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Undoubtedly inspiration comes in various ways for me. Thus, I managed to muster items that I haven't worn in a while. The gathering session did not take long, because I halted at one of my favourite cardigans. The colour blocked cozy knit with original elbow patches! Oh yes, I do fancy the patches, in fact, I've several articles of clothing that sport the elbow patch very well ... in my opinion. 
A fitted retro blazer and vintage tweed jacket comes to mind when instantly thinking of patched styles from my wardrobe. Even a few professors or liberty uniform elements may abruptly enter one's thoughts when pondering about who wore past patches. Though, in earlier times it was more for functional purposes and less of a fashion statement. 
But, the beauty in keeping garments that you love is that it may exceed any fashion cycle, resurface within years or decades! I decided to bring back a worldly medley of what is keeping me warm and styling today; which also includes my latest crafting piece, a convertible hat made from vintage fur. Not quite the ushanka, but obviously inspired from one.
Throw in some tulle, lace, and a vintage lustrous bag ... well then I believe we have my cultured day look! Are you donning any different threads this weekend to stay warm and comfortable during your leisure activities?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Russian fashion Inspiration
The goods: Handbag-vintage, Lace skirt-seen here, Retro cardigan-charity shop, Leg warmers-gifted, Leather boots-Pam/Nordstroms, Tweed/leather gloves-Target, Vintage fur hat-Ladyofashion, leather suitcase-seen here.

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