes, this would be perfect for snowboarding season! Full motion shots as you glide down the slopes doing amateur tricks. Well, that's just what I'd use it for ...

Table reads  with inspiration: Life in-style, Daphne Guiness!

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