Daydreaming Casually With Glam Visions

Well, for my last post of 2011 I leave you with a casual ensemble that I loved simply because of the easy colouring. I slipped into this outfit for crafting comfort. The colour block aspect was an afterthought, nonetheless it inspired me to don my DIY fringe chain necklace.

I have been truly blessed with new ventures this year, and as mentioned before also looking forward to the New Year, one that will hopefully include conquering fears, new exciting responsibilities, and allowing more of those daydreaming thoughts to manifest into a triumphant reality.

Of course, as majority of people tend to do, the making of promises to ourselves, some may even have resolutions that they may hold, however I prefer continuing to create personal life/career goals that I know will be practical for my lifestyle. I do challenge myself with some new goals, with the hope of succession. Yet, if I also deviate away from them I know that it is still okay.

I hope that whatever you choose whether it's a long term or short-term goal, (or merely considering the thought of what you want to accomplish during the year) that you do it in your own way. Your plan, your time-line. Without comparison of others ... your goal cannot be wrong, because it's your's and your's alone.

Here's relaxed and casual me, and my version of a modernised vintage-glam twist; also better known as, what I wore to a holiday dinner with friends. 

Have a Happy New Year lovely readers!

Fringe Necklace How To: 
Materials Needed:
Fringe trim/running yardage
Metal chain
Metal embellishment-Trim2 (optional)
Jumpring (2)
Wire Cutter

Fringe necklaces DIY 
Prep: With measuring tape calculate how long you want your necklace to hang overall. This number will be divided into 2 parts, one measurement for (neck) chain, and the other for the fringe trim. This necklace is a pull-on style. My measurement was approx. 29" total. I wanted 13" for the fringe trim, and 16" for the chain. This measurement can vary depending on how long or short you want your necklace.

To start: Cut metal chain at 16" long. Next, add a jumpring to each end of metal chain, slightly leaving an opening. Set aside. Take the fringe trim cut at 13" long, on the face side of the trim fold back each end at 1/4" in toward wrong side of trim. Use needle and thread to sew the edges together (by creating several loops and knots) to reinforce each end. Cut excess threads.
Fringe jewellery DIY Bloggers
Take the metal chain with attached jumpring end and use the slightly opened area to insert one jumpring into each side of folded fringe trim end. Use pliers to securely close the jumprings. Voila! You have a fringe chain necklace.

*To add a second embellishment to the necklace lay a strip (exact amount of fringe measurement minus 1/2") of trim#2 to the front top-edge of the fringe trim. Attach each end of trim#2 to the jumpring of metal chain of necklace. Lay necklace flat, and mark where you prefer trim#2 to be positioned. Use needle and thread to sew every 2-3 links of trim#2 along the front top-edge of fringe trim. (See images)
DIY Fringe Necklace

The goods: Tank-H&M, Fringe necklace-DIY/Ladyofashion, Charcoal skinnys-rolled up Express, cardigan-F21, Wedges-Debenhams -(similar,) Vintage fur lapel-SF, Patent leather boots-Diba/gifted, Dress-China showroom, Bangles-vintage, Vintage brooch-seen here, Tights layered- Selfriges, H&M.

"Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position."
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

The Pre-Post Ensemble

For me, this season has been a memorable one. I have been gone for a little while travelling about... visiting family and on my way to finish up a work project. I am definitely looking forward to the great events, and blessings that 2012 will bring.

Have you been participating in holiday festivities, parties, and glam evening attire? Here's an outfit that I wore to a pre-holiday theatre play and then a casual post-Christmas event sans the denim. Although, I must say that I stayed warm and festive in my own way!

Wishing everyone a joyous week and safe travelling into the New Year!

The goods: Vintage fur: Gifted/Grandmother, Modified boots:lucky score in Copenhagen, Belt-DIY/ladyofashion, Tee- H&M, DIY-ToGo tassels, Charcoal Skinnys-Express, Tribal clutch-DIY/ladyofashion
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