Serendipity & The Next Gig

Being at the right place at the right time appears to come naturally for ambitious model, and Brazilian native, Wanderson Marccio. From one burgeoning city to another everyone knows that networking is a key attribute to possess, especially if you want to break out in the biz,” or social fashion scene. Therefore, attending local soirees, shows, and other gatherings should probably be on your radar.

For Marccio, the origin of that perfect networking moment was being present at a party that a friend invited him to attend. The fortunate moment of meeting the host himself (and arriving at a professional photographer’s home) seemed almost too comfortable for a big break.  Well, after a mere glance, the photographer asked Marccio if he was interested in doing a photo shoot. “When," Marccio eagerly said.  “Now,” the photographer said. Of course, the rest is history! However, that memorable night would lead Marccio to numerous opened doors of style, opportunity, and the beginning of a new portfolio. 

Although Marccio regularly models, don’t let his smooth countenance fool you ladies! By day he’s an acute IT professional working as a software engineer, and has an inspiring list of goals set in his thinking cap. Marccio plans to pursue his acting career in the future, but for now he’s constant in absorbing as much industry knowledge as possible while refining his lookbook.

“In 2 years I want to be mainly acting in movies, and TV series," Marccio said.  It’s clear that Marccio is quite a multitasking individual when it comes to managing his lifestyles.  Whether in a commercial, ad campaign, music set, or in editorials, he doesn't limit himself when choosing diverse work.  
Who knows? If you look closely you just may see his next gig showcased as you pass a familiar billboard, or train station!  
For more information visit his facebook page, or portfolio website. 
"I used to be a part of a street dance group when I was a kid..."

Image credit: (Above left) Latino magazine, Image credit: (Above right) Kontrol magazine & Images by Law:      
All photos: Courtesy of Wanderson Marccio

Getting Intimate with Wanderson:
Location: Miami, FL 
Originally from:  São, Paulo, Brazil 
Favourite foods: 
Brazilian (of course!), Japanese, Vietnamese, and Italian.

Favoutie gig that you've done...

When I was featured with Legend Vega in her music video.

Best (childhood) memories: 
I used to be a part of a street dance group when I was a kid, and have great memories from that time.
Who is one of your favourite designers?
Dolce & Gabbana
When I'm not computing, or on a photo shoot you might find me doing... 
Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, capoeira, some yoga... spinning, swimming, and Soccer (Football)!

Agency: Open *mail for booking info* 

Re-Sounding Blog-Alarm

I forward many apologies to you, as I have been away from the blogosphere this whole week. However, being encompassed by the escalated fashion activities, shows, reviews, and so much more has aided me to get back into the blogging saddle.

It was quite wonderful to have a small break though, as I felt a bit uninspired at times.  But, it is good to be back!  As promised here are a few things that I worked on during my blogging sabbatical. I hope that you are doing well, and enjoying these days of amazing Fashion Weeks!  

Cheers & love,

My design: Plus a DIY:  Front drape skirt with triangular sequins trim

I've been obsessed with feathers this past year.. it continues as a working progress (headpiece soon)

Feathered necklace with vintage brass glass beads
Will show more new styles later!

COPENHAGEN Love + Sophistication

At Copenhagen Fashion Week Malene Birger's Autumn/Winter Ready-To-Wear 2011-12 collection brought back equestrian dreams in men's wear inspired silhouettes, and soft tones evoking Fall's natural beauty. But, Birger told a different tale this time with her choice of styling.

Of course, as a designer with such an adoration for embellishments she did not disappoint. In the end though it was the editing that gave the line a distinguished look.

I loved the colours used in the collection (with the radiant tangerines, diverse browns, and earthy camels especially in the flowing dresses, and knitwear)

There were inspiring textures for example, in plaids, fur, and lace. However, the most popular items that caught my eye were the accessories. Birger showcased purse, and handbag alternatives in various ensembles; instead there were saddle-esque influenced belted waist bags that completed the looks. I also enjoyed the feminine hair ornamentations, and the western influence (of her version) of the bolo ties. The tassel and pendant styled necklaces were also a few favourites that tastefully impacted the collection. This collection was a sort of tale that had strong layers in the chapters, and could easily give you a different mood in each outfit. 

Take a gander below!  Here are a few of my picks from Birger's collection:
Photos: Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week


Colour Me... Good


colours by Ladyofashion featuring flap handbags

Well, if you were paying attention to last season's colour inspiration for the present then you already know the incredible impression that pastels (and the myriad bold hues) have left for us to consume.

From beautiful candy coloured tones in footwear to scintillating patterns on wallets, and handbags one season, or another is bound to summon us to make a special purchase. For me, I adore all seasons for many different reasons. However, when you're in an environment where you are unable to experience the entire 4 seasons, one can simply pick a favourite and move on... So I shall!

One of my favourite seasons is Spring. Depending on the locale, for the most part I love the fact that it's generally not quite that sharp of a breeze, and definitely not too hot. The absolute best part of this season (just as Autumn) for me is the colours.  There's vibrancy in silhouettes that you normally would wear in basic black, or in muted tones. In addition, there's always colouring that's just begging to say, "smile," or "wear me --- wear me!"

Don't fret boys, fashion is for everyone and by the showcase of today's hues there's a potpourri of prints, and solids out there, even for the stiff palette! 

Here are a few key items that I'm viewing at the present moment. 
Leather jacket
Selfridges, Leather crop jacket                                                

  Bedetrends, New trendy watches in playful colours!
Vanishing Elephant, via need supply, men's shoe

Forever21, "Date Night" - Leatherette handbag


 ACNE, "Edward" - Men's bracelet     +     "Atlas-C" - Men's soft cardigan
Mara Hoffman, 2011 Resort collection 

Nicole Honored, Dust grey Sandal   +

Bead post earrings   +
Sondra Roberts, evening clutch (last three items via lorisshoes)

Positive Tunes and Parisian Threads

Budding model and Bay area recording artist Jamar Seay mixes positive messaging with high-fashion style when gracing the daily city streets.

Seay, a former infamous party-attending and party-hosting fellow has kneaded out a few knots in his dough-filled life, some of which he calls a life-changing moment in his adulthood. But, what's remarkable is that the mission of making a difference in the neighbouring realm of art, music, and his love of fashion is fostered by spreading those passions with optimism and strengthened from his undeniable faith.

With a significant amount of negativity that's already in the world today, couldn't everyone use a pick-me-up? (One that will not cause illness or costly consequences) Well, it's certainly worth a try!

Many people have that special something to keep them going, a certain thing that aids them in the balance of life. Whether it's yoga, drawing, attending a support group, or engaging in recreational like exercising or dancing, possessing that extra boost generally makes living life less cumbersome.

For Seay, his belief in God, music, life, and spreading his good words to people who want to hear them is his proper medicine for abundant living. "I hope to bring a higher standard and expectation to hip-hop music in a lyrical context," said Seay.  His music is geared toward producing significant notes for music lovers who seek to find themselves through a listen. There's topics that everyone can identify with such as love, life tribulations, and relationships.

"Writing from my heart and saying the things that people identify with inspires me."

Seay definitely has a way with words. In fact, the reward of his content came to him whilst travelling through Paris. After a quick bio intro and enough confidence, he translated it into French and asked the hotel concierge to call his favourite menswear company, Hartwood Paris. Seay briefly stated to the company the passion he had for their product and his desire to promote them further. Hartwood Paris immediately agreed and Seay had photos taken in their tailored attire. Now, that's what I call ce que beaucoup de chance (a lot of luck)!

For Seay, there's an easy comfort in conversing with people despite their walk of life, status, or position. The young powerhouse is a breath of fresh air for youth and the resplendence needed for one who is still pondering which path to take in life.

Graduating in broadcasting & music business majors, Seay has high hopes of utilising his talents with the utmost media disbursement by globally providing optimism through his art of music. "I hope to be an internationally known and celebrated artist. I also aim to have my music featured in films and TV shows," Seay said.

Next, on Seay's agenda, is his upcoming collaboration with the teen rock band Modern day Kids (MdK). You may also check him out partnering with American Envy clothing and Apache Skateboards very soon!  Good luck Jamar, we wish you the very best in all of your success!

For more information, visit his Twitter, and Music pages. His new song will be available on iTunes February 14th with the special released track titled, Heartbreak. 

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Getting to know Jamar Seay:
Location: San Ramon, California
You may catch him wearing: Kenneth Cole, Tsubo Footwear, paired with Tasso Elba shirts, with Diesel, or Versace cologne.
Inspiration: Writing from my heart and saying the things that people identify with inspires me.
Dream Stage of Present:   To perform at the Oakland Coliseum
Current Studio Sessions: 17 Hertz Studio

Photo: Courtesy of Jamar Seay for Hartwood Paris

Camelia Skikos

Romanian designer, Camelia Skikos shows the Bay area a powerful play in the market streets with her Fall/Winter 2011 collection.  Read More Here...

Photo: Courtesy of Camelia Skikos

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