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Times have surely changed if I ponder about the early days of when I was attending universityreminiscent of only having to be concerned about academics, attendance, or having a few assignments would seem quite boring these days, especially when some youth of today are as innovative and technologically inclined as any seasoned CEO might be.

With an evolving industry like fashion, being tenacious, resourceful, and truly passionate can aid one in any economic climate. And new on-line boutique owners Antwan Jones and Chet Robinson are two men in fashion who know firsthand about using their passion to start a business from the ground up. Their new on-line shop, TRVISTIC [Truh-Vih-stik] is quickly becoming a must-stop and browse cyber destination! The inspiring duo have taken what was once a mere business concept and successfully executed their vision into a viable reality.

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I sat down to chat with the Baltimore, Maryland-based gents (who are both in their early twenties) to talk about their new venture and the future of their on-line shop.

Just nearly three months old and initially called the Iconic Boutique, Trvistic was born. So what does this Trvisitc word actually signify? "It's a made-up word and centered around all of the qualities of fashion ... it's artistic, unique, bold, and stood out to me, said Jones."  Hhmm ... catchy word with an interesting sound of pizazz ... Well, it works!

Robinson, co-owner and fashion merchandiser of the shop credits Jones for being the master force and energy driver behind Trvistic's business. But, the continuing excellence of Trvisitic definitely has proven that having a solid trustworthy partner is essential to the growth of their business.
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The store has already carried known brands such as Whitney Eve, Amanda Christine, and Hellz Bellz, amongst many others. However, the boutique also caters to the emerging designer and actively supports local and independent talent.

From jewellery to party dresses, Trvistic offers handpicked fashion and beauty merchandise (with worldwide shipping), and all ranging from $20-90. You'll find edgy items such as the Monet inspired shawl jacket, King Kong spiked earrings, and even Laruicci Jewellery. The eye-hooking affordability of Trvistic's selections will certainly keep you staying current in playful fashion! 

These entrepreneurs carefully choose labels that they feel share an adoration of providing diverse products for the modern woman. "We're open to feedback ... and designers can contact me to collaborate with different ideas," said Robinson.  For Jones and Robinson the dream may have only begun, however they're currently working on expanding Trvisitic by adding men's wear and children's wear to the genres of the boutique very soon.

Something tells me by the time of their collegiate commencement these two may in fact be on the rise in a few other territories as well.

You may follow Trvistic on Twitter to keep up with the latest deals and newly stocked items!
For more information visit:

Photos: Courtesy of Trvistic, & edited by FASHION TALES


  1. I love that there are such boutiques who support emerging talent and are open to feedback, that's so important!

    I wanted to wish you a belated Blog Birthday! So glad you stuck it out. It's funny, my blog also started out completely different too... but I also hung in there too.

    Have a fab week!

  2. Stunning pieces! :) xx

  3. i would not mind going shopping there!

  4. What a great collection of beautiful brands - gorgeous pieces!

  5. Looks like a great place to shop!

  6. I love it when young people become entrepreneurs! (Hope I spelled that right, too lazy to check, lol.) 

  7. Yes, do check it out if you can. Have a great day Kirstin!

  8. Thanks for your comment Audrey! Glad that you like the collection too! Yes, there are some lovely pieces on the site. 

  9. aww, thanks you so much love! really appreciate that! 
    -xo Here's to a great rest of your week!

  10. I looove both of the first dresses! So chic!


  11. Sounds really great, lovely pieces and a fab ethos!

  12. Trvistic Online Boutique Owner14 December

    Thanks so much for the feedback and comments its helps us out A-lot dont forget to visit and shop exclusive! Thanks for the post Lady of Fashion - Trvistic Team memebers

  13. It's so important to support local people like this making a go of it- via the blog and personally. I have made a point to shop local for my Christmas list. Great feature on the site and these gents!

  14. This sounds like such a phenomenal shop! I love the pieces they carry!  :)

  15. GlamChameleon14 December

    Lovely things! And the owners are so young- bravo for their success, creativity and originality!! Happy Wednesday hun!;)
    Jelena (
    p.s. Participate in a TeenyB Bikini Couture giveaway on my blog!

  16. Nanda Pezzi14 December

    inspiring and beautiful.


  17. Oh to Be a Muse14 December

    i do like what i see so i think i'll have to check out their site--interesting name.

  18. Sounds like a innovative shop!

  19. Glad that you liked them Jas! Thanks! -xx

  20. Thanks Cheryl! Yes, the name was quite unique I thought as well. 

  21. Yes, I agree and wish them well with the success of their business. Thanks Jelena! Enjoy your week dear. xxoo

  22. You're very welcome, Good luck with everything my friends! Happy Holidays to you! :)

  23. haha, yes you got it! 
    I do too Lauren! It's always nice to see young people serious about the business of fashion. :)

  24. Thanks Lani, I agree shopping and supporting local vendors is important. Thank you for reading dear. -xx

  25. I got lots of information by your post.  Everything define in this post very beautiful way. You should continue do this type of post.


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