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Spring is here, or Fall for some, but that's not the fabulous news? This season's array of hues in the wrist watch world have caught the eagle eye of fashionable trends. I adore the efforts that some companies are taking; providing more inventive detailing in creating unique wrist watches (especially in body design), although there are some styles that may be a tad bit... let's say--- "more artistic" than others there's additionally a few technologically advanced products that have made a trending presence.

There's simple ceramic or rubber styles --- From the traditional leather banded brown and black to the modern version of bracelet formed watches even the anti-wrist watch wearer may find a lovable time-providing accessory to grab.

If you're more of a function over fashion type of person look no further, there's loads of other styles to choose as well, if you aren't feeling the vibrancy in seasonal tones or "Hey! look at me now" styles.

Take a glance at these wonderful items. And boys you are not forgotten! Below are a few great watch trends, not least of which showcases chunky-banded, yet lifestyle conscious watches, and some of bright colour palettes.

G-Shock has been on the rise once more for producing their high-tech chronographs including Eco-friendly items and special models such as, the GDF100, which has a built-in pressure and temperature sensor geared toward the outdoor adventure enthusiast, and the G-Shock Bluetooth watch that can even be synced to your phone.

Are you a wrist watch wearer? What do you care about most when shopping for watches? (i.e. style or design aesthetic, cost, material, technology, etc.)

G-shock Eco-friendly Solar Atomic Green watch 

G-Shock- Casio GDF 100  

 G-Shock- Casio Bluetooth (men's)
Vestal watches are always a favourite for trendy looks! (male & female)

Crow- inexpensive wide-ranging watch colours (Above) (male & female styles)

Ted Baker (women's)

Kenneth Cole- Metal Gold women's watch

Maximo- LTD- Watch comes in an abundance of beautiful hues (male & female)
Bench Watches Womens White Stainless Steel Watch BC0273WHSL
Bench - Bracelet style & mod-digital ((male & female)

ZIIIRO- Gravity swirl watch (male & female)

Ainslee Bowers: The Burgeoning Grace

Ainslee Bowers, the ardent designer and entrepreneur behind her eponymous brand has taken her life resources and passion to make more than lemonade. The former hospital lab worker with fashion designing roots, (thanks to her great aunts and grandmother) decided to follow her heart and take a giant step toward furthering her career. 

The Oklahoma native packed her bags headed for a faster pace and new lifestyle in New York. With her new zip code she was able to work under the mentorship of couture master Victor de Souza, in addition to interning at Araks. Living in a culturally eclectic city as New York how could one not be inspired? She credits the big apple as a city of significant influence for her designs. “I can walk through almost anywhere and instantly feel renewed. Inspiring fashion is only a subway, or cab ride away,” Bower said.
"the sense of style in this city is never-ending"

For the first time Bowers was able to produce a collection that embodies her vision of a modern woman. The buzz has already hit the New York streets for her use of fine silks, wool, and mink cashmere. With her clothing she targets a mid-20’s to late 40’s market, one that she feels not only speaks to a female who loves staple pieces in her wardrobe, but offers fashion forward separates that can be easily styled. “My customer cares exclusively about quality… however, she doesn't have hours to spend in the morning fussing over styling her outfit. She cares about fashion, but is unwilling to compromise her sanity and comfort,” Bowers said.

Her Fall 2011 collection focuses on calmly sophisticated apparel with polished and elegant tones --- all very wearable. “My inspiration was the steel grey skies of NYC, we saw so much of that this winter,” Bowers said.

Haven’t we all felt like we didn’t have much time to get ready at one point or another? The beauty in this luxe collection is in the versatility. It’s not an entire line of ultra-formal or extendedly casual wear; merely an assortment of pieces that may be worn with jeans, Tees, your favourite leather jacket, or vintage jewels.  
Bowers hopes to revamp the LBD (Little Black Dress) for the working woman by her Mara dress, coloured in wicked blue

So, how does she want women to feel in her clothing? It’s simple. I want my clothes to be that "go-to" favourite. The one that you put on every time because you're going to feel confident and look amazing,” Bowers said. Be sure to look out for her future collections, as she explores new avenues with her easy-style within the industry.

For more information visit:

I invite you to please also join her in supporting the Japan relief efforts and charities. 20% of every purchase from the Ainslee Bowers Fall 2011 Collection is being donated to the American Red Cross.

Photos: Courtesy of Ainslee Bowers
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A Closer Look!
The woman behind the brand
My daily style is more…I am definitely a jeans & T-shirt kind of woman, however that's mostly because it commonly takes so much effort to get yourself put together in a sophisticated manner. That's what I loved so much about this collection; these are pieces you can wear effortlessly.
Words of wisdom for aspiring designers: Remain steadfast & confident in yourself no matter what --- Keep going, never stop!
On music: I’m currently listening to… Lots of music! I think I created the entire Fall 2011 collection to P!nk, the "Greatest Hits So Far" on repeat… also the remix of Erica Vanlee's "Sunset Street."
On family inspiration: My mother was a teen model, & always a fashion plate. She was known throughout all our family and friends for wearing heels with everything at all times. I remember dressing up in her clothes as a little girl and wanting to look as beautiful as she did. She also created my insatiable & irrational love for heels!
Upcoming projects and collaborations: You can check out my collection on My Wardrobe for their "Celebrity  Closet" series, being worn on an upcoming TV show, "Crazy on the Couch." The main character, Dr. L. Oko will be showcasing my designs. 


Animal Fashion-ology

My love for nature is evident, my obsession with owls have grown, and my love for dolphins will always remain (especially, since I volunteered at an indoor pool where I could swim with them during my adolescent summers). But, what's more interesting is the amount of impressions that animal jewellery have made recently within the fashion industry.

You're probably thinking, "This is not new!" Certainly, you're right, however I just wanted to bring a few references on animal-inspired adornment, specifically bird-like accessories.

I think what sparked my interest about this post was the fact that in the past few years I have seen more animal-inspired and charm-styled accessories than ever. 

So it's one of the latest fashion trending elements, but there really is more to it than what meets the eye.

The fashion charm necklace made an impacting comeback in 2008 fashion trends. Yet, I don't think many have the knowledge that it all started centuries earlier. In many cultures birds, for example, were thought to be of immortality or messengers of sorts between us earthlings.

In many Native American tribes, like that of my great grandmother, birds were believed to have spirit qualities, authority, or dominant power, or thought to be soul keepers. Why are some people drawn to owls? And, why are birds a popular adornment for the body?

During Greek and Roman periods the eagle was of high importance. The eagle, a powerful bird was thought as the King of birds or in Germany, the god Odin. 

Growing up in my family there were several cultures and traditions to be aware of, as well as research for your own enlightenment. One of which was knowing that the bird, falcon, and owl rather protected youkept out those supposed evil spirits. The oh-so-wise owl, as you may call it was a pretty typical story to hear told when a few key family members were around, but then again so was the falcon-headed god, and Iron Henry! The owl in particular is often said to have wisdom, powerful eyes, and resounding intellect.

Since animal symbolism in jewellery have been quite prevalent throughout past seasons, what type of inspiration have you seen lately? I've seen elephant rings and earrings, owl and dove necklaces, beetles, bugs, and bird cage variations, and more! Have you ever wondered why?


These little trinkets and treasures have been the purchases and talk of the town, just as the "grandpa" and "boyfriend" cardigans, or beloved fair isle sweaters. Are people subconsciously wanting to go back to ancestral rooted styles or even adopting many others that aren't their own? This may be delayed effects from the economy, causing one to think about what your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents adored with their material dressing.

This may be fashion's way of showing love: paying respect to certain cultures with influence or maybe it's really absolutely nothing! It's just a great way of creating a product that people will buy, therefore profit attained.

Yes, it could quite possibly stem from nothing and just be a fad, like infinite amounts of others that soon dissipate, and then pickup again on another sweet stylish day.

What animal inspired items or accessories have you bought in the past?

Further literature: 
Interesting Celtic animal symbolism
Animal symbolism-Feng Shui

Photo credit: (top) squidoo, collage by Ladyofashion, Bird accessories: lulubug, lightlywound,LisaMichele,Seachange,glazeblackcherry & mrd74 on Etsy,unique inheritancevintage costume jewels, Urban Outfitterslove bird vintage, fossil. 


The Power of Interiors

Above: colours I love!

We have been debating in our home whether or not it's time to redecorate (which I love). There's also talks of a new chair that I've been lusting over these past couple of weeks. Do you know that the details of your home are very important and can definitely influence your well-being and happiness? Our surrounding elements affect human perceptions. 

Think about it! How do you feel when you enter a hospital, or doctor's office? Now, how do you feel when you enter a fine dining restaurant? It's all about ambiance: setting the mood and tone by the lighting, colour, intricate decor, or lack thereof!

Now, when choosing furniture I am quite fussy, not exclusively on style and colour, but comfort also plays a key factor in the decision making process. I'm the weird one who usually sifts through and reads countless home decor-related magazines (probably around the same percentage as fashion and architecture). In addition, to visiting the local paint store for Pantone colour chips to gear up for "interior design mode."

I also get pretty excited with these abstract and artful projects. I'm not certain "Martha" would approve, but these simple pleasures and complex decisions are a "good thing" and keeps the creative juices flowing!

However, because I've always moved so much in the past my track record in buying furniture consistently had checks beside the questions I'd ask myself:
  • What do I need immediately? 
  • How fast can the company ship?
  • Will I like this enough to put in storage? 
  • Is the quality good enough to sell later? 
Of course, over the years all of those past Q &A sessions have been replaced with what I now ponder about:  choosing furniture that I want to keep for a long time (for me, that means at least over 1+ year), thinking about quality vs. quantity, and incorporating my love for the classics, French Renaissance, and Modern art with technology.

Oh! How could I forget? Lastly, the question of:  "Is this furniture entertainment-ready?" 

We constantly have friends, and family over, and this is something that I truly think about, because there's nothing like visiting a dear friend's home and sitting in extremely uncomfortable furniture... (that's complete agony)!

Somehow, me + the boy must integrate all of these wants and needs for our home interior satisfaction.
Here's what we've garnered so far on colours, inspiration, and a few dream rooms for heavy influence... these tear sheets, and wish-list are hardly finished!

In the meantime, let me ask you... What has inspired your home decor? Do you have a favourite room that you've decorated? Are you encompassed by prints, intense colour, or perhaps more of a minimalist when it comes to your interior paradise?

This is merely for structure influence. I want to keep the balance of architecture and creativity within the flat, since most artwork we have in the living-room is by family members, or architectural pieces by other artists. I also want new bookcases, but that's a separate issue! 

French accent furniture chair (living room) ~  Modern sewing table for my work space (Above)

This Danish chair is a must-have for sewing/creating/sitting! It's so comfortable & exceptional for my back.
I'm in love with this console table!
Large luxury bedroom design with French curtains

Oh, if only I had this much space... I'm loving the French curtain idea, because of the high ceilings. (found remnant fabric at a wholesale market that may be the perfect drape!)
Beige french curtains foyer
This is inspiration for the living area.  Sigh!

Photos: sandersonuk,stockphotos, luxuryhomedecors, nextag, and Davidfrank-hamburg


Blog Love and The New Generation of Quilting

Fellow blogger, DIY-quilting guru, and mother, Kaysie (KZ) Schreiner, sits down to chat about her love for quilting. Showing the world that quilting is not just for a certain seasoned age, she shares inspirations that have carried her through a triumphant fashion journey.

Sometimes your career path is not only served on a covered platter that must be lifted when set before you, but also cannot be touched unless you're willing to fully accept the gifts that could in fact change your life completely! Fortunately, Schreiner wholeheartedly accepted. In doing so she was able find her true passion of creating hand crafted designs.

  Blogger, quilt designer: KZ

After graduating design school in San Francisco, Calif., she moved back to her native roots of Idaho, where she'd blog a post here and there, make garments for herself to sport around town, and design marketed baby apparel, which started with her then, newborn son, Xavier.

She's a busy mom, who (even with a packed schedule) proves that you can make time for anything that you really want and through very pressing times. As an avid scrapbooker, and fashion lover, it was natural for Schreiner to start her blog KZjostudio, which has developed into so much more than just a blog. With a new pattern line launching, she carries everything from DIY projects, to quilting tips with videos on her blog, and fashion sketched backgrounds that cleverly changes with the seasons.

Her objective has set the tone for unconventional fashionistas and a new generation of youthful quilters within the fashion community. There's straightforward learning provided by thorough tutorials via creative images and videos. There's also classes that she teaches during the year for any crafty type willing to take on a new perspective on the art of quilting, and exploring related fashion avenues.

Even as a non-quilting lady myself, I love her blog because she gives complete instructions. It's always inspiring for me to see new projects that others are working on; and also a nice break from the usual  mainstreamed fashion nuggets of the world. It's quite easy to get lost in the colours of her printed designs, whether its from her latest handbag series, or popular customed bookmarks (which may be downloaded via pdf)

Be sure to enter a new giveaway from KZjoStudio! This is for a handmade
iPad case (see below). Giveaway ends on March 30th. Winner chosen by KZjoStudio will be announced on here and on her blog March 31, 2011.  *iPad not included.

TO ENTER:  Either use the easy form below, comment, or Tweet this giveaway. You may also Tweet her @kzjostudio
KZ Schreiner Blog
badge giveaway submit your giveaway
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Giveaway has ended!

KZjo Studio: The Intimate Sessions:

On daily style:
Right now a lot of my day-to-day clothes are black, (leggings with tunics) paired with flats in the morning. In the afternoons, I try to wear loads of colour for variety & heels a few times a week. I'm actually in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe, which will be on my new blog series.
On her changes in her fashion as a mother:
Being a mother has changed a lot of my design aesthetic. I look at ease now (in making and wearing), the time (producing awesome things in shorter periods of time), wear-ability (how well pieces transition, in the long-term, & comfort all while trying to keep interesting details in the designs. 
On Inspiration:
Just about anything inspires me! It could be from fashion shows, nature, blogs, or just colours in a magazine article. My son is also a huge inspiration for most of my children's wear designs. I keep tons of magazine clippings for inspiration and constantly update my inspiration board. 
My work space and design process consists of...
very spacious room... allowing me to have stations set-up for all the different areas of my design, such as illustrating, sewing, quilting... also, for my other creative hobbies (scrapbooking and card making).
I do tend to thrive in clutter, but I've really been trying to use what I have, getting rid of what I'm not using, & attempting to keep everything a little more tidy. 
My main goal in two years is...
To get some of the patterns offered in print (not just pdf downloads) & into "brick and mortar" stores all around the globe.
My soon to be released pattern line will hopefully inspire people to learn new skills, try new things, & not be intimated by sewing along... ending up with a project they will love & be proud of!

photos: Courtesy of KZjostudio, modified by Ladyofashion

Extraordinary: Measured

Today's inspiration is by one of my favourite thinkers in sculptural knitwear and... well, textile design in general! Sandra Backlund, the Swedish fashion designer known for creating incredible art forms (that pushes the envelope of rudimentary design processes), creates initially from the canvas in her mind rather than drawn out and cut on cloth or paper.

Yes, this is the exact woman who can fashion you a garment out of hair, and quite literally! She is one of many influences in design with exceptional handwork.

When I learned about her a few years ago, I was consumed by her three-dimensional design; struck not only by how it was a statement of art, however admiring the fact that her techniques and combinations of materials seemed to also be ahead and somewhat timely.

I love the way that she takes the silhouette, bends the rules of instruction by setting her own measurement and style, yet still produces wearable art.  She's also the creative string who has designed exclusive knitwear pieces for Emilio Pucci and Louis Vuitton.

What's also interesting is that even behind the scenes; some of the garments are constructed right on the model's body, not because it's unfinished, however it's the only way her concept works for some of the complicated designs.

I wasn't going to show a video, but I had to share this past one with you, more for the white & black dresses, up-close shots, and other random footage that turned my eyes toward her designs.

If you have not yet seen some of her inspiring work here's a small glimpse.
SS11 pic3 Photo Thomas Klementsson Sandra Backlund SS11SS11 pic12 Photo Thomas Klementsson Sandra Backlund SS11
Photos: Thomas Klementsson,

INSPIRATION: Creation 4.0

With the effects of the recession, I think a few things that were almost forgotten surfaced from such an internationally impactful time. One of which was the fact that more people seemed to be showing their interest in handmade goods.

Handmade treasures and giftables from the heart, to me, are always something to look forward to whether receiving or creating. Especially if it's a versatile garment or an item that may be transformed into three, four, or even five varied looks.

For the past couple of years, we have seen the rise of Eco-chic apparel, independent avant-garde designers, and the awareness of budget fashion with a rapidly infused comeback into diverse closets all around the world (and NOT just for the budget fashionista).

So, you can understand my passion and appreciation for this video when I came across it some time ago. Dara Frydman, the Canadian designer and owner behind Dara Dot Designsa sweet understated brand creates unique accessories from materials that include bamboo, organic cotton, and leather (amongst others). She also has how-to photos for the consumer in case a personal styling instruction is needed. 

Sometimes you just cannot have enough scarves, (especially if you wear them as much as I do) therefore one needs an array of styles to wear with daily outfits. If you are in the area, you may catch Dara at the one-of-a-kind Spring show in Toronto!  Stay tuned for upcoming additions to the new Spring & Summer accessories line at:  

*Take a look at these particular styles, the ruffled one is a personal favourite!

Footage and photos: Courtesty of Dara Dot Designs
video: Black Suits and Broken Hearts 


70s Fixation, Modern Seams, and Classic Approach

Do you want stylish clothing that works into your wardrobe? Check out the latest collection from Ainsley, a new women's clothing brand by Qi that recently launched during New York Fashion Week.

The jackets, and jumpers echoed my name after glancing the new look book. It beckons the cultured woman, and 70s loving fashionista, as well as the contemporary, or refined female of today. This is a lifestyle brand providing staple items that's not dictated by trend. So, you needn't worry about the seasons when wanting to wear items from this collection. There's something for everyone to have, and to hold. Don one, or don them all!

There are separates like the Bardwell tweed turtleneck, or Rohan shirt that may be mixed with your favourite denim jeans, and feminine printed blouses such as, the Fatima that can be styled with leather jackets, or vests to create an edgier look if preferred. Some materials used throughout the line includes mole skin, stretch leather, wool challis, washed silk, and other luxury fabrics from Italy.

Ainsley has a modernised feeling in the seams, yet is also quite classic. The aesthetic, and life of each garment has versatility (its purpose is to have a home in your closet for good).

The designer creates with a mindset of producing durable goods that are practical; knowing that the customer is going to wear an item more than once; it's a clever investment with quality apparel made to wear with your daily ensembles. Here's a preview of the current Fall 2011 collection. Items from this line may be acquired at Helianthus NY in Soho.
For more information visit 

Photos: Courtesy of Ainsley, from 2011 Fall Look Book

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