Firstly, I want to say that I've missed all of you dear readers... It has been (what was meant to be a short) holiday, a long one. Due to the ugliness of Irene, we loss power for a couple of days, delayed flights, no internet access I even witnessed loads of trees falling down on the road, and on my sister's neighbour's home. But thank God everyone is okay, and we made it through safely.

I will soon be back to normal. I've experienced earthquakes many times having lived in California; during my visit it was more of a memorable experience for me when I saw the fearful downpour of wind and rain. Well, then the sun came and life happens, so I'm back!

Wishing that all of you are having an amazing week dear lovelies, and I'm certain that if you're apart of the lucky crowd going to NYC in a week or so then you're trotting on high-class excitement and heavenly energy at the moment, no? I know I would be, haha! During my transition I'm most definitely looking forward to reading all about it on your blogs!
There aren't too many items in my closet that are perplexing when it comes to styling them, but I do have a couple of items that could battle between being avant-garde creations, whimsical styles and perfect hemlines of a polished outfit. However, this dress/jacket/vest piece isn't any of those, it's like none other that I've seen or owned before, why? That's the interesting part, it's a hybrid of an unfinished prototype and a really unique semi-tailored dress... and that's probably because IT IS!

A few years ago, my friend acquired this piece basically from the design house at BeBe, it was a throw-away, meaning that the unusable sample had a few problems, and did not make the cut for the fitting and exact aesthetic that was wanted in the line. However, when she gave it to me I loved it and wanted to display my own way of wearing this piece. Yes, special wearing and future plans are in order for this creation!
Pinstripes and Hardware:
There were safety pins as well as chalk markings, and various sorts of other modification messages that I analysed- all literally written on the garment. The lapels are quite interesting with a piped edge and hand-stitching around the seams, not to mention, I do love the fact that the exaggerated width allows me to wear it in diverse ways. From a funnel neckline to shawl, or even surplice styles.

The back detail is layered with contrast fabric, and two-way zippers are always a positive plus! I also decided to stitch across part of the style lines to make the body of the garment fit much better... here's the results!

Do you have an odd or very unique piece of clothing that makes you think a bit prior to wearing?

Inspiration and a Feature

Here are some elements of inspiration this week that I wanted to share with you, from great causes and intense colours with beautiful environments to a mere message of love...

Aquamarine: Beautiful alluring blues and greens: Grass, water, sky, plants... all of these have incredible textures and patterns, which gave me influence.
I loved this drawing: Inspire others, be free embracing who you are, and just live life! My creative expression shows who I am, and there's nothing like being able to confidently exude your (personal) vibrancy to the world. Are you free? And do you show the real you through your style?

Lastly, here's a glimpse of the beads that Ashley sent me: I've been in the sun for a few weeks, but will be back to normal and in a regular work mode in a few... I hope that your summer is going amazing. Thanks lovelies for baring with me & the blog!

In case you've not yet seen the post, you should pop over to Ashley's blog of Ashley4Emergy. I'm featured there along with Kristy Elena making a cameo. We are donning buttery yellow in our own style— supporting and wearing handmade accessories by selected artists for Emergy. Show some love and read more about the Wear It Your Way series.


Getting Down to Business

Although I need to dress in business attire when heading off to work on meeting days (which is a couple times a week normally), I have much freedom to wear partly casual, and often trendy attire. However, the interesting thing is that I don't actually think I've done a business attire post. So here it goes...
What I Wore:
Firstly, I will tell you that on this particular day it was beyond humid, and the last thing that I wanted to wear were trousers, a blazer, or vest. I changed twice, and then forgot about the actual outfit that I had steamed initially. I knew that I wanted something with a semi-tailored look, but with ease especially when it came to walking back and forth during presentation mode. The verdict: Simplicity and feminine colour, a pink lightweight blouse, and a charcoal skirt. I chose this blouse because it looks nice when sleeves are rolled up or down sans the tight bunching at the elbow. My jewellery was layered, but somewhat minimal, only wearing necklaces, yet a few sparkles shined when the light was just right. 

The intriguing part about "office attire" is that it may vary, not just by mere profession, but also within the same profession in different locales. To some people casual dress may very well be proper office attire to others.

This day was lead as a typical meeting-day, (you know, with a few new important faces with short titles) all held in a different location. Evidently this outfit wasn't as casual as I thought, it was perfect for the occasion. It seems that not only I, however my coworker also gave a slight nod in the over-preparing department, for we both were worried about nothing.
So what does all of this mean? Most certainly, for my circumstance sometimes one's most simplest combinations are what makes us remember that sometimes less is more... and it feels fantastic! Go with your gut, even if it takes you two or so outfits in the process.

What do you wear to work in this ungodly climate? (whether cold or hot)

The goods: Skirt-J.Crew, Blouse-vintage Christian Dior, Heels-Anthropologie, Archive. jewellery & vintage.



Okay, so you get on well with the latest trends, and you probably acquire them before all of your friends! Perhaps you peruse favourite magazines and sometimes even consider actually creating a loved trend from scratch. But, then you feel discouraged or there's just not enough hours in the day, right?

Don't worry friends I've been there and here's a DIY that's as simple as saying, "ABC-123!" Featuring, one of my favourite trends that I've seen everywhere on the streets this season ... that's correct, F R I N G E!

The goods (above) Clockwise: 1, 2 Spring Street Design Group-Nordstroms, 3 Stanton James, 4 Pyramid Collection, 5 Forever21, 6 Alexander McQueen, 7 Luciano, 8 Matthew Williamson, 9 L*, 10, 11 Derek, 12 Miss Selfridge

Let's Be FRINGE:
With influence at my fingertips and nearly everywhere (from wall decor at local cafes to fringe fanatics seen in airports, and magazines) fringe has very much made its impression on the fashion scene. Here are a few looks and items (above) that have caught my eye.
I actually modified this top a couple weeks ago, however after browsing along the trend channels I wanted to link a few others who used fringe inspiration in this post as well. For my interpretation I decided to only do fringe on the front side of my top, because I wanted it to look like a regular shirt from the back. Additionally, to give the top more character a metal studded trim with leather was placed to the bottom edge of my front yoke piece (more shown below).

Materials needed:
Ruler/Measuring tape
Fun trim or beads for the ends of your fringe, or for yoke if applicable
Rotary cutter w/board (Optional)
Tailor's chalk/pen 
*Tunes: A fun playlist flipped on "work mode"

Fringe Details:

After laying my top flat to see where I wanted the fringe to start and stop, I used pins to make a curved line in the shape that I wanted the fringe. My top had excess fullness because of the sweep of the hem and the gathers on top so I made the fringe-line in a U-shape, which ends up straight. (follow the shape of your top)

Next, create a measurement for the width of your fringe strips I used approx. 5/8", apart. Using scissors or a rotary cutter w/ board, cut your strips carefully. Afterward, pull each piece so that every strip's edge has a curved end (this also helps with the body of your fringe.) Instead of using one knot at the end I preferred to place a knot on the top of my fringe-curve and the bottom, making the top knot slightly looser than the bottom one (this also helps with wear). Lastly, I added studded trim to the front yoke piece later, because I wanted an edgier look to the applique. Mission Complete!
I hope that you enjoyed, and consider yourself kissed by fringe-love! 
~Lady of Fashion

The goods: Vintage pants & combat boots seen here, Appliqued tank-forever21/Ladyofashion 
Check out these DIY ladies who I think rocked fringe nicely also this season!
Melissa of Melissa Melancholy shows her fringe style.
Aimee of Swellmayde collabs with Foam magazine.
Jen Campbell of Green Wedding Shoes shows her fringe ideas.

A Fashion Tale of a Scarf

It did not come early, nor did it come late, but let's just say that customs analysed the package very well before it made its way to my hands. But, guess what? It's actually right on time! The timing was perfect for me and thanks to Sarah for the sweet enclosed note!
A tad over 2 months ago Sweet of Confessions of a Drama Queen, Yvonne of Fashion ReCon, and I teamed up and decided to start the Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf. This is a global series featuring diverse bloggers participating in receiving the one and only it scarf (one that probably holds the record for having the most frequent flyer miles.)

Yvonne was kind enough to offer her it scarf of choice to kick-off the series, and boy is it a beauty. It's no secret that I love scarves as many of you know. There's a multitude of ways to wear a scarf as well as countless people [today] being inspired to incorporate them in their wardrobes. There really isn't a wrong way to style it if you make it your own!

Here's me wearing the travelling scarf in my style, yet a little differently than I normally tend to wear one. Enjoy! I'll be back soon, as I'm currently travelling and enjoying the hot sunshine.
Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf

*This was a quick-fix, because I wanted to wear this scarf also as a bracelet, I just took two sides (end-to-end) twisted them together taut. Afterward, I wrapped it around my wrist and tucked carefully inside. The trick was to tuck before you wanted it as tight as you'd actually wear it, then let both ends meet & knot. The excess may be tucked in as well, or however you would wear it... this is my version.

Tune in to see who's next to receive the travelling scarf... I am on a short holiday visiting my sister, and will send it from the East coast, US... Ciao, lovelies!

Take Me A-Wang!

Lord knows I love the styles of Alexander Wang, from the shoes to the black and white fabrics and leather to the style lines, and let's not forget his Bay area roots.

Wang's T line has very much a layering comfortable aesthetic, however other elements of the RTW line were the winners close to my heart. Not too shabby for a fellow who looks up to Ralph Laureneh? So after viewing the men's wear collection to no surprise I adored various pieces for inspiration; also hoping to slowly rub the boy in the right fashionable direction this season... haha, entirely joking, of course!

My co-worker pokes fun sometimes, because when we view runway shows and discuss them at work it often leads toward the inside joke stated, "you had me at Wang." I know your'e probably pondering along the lines of silly adults at the workplace, but let me tell you during stressful long hours one must make the most of a work day, no?
Today, I had a full on rummaging party in my closet once more and found a pair of men's wear inspired vintage trousers. They had paneled fall-front pleats, leather trimmed pockets, suspender spaces to fill, and a tiny waist that I had to pray myself to get into. What more could one ask for? ...No but, honestly I cannot tell you where I acquired these lovely trousers, however I do love them! It's quite funny what you do when you have a little bit of time waiting for a friend to visit.

Since the weather is warm, I decided to make my look feminine by pairing it with a ruched halter top, then added combat boots simply because these trousers were clearly constructed for someone of a shorter stature. For an autumn look I already have ideas for wearing these pants in a couple of different ways from dressy or casual, to forward city-styling!

Although this fabric is made of wool, which I'm very much allergic to [usually], it had a softer hand than most, and I'm probably going to insert cotton panels for the legs soon (a very easy trick that I learned from my French pattern-making professor.) Oh, the parents would be so proud to know that my pricey education is finally becoming helpful these days.

Even if you aren't an Alexander Wang fan yet, perhaps a dose of minimalism influence for you is just around the corner! Here's to wishing you the best with loads of enjoyment on the weekend my dears.

Further inspiration:
*See past A-Wang video goodness here!
*See comfy Resort A-wang goodness here!
Other photo credits:, 

The Goods: Halter ruched tank- BCBG, (SF)Vintage- leather buckle trousers, Leather combat boots-Dorothy Perkins 

Taking a moment:  I'd like to thank you... YOU, dear readers for encouraging and inspiring me always. You are all so amazing and such beautiful souls. I'd also like to give a warm welcome and a hug to my new followers! 

Cashing in Casually

Dressing for work usually involves some type of professional-esque item from my closet, and often colour integrated into an ensemble, but never shorts! So, when I came home from work I could not wait to get out of my tailored threads and into something fun and casual.
I opted for a chiffon pleated tank that I made a year ago; wanting to bring out the shorts was simply a casual necessity being that it was just too warm for much else. This outfit was just fine for me to meet the girls and grab a quick dinner ... and so I did!
Sometimes it's nice to kick off your working heels and slip into a comfy concoction!

The goods: Grey tank- H&M, Leather vintage clutch-Brandahl-seen here, shorts and hand-pleated tank-Ladyofashion for Gestalt Collection, Bangles-consignment shop, Shoes- seen here!

The Maxi-Factor

Although I am fully ready for autumn styled choices summer has been good to me, and I wanted to share a look that I'm loving at the moment. I pranced and frolicked around all day with this dress, adoring it because of the freedom it gave me. The non-restrictive style lines welcomed modification and trim if preferred.
I wore this maxi-dress on my way to a fun lake outing as well as vintage shopping. It worked perfect for me since the heat graced us with its presence at a mere 8AM. I needed a quick, no-fuss ensemble that wouldn't make me feel like I was at work or too put together in the humid climate. Mission accomplished: the comfort was endless. I also decided on adding a crochet-lace top at night for a different look... sunset chic.

The beach may have been on my mind, however I did not need the actual beach to feel the casual waves in this outfit. Honestly, I believe Paul Poiret may have even appreciated this one! So, here's a (tie-dye) class of a maxi dress in true Ladyofashion style.

Happy Friday lovelies!

The goods: Maxi-dress-INC, Crochet top-Vintage, Belt-GestaltColelction/Ladyofashion, Vintage bag & beaded necklace-seen here. Porcelain floral hairpins-bridal store. styleboard-ladyofashion

Print Friendly

Tribal Art - Blogger Ethnic Skirt Prints
Given the world's vastly diverse beauty, perhaps you've pondered the question of, "how could I not be inspired," at some point. I must admit, this too was going through my mind in the past week. However, inspiration does have a wonderful, and often prevailing way of grabbing your attention at the right moment. 

INSPIRATION snatched me up, (and pre-snatch attack) I suppose one could say that the wardrobe bulb was slightly dim, yet only for a few short hours, and then came the printed glow, or... heat rather. But, all is good and I've managed to start the week off properly with many items crossed off the to-do list. Life is good!

July seems to have came and left in one giant gulp! Nevertheless, I've digested it well and welcomed August casually in printed form. 

Well, I'm off to pay my lovely parents a quick visit and to see a few friends along the way before the sweltering summer actually ends. Do you have any exciting plans for August?
Tribal Prints African Style
Here, I also chose to don my DIY designed animal-printed clutch!

The goods: Sandals-Target, Black underskirt- Gestalt Collection/ladyofashion, Braided belt-love culture, Beaded necklace-H&M, Dress-old Forever21, Sunglasses-Kate Spade. Styleboard: Scarab necklace-Pixie Market, African Mystique-Jonnie Kostoff
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